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[oasis] Punter Shoves Noel Onstage in Toronto

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Craziness erupted at the Oasis gig in Toronto tonight when during "Morning Glory" some punter somehow got onstage, and gave Noel a mighty shove into the monitors directly in front of him before turning and going after Liam. Luckily security corralled the guy before he could do any more damage to the band and the gig. I happened to be shooting Liam and Noel at the time and caught the incident the split second after it occurred. Everyone near us in the crowd was stunned, we all gave a collective "WTF?"

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Oasisweb-9092 copy.jpg

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A few hastily assembled, sleep deprived thoughts:
- Wow.
- How could something like this happen?
- Why would someone want to do that? After the end of the gig, the person in charge of security said this guy did not have access to backstage (via laminate or sticky pass, etc.) and just somehow managed to sneak onto the stage.
- Noel appeared to hurt his back. At the last moment as he fell, he turned and landed on his back, not his stomach (and guitar).
- The band came back out after a 10 minute break and finished the gig, cutting two songs from the set.
- They have my eternal respect for that.
- I bet security beat the snot out of that guy.
- I immediately thought of this.
- I am glad The Chief appears to be OK.
- Never a dull moment at an Oasis gig.

The girl standing beside me got the whole thing on video. There is already some other footage on YouTube. Go see for yourself.

Overall the gig was good, although I was gutted not to make the approved photog list to shoot it properly. But I did stand beside Andy Bell earlier in the day and got to see Paul Weller put on a crackin' set, so the day wasn't a total loss.

I'm exhausted. Off to bed.