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Nov 9 2007

What About Today?

DC.jpg Superdrag were brilliant last night.

Yes, they look a bit longer in the tooth but they still got it.

In spades.

John Davis can still sing his ass off.

Don Coffey Jr. still plays drums like a man possesed.

And Tom Pappas still wears leather pants.

So much awesome.

The set list (which I'm still looking for online) stuck mostly to the early EP's and first two records, with a few new Davis songs thrown in here and there. They didn't get to the good stuff, that being everything off of Head Trip In Every Key, until the latter part of the set but it was worth the wait. "Sold You An Alibi" killed. As did "Do The Vampire." "I'm Expanding My Mind" was every bit of the sonic godhead I make it out to be in my head. So yeah, this show was good.

The ungodly 11:15 start time meant I had to leave before their set was over, which is a real shame because I didn't get to hear "Destination Ursa Major," which is easily one of my 10 favorite songs of all time. But I was stoked to hear my faves from Head Trip.

I have no idea if the band will do something like this again soon (or ever again for that matter) but if it comes to pass, you need to go check them out. This band is the classic example of "these guys should have been HUGE!"

The ungodly start time meant no time for photo editing last night. So look for photos this weekend or Monday.

Completely unreleated:
A compilation: McSweeney's Rockist-oriented lists

Every NBA player from the 1980's has retired.

The Washington Wizard's new offense.

Dan Dickau. Who He Play For?

Seriously: All that for four shows.

Jimmy Carter, cat killer.

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yeahhhhhh superdrag SO rocked it here too... totally always thought the same thing... shoulda been sooooo much bigger than they were..... i picked up the new john davis solo record @ the merch booth along w/ the two cd rarities thing... all so damn great

ps watch if you haven;t already :)

Posted by: redoy at November 9, 2007 5:40 PM

Uncle Cliffy was in PDX last night for something called "Legacy Night" He looked like he could still bust the three (I only wished he brought back the Kid n' Play hi-top fade)

(Kevin Duckworth was in the house as well but he may have thrown the earth off its axis with his enormous girth).

Posted by: rusty at November 14, 2007 5:20 PM

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