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You sujck at Photoshop.

The R.E.M., Modest Mouse & The National tour hits the greater D.C. area on June 11th. I might have to cough up some cash for that one.

Facing the Music - Record-label woes, lineup changes, trouble at home, and an alluring new bass player on the road: a diary of a rock 'n' roll divorce from the founder of Luna. {via}

PS - Dean and Britta have a blog.

Music Industry Power Top Ten.

Shit, U2 moves its business to a tax haven, Bono goes VC and the band hasn’t released a great album in fifteen years, since "Achtung Baby". If this is the future, I want NO PART OF IT!

Banksy attracts the press attention, but around him is an increasingly influential movement of political artists operating outside the mainstream.

"A single newspaper photograph has triggered a debate over logging practices in the Northwest. The photo shows a clear-cut hillside that slid into a creek during last month’s Pineapple Express storms. Mud and debris in streams and rivers helped contribute to devastating record floods in Southwest Washington."

20 years of Sub Pop...

British Sea Power keyboard player in stage diving accident.

Ghostface to downloaders: 'I thought y'all motherfuckers loved me!'


bill p said:

There are rumors going around that Dane Cook is the guy making those You Suck at Photoshop videos, which is weird 'cause they're actually funny.

spencer said:

dean and britta link