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Status Check

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At work but still sick. Hence my brevity.

Things I'm loving right about now

  • Leap Day!

  • Tissues with lotion in them.

  • Ted Leo emailing me to tell me he likes the new design of the leafblower. Best.

  • PJ Brown.

  • The prospective Allen - Alien backcourt.

  • Last night's LOST episode. Holy Fuck.

  • The High Places LP 03/07 - 09/07. Saw them and loved them last year at Whartscape.

  • Panda Bear's Person Pitch. Gruff played me the first song off this album on the tour bus in D.C. It's amazing, like a Beach Boys side project produced by DJ Shadow.

[mp3] Panda Bear | Comfy in Nautica

Things I am rather "meh" about right now

  • SXSW. I do not care what artists you have playing there.

  • Traveling again this weekend.

  • Citibank canceling my debit card to "protect my checking account" from identity theft. That's great, but how about telling me before you do it next time, okay?

  • Coughing up green stuff.

  • Still being sick after three days.


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