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ESPN: Where bandwagon-jumping happens.

Fine, we'll be the underdogs. Apparently no one remembers 2004.


It feels so good to be able to say that again. It's been 20+ years.

Also, Rip Hamilton can suck it. Punk.


Wait. I can have that?** Really?

Fuck yes!


You can listen to two new songs over at their MySpace.
So much awesome!

* My birthday is next month. I am old.
* Please note refusal to use LOLcats language.

A few Lost goodies since I won't be able to watch the season finale until Friday at the earliest.

All the Lost flash forwards, in order (via CatPitumblr)

Spoilers for tonight's episode.

And don't forget, the Lost time loop theory.

Verdict: Somewhat promising.

Keep in mind the trailer for Fight Club was awful.


Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo.


Pretty nice, but I'll stick with vinyl, thanks.


  • Also in that article...Are United after Real Salt Lake goalie Chris Seitz? I hope so, Zach Wells has been an embarrassment this season.

United takes on the NE Revolution on ESPN 2 tomorrow night.

And don't forget about the USA v. Engerland friendly today at 3 p.m.


Can't wait. [via]

6/4 - U.S. Air Guitar Championship @ 930 Club
6/6 - Rilo Kiley @ 930 Club
6/6 - Julie Ocean & The City Veins CD Release Party @ Iota
6/8 - Tom Petty @ Nissan
6/9 - Death Cab @ Merriweather
6/11 - Breeders @ Black Cat
6/11 - R.E.M., Modest Mouse & The National @ Merriweather
6/11 - Love Is All, Video Hippos @ RnR Hotel
6/12 - Jaymay @ Iota
6/14 - Battles @ 930 Club
6/15 - Jose Gonzales @ 930 Club
6/15 - Shearwater @ Black Cat
6/17 - Sloan @ Black Cat
6/19 - Nik Freitas @ RnR Hotel
6/20 - MMJ @ Radio City
6/22 - Ted Leo & Pearl Jam @ Verizon Center
6/23 - Collapse and not leave the house for a week.
6/29 - LA Galaxy @ D.C. United


The Future Mrs. Leaf: "What the hell is up with that guy's eyebrows?"


Related: C'mon C's!

I really love this version of "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" from the Scotch Mist webcast. It was cool to hear this tune @ Nissan, but I'm still bitter they played it instead of "There There."

"All I Need" is pretty great too. I noticed the other day that I generally space out on this song when I listen to it on my headphones until they get to the end and the wall of sound bit comes in.


Facebook terrifies me sometimes most of the time.


The Mighty Mozzer is 49 today. Say hey!

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I've been pumping this Future Islands track off of their MySpace page for the last week or so. I can't get enough of the ramshackle exuberance. And that keyboard melody! It's like Jack Black making The D into a Rentals cover band.

[mp3] Future Islands | Nu Autobahn

Since it's listed on their MySpace, I am pretty sure Future Islands will be playing Whartscape again this year, even though they were not in the first round of artists announced yesterday. I covered the event last year for Pitchfork and even though I was dreading having to drive back and forth to Baltimore that entire weekend, I really enjoyed it. The lineup was made up entirely of bands that I had never heard of (aside from Dan Deacon) and they were all pretty incredible. Dirty Projectors were there, as were High Places and Double Dagger. I don't think they were on many people's radar back then. So yeah, I'm looking forward to the whole thing again this year.


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After turning in one of my favorite performances of 2007, the likely lads of Pela are back in D.C. tonight at the Rock n Roll Hotel. Color me excited. The band had to cancel their tour in March because lead singer Bill McCarthy cut his hand real good in Chicago. I spoke to guitarist Nate Martinez about the incident, their new band member and some other stuff on behalf of DCist. Go here to read it.

The band also released a new song through KEXP.


Yes it was. And for all of Paul's incredible pull-up jumpers and breathtaking forays to the rim, perhaps his biggest play was stepping in front of LBJ and grabbing the loose ball on the Posey/Big Z jump ball.

And how about old man PJ Brown?

And Eddie House?


This was a game for the ages. I've been known to throw the 1988 Larry v. 'Nique game on the DVD player on occasion. I hope to one day have a DVD of this game too, because I'd love to watch it again. And again. It was that good.

PP: 13-23 from the field, 4-6 from three, 11-12 from the line, 4 boards, 5 assists,
41 points
LBJ: 14-29 from the field, 3-11 from three, 14-19 from the line, 5 boards, 6 assists,
45 points

This is why people love Game 7.

In 2002 I didn't really feel like we had a chance to go to the Finals. That team was a charade that got farther than it should in a down year in the East. This year is different. For us to get #17 we may very well have to go through the Pistons and the Lakers.

I wouldn't have it any other way.




