Years of Refusal - One Listen Review

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Sounds beautiful but the tunes are totally unfocused. It's like he basically made Malajusted all over again, only without something as catchy as "Alma Maters". The mighty Mozzer does this every few albums. He puts out a few great records and then runs out of ideas before flailing around a bit and regaining his ground. Strangeways Here We Come and Viva Hate led to Kill Uncle, Your Arsenal and Vauxhall & I (my two favorite Moz records) led to Southpaw Grammar (which I hated at the time but quite like now) and Malajusted. I very well might like this album after I spend some time with it, but right now it sounds like a lush album utterly devoid of hooks. I can't hum you any of the tunes on this record after one listen.

Maybe there are some killer b-sides that were left off the album? For all the hoopla surrounding his comeback album You Are The Quarry, I felt his best work from that period were the three b-sides from the Irish Blood... single.