ESPN Copyediting Strikes Again

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"The proposed Rockets-Hornets deal would give New Orleans two veteran scorers, and a little more size with Bells, off the bench."

By "Bells" I assume they mean Bonzi Wells.

Anyways, great deal for the Hornets. Yes, they're taking on salary here, but I've never been a big Bobby Jackson fan (sorry Coolfer). He's too injury-prone to be reliable. James and Wells are both battle tested and playoff-ready.

Also loving the Spurs / Sonics trade for Kurt Thomas. Can you believe the Sonics got three # 1 picks for KT? Phoenix gave them two just to take Thomas over the summer and now they get another for getting rid of him. And lets not overlook how this hurts the Suns. They traded Thomas away in a salary dump and now he goes to one of their chief rivals. Ouch. And the Spurs come up with another typically savvy move. By trading for Thomas, they also get his Bird rights, meaning they don't have to spend any of their MLE money over the summer if they decide to resign Thomas.

BTW, The C's lost their second straight last night and Duke lost to Miami for the first time in 45 years. Seems like only yesterday that the one and only Danny Ferry was dropping 58 points on their sorry asses. Yes, you just read a Danny Ferry reset. Deal with it.

**UPDATE** They fixed it now.

**UPDATE 2** - Like Woah. Two possible trades by the Cavs after the jump

[via RealGM]

The Cavaliers are discussing a deal where Ben Wallace and Chris Duhon would go to Cleveland for Larry Hughes, according to ESPN's Ric Bucher.

Chad Ford reports that a source tells him the deal would send Wallace, Duhon and Joe Smith for Hughes and Drew Gooden.

The holdup in the deal, according to Ford, is Cleveland's instance that Hughes be included. If the Cavs drop that demand, the Bulls will reportedly agree.

Bucher also reports that if the Cavs make the Bulls trade, they would then deal Donyell Marshall and Ira Newble to Seattle for Wally Szczerbiak.