I saw Live play during the DC101 Chili Cook-off last weekend and I could not believe what has happened to them. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I rocked out to "I Alone" back when I was in college. In the 90's. But times have certainly changed. They were the biggest cheeseballs I have ever seen. It was jaw-droppingly bad. Ed was the worst offender. What's with the Vin Diesel look?

More photos after the jump.


I tell anyone that will listen (which usually means The Future Mrs. Leaf and Mr. Pink) that Ra Ra Riot's WOXY lounge Act is probably going to be one of my top 10 "CD's" of the year. I cannot stop listening to it. It's incredible. Seriously. It does such a better job of capturing the freewheeling energy of their live show than their E.P. does. I caught RRR opening for The Cribs and they blew me away. But now, thanks to WOXY and Vimeo, you can see the video of the band performing at the WOXY studios. presents Ra Ra Riot from Soft City Lights on Vimeo.

I cannot tell you how pissed I am that their tour with The Little Ones only came as close to D.C. as Baltimore. I would have gone if it wasn't on a week night. I can only hope they'll be back soon.

Log on to WOXY to get the audio and head over to Soft City Lights for some iPod video action.

After you load the home page, click refresh a few times to see the leafblower's newest feature - a rotating header image!


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I had a pretty good day yesterday.

First the Pitchfork thing, and then late yesterday afternoon I got a call from the Washington Post asking me if they could use some of my Radiohead shots to run with J. Freedom DuLac's review of the show.

I said yes.


I had to rush home from work and get them edited and handed in, but it all worked out. I got quite a rush this morning buying a copy of the paper and seeing my photos in there. Front page of the Style section! Pretty exciting. Special thanks to the fine folks at for letting me send the Post some photos even though I was on assignment for them. I'm looking forward to shooting even more stuff for Prefix in the very near future.

So, enough of my babbling.

Check out my full set of Radiohead & Liars photos on

Check out my two Radiohead photos on

Screenshots from the web edition after the jump.

I had a big write up of the Radiohead show last night but MT ate it when it crashed. Bugger. Here it is in short form.


It rained.
A hell of a lot.
More than you've ever seen.
Almost four inches.
Seriously, it was one of the biggest storms in D.C. history.
And we stood outside during it and watched Radiohead.
The "rain down" part of the "Paranoid Android" suddenly has new meaning to me.
That's not fun to sit through when seeing one of your favorite bands.
I did not have fun.
That's not the band's fault or the venue's fault.
Although the set was too slow for my tastes.
That said, "Reckoner" and "Optimistic" were brilliant.
They played "Planet Telex", one of my favorite songs ever!
Did I mention that it rained a lot?
I bring it up again because it was hard to take your mind off of that.
The venue was basically a lake.
People on the lawn, how did you do it? Respect.
Ah, 300% soaked and miserable. Roger that.
Clothes still wet.
Shoes may never dry out.
Never been so happy to crawl into bed.
Liars were great.
Ed O'Brien is one handsome dude.
Tall, too.
Planet Telex!!!!!!
Seriously, that song saved the night for me.
[mp3] Radiohead | Planet Telex (live)


The non-musical highlight of the night happened right before Liars went on. I was introduced to J. Freedom DuLac. We both said "Hi" and then he says, "Wait...Kyle? Information Leafblower, right?"

I got home late. Real late. Photos tomorrow. Set list after the jump.

I got my first byline on Pitchfork!
Head over there to see my photos and gig report from The Cure show at the Patriot Center.
They played 38 songs.
Thirty Eight.

Shooting some awesome gigs this weekend. My weekend outlook:

The Cure @ Patriot Center - Never seen them so I'm very much looking forward to it. Opening night of the tour!

DC101 Chili Cookoff - Yes, the lineup isn't as sexy as last year, but shooting metal bands is generally more fun than shooting indie bands that just stand around and tap their feet.

Radiohead @ Nissan Pavilion - Obvs.

Sadly, Kanye isn't allowing any photogs into his show @ Nissan Pavillion on Saturday.

D.C.-area concert going, FTW!


Spiritualized Announces Electric Tour

07.19.08 - Chicago, IL (Pitchfork Music Festival)
07.20.08 - Indianapolis, IN (The Vogue)
07.21.08 - Nashville, TN (City Hall)
07.22.08 - Atlanta, GA (Variety Playhouse)
07.25.08 - Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
08.01.08 - Cleveland, OH (House of Blues)
08.02.08 - Buffalo, NY (Town Ballroom)
08.03.08 - Montreal, CA (Parc Jean Drapeau)
08.06.08 - Toronto, ON (Toronto Islands Park)
09.01.08 - Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Bowl)
09.27.08 - Austin, TX (Austin City Limits)



Just the other day I was thinking to myself, "Anyone can write a Christmas song. When is someone going to honor Mother's Day with a song?" And just like a song from local faves Middle Distance Runner, recorded especially for Mother's Day, magically appeared. And it has rapping!

