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Jan 25 2008

Cabin Fever

The Super Furries started their US tour on Wednesday in Hoboken, a show I was sadly unable to attend. Totally gutted, obvs. Still, I'm going to see them twice this weekend, so there's that to look forward to.

Here's the set list from Hoboken, via punkphoto:

The Gateway Song / Run-Away / Golden Retriever / Ice Hockey Hair / Into the Night / Battersea Odyssey / Down a Dif’rent River / Carbon Dating / Zoom! / The Gift That Keeps Giving / Juxtaposed With U (cut short due to equipment konking out)/ Show Your Hand / Receptacle / Slow Life / (Drawing) Rings Around the World / Baby Ate My Eightball / Hello Sunshine / The Man Don’t Give a F**k / Cosmic Trigger

Not too shabby. The band is letting fans request songs at each gig on the tour, all you have to do is scroll and click.

My suggestions: Northern Lights, Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir, Mrs. Spector, Hot Nutz, or She's Got Spies

During the last tour, the band evaded my continuous post-soundcheck interview requests, so this time around, I went through their PR rep.

The result?

Leaf v. Guto, the interview!

See you in Philly on Saturday.

Pre-game at DC9 on Sunday.

In the meantime, I'll be at the Black Cat tonight reliving my college years by taking in Buffalo Tom in all their glory. !!!!

Best. Weekend. Ever.

[mp3] Super Furry Animals | Ice Hockey Hair (live)

[mp3] Super Furry Animals | God! Show Me Magic (live)

[mp3] Super Furry Animals | She's Got Spies (live)

[mp3] Buffalo Tom | Summer (acoustic)

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