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Dec 27 2007

Pinkmas Celebration

I went out of my way to buy Mr. Pink all sorts of presents this year for Pinkmas (he even had a makeshift "stocking") but he ended up playing with a strip of ribbon for most of the day. *sigh*





Not sure if you can expect anything new from Team Leafblower for the rest of the year. I'm on my way out to sunny California to take in the Rose Parade, New Years and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Thanks to everyone for checking out in my little slice of the interwebs this year. It's a struggle at times to keep this thing updated on a regular basis but the leafblower wouldn't be my labor of love if it was easy. I have a few low-key things to announce in January (along with, hopefully, a redesign - *fingers crossed*), but until then, here's to a fun-filled and action-packed 2008!

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