[mp3] Middle Distance Runner | Momma

MDR was assisted by the following on this track:
Jason "Raw Poetic" Moore (hip hop stylings, of Panacea and RPM)
Tony "Tailbone" Acampora (bass, of Greenland)
Aaron "The Bronx Bull" Gause (trumpet, of Panacea and RPM)



06/20: New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
08/16: Louisville, KY @ The Great Law at Louisville Waterfront Park
08/18: Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theatre
08/19: Council Bluffs, IA @ Stir Cove
08/21: Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheater*
08/23: Dallas, TX @ Palladium Ballroom
08/24: Austin, TX @ Stubbs
08/27: Atlanta, GA @ Fox Theatre-Atlanta
08/29: Miami, FL @ The Fillmore Miami Beach@ the Jackie Gleason Theater
08/30: Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues- Orlando
08/31: Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues- Myrtle Beach
09/02: Charlottesville, VA @ Charlottesville Paviion
09/03: Washington, DC @ Constitution Hall
09/05: Philadelphia, PA @ Festival Pier @ Penn's Landing
09/06: Boston, MA @ Bank of America Pavilion
09/19: Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre
09/21: Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre
09/23: Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
09/24: Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint
09/25: San Diego, CA @ SDSU Open Air Theater
09/27: Portland, OR @ McMenamins Edgefield
09/28: Seattle WA @ McCaw Hall
10/02: Minneapolis, MN @ Orpheum Theatre
10/03: Milwaukee, WI @ Riverside Theater
10/04: Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
10/09: Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre
10/10: Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre

I'm too busy listening to the new Oasis tunes. I know Noel has his lawyers trolling the interwebs, so instead of hosting them here, I'll just point them out to you.


IMG_3870.JPG Sadly I have a ton of Artomatic running around to do tonight (more on that later - the Artomatic part, not the running around part), but if I didn't, I sure as hell would make my way over to Iota (not THE Iota, lest you incur the wrath of Jason) to take in These United States and the Federal Reserve Collective. tUS recently finished up a tour in which they played 30+ gigs with a different set of musicians playing as their backing band each night. Pretty cool.

Over the weekend I listened to their recent Lounge Act on WOXY and it is the goodness. Highly recommended.

[mp3] These United States - Live On (full session download)
[mp3] These United Sates | First Sight



Damn you Britt Daniel. Here I am trying to move on with my musical life and go about listening to someone, anyone other than your band and you go and release a single/E.P. for "Don't You Evah" and I go and get the damn song stuck in my head. For days. Mostly because Ted Leo's "I Want It Hotter Remix" totally lives up to its name. I downloaded it a few weeks ago from here but I just got around to listening to it on Thursday. Big mistake. Been humming the melody ever since.

[mp3] Spoon | Don't You Evah (Ted Leo's I Want It Hotter Remix)

Also, in my travels to find that remix again (had it on the work computer, but not the home one) I came across this Triple J radio broadcast from Australia. You're welcome.

[mp3] Spoon | Don't You Evah (live on Triple J)
[mp3] Spoon | You Got Yr Cherry Bomb (live on Triple J)

The Don't You Evah single is out now and if you live on the West Coast you have a few chances to see the band in the coming months. Ted Leo, of course, is opening for Pearl Jam this summer.


Last night, via the power of Craigslist, The Future Mrs. Leaf and I scored some great seats at the last minute to see Eddie Izzard at DAR Constitution Hall. I'm glad we did, because I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard in my life. In fact, I laughed so much that my face physically hurt when I left the venue.

His current act is a bit more meandering than his previous work like Dress To Kill, ranging from everything from the Apple Software Update window to Wikipedia to the 10 Commandments. He also did a hilarious bit on dinosaurs singing hymns in church.

The 10 Commandments bit at the very end had the entire venue in stitches. "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's ox? What's wrong with wanting Jeff's ox? That's the basis for trade!" My words are not doing the show justice, but take my advice and go see him tonight in D.C. (should be a good amount of tickets for sale now that the Wizards are playing at home tonight) or later in the tour if you get a chance. You will not be disappointed.

I just realized that I'll be seeing Radiohead 10 days from now. Exciting!

Here's the band calling Dubya a twat on Conan.

Today on the bus, the Everything, Everything version of "Pearl's Girl" filled my earbuds and it reminded me just how much I am looking forward to Underworld's performance at this year's Virgin Mobile festival. I've already told The Future Mrs. Leaf that she should prepare for a long night on Saturday because I intend to stick around and dance my ass off until the bitter end.

[mp3] Underworld | Beautiful Burnout

[mp3] Underworld v. Peter, Bjorn & John | Bjorn Slippy (Born Slippy v. Young Folks) [via]

If you don't yet own Everything, Everything, I urge you not to hesitate in picking up a copy for your very own. It will have you jumping around your apartment singing "Lager, Lager, Lager" in no time.

Underworld's Myspace has some killer live tracks as well.

It's a shame these two aren't touring together, but at least I still get to see them separately.