Sweet 17 "Anythings Possible!!!!!"

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It's over. The Celtics are back where they belong. On top of the world. And so am I.

It's going to be a long time before tonight's game gets erased from the record books.

Been getting a bunch of texts throughout the game and I kept telling everyone the same thing. I feel like I just won the lottery.

Celtics win and everything I've ever written about Danny Ainge (except for maybe this) gets affirmed. Thank you Danny. This was all because of you.

The Celtics were the first sports team I ever started rooting for. My grandfather Kenny, who died earlier this year, started me down this path. He was a fan so I became one too. There was no other option. They've pretty much sucked since I started college (I remember Alonzo effing Mourning hitting that jumper in the playoffs my freshman year to send them home in the first round) but that has made tonight (and this season) so much sweeter.

I was never a Michael Jordan fan, so that time period was tough for me to follow. It was Paul Pierce that made me fall in love the the Celtics and the NBA all over again. And for him to go through everything he's endured during his career, it makes me so happy for him. After PP got stabbed in 2000 and made his comeback (honestly, he never went away) I kept telling everyone that would listen that Paul Pierce was atonement from the Basketball Gods for Len Bias and Reggie Lewis. Deep down I knew that he wouldn't have made it through that ordeal if there weren't bigger things in store for him and the franchise. It took some time and a rotating cast of teammates, but we finally got to the finish line.

And to see your favorite basketball player on the planet become the best basketball player on the floor in the NBA Finals for all the world to see? That's special.

All the time I spent on celtics message boards for the last five years talking about the team, the money I spent on the NBA package so I could watch them every night when they were going 30-52 or whatever it was, all the money I spent seeing them in Boston, in L.A. and here in D.C. It was all worth it.

The Boston Celtics are NBA Champions again! And I got to see Game One in person! We came a long way from this.

Time for me to pop some champagne.