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Feb 7 2008

Work, Work, Work, Pub, Club, Sleep


Not to keep playing the "Woe Is Me" card, but last night there were people coming home from the Wizards game when I got on the Metro after finally leaving the office. I'm at the point where I've stopped reading blogs because I'm sick of reading about people actually having a life.

But wait! It gets worse. I dropped my iPod on the concrete on the way home and now I'm getting the dreaded Question Mark Folder of Death. I can hear the hard drive clicking when it's trying to retrieve a song.


The good news? I think Mr. Pink is getting the hang of Tumblr, so he's going to start blogging on my behalf.

[mp3] The Rakes | Work, Work, Work, Pub, Club, Sleep

PS - Go to hell Carolina!

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