Planning Ahead for Margaritaville

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Today I got a press release about this year's Jimmy Buffet tour, which is not exactly surprising because Buffet tours every year. However, what jumped out at me is that tickets go on sale this Saturday for the two D.C.-area shows on September 3rd and September 5th. That's almost seven months before the actual show! It's not even Spring yet and tickets are about to go on sale for a Labor Day weekend show. I don't even know what shows I am going to in March!

I suspect that we will see much more of this tactic in 2009. The economy is in the shitter and that's not going to change any time soon. The big boys are going to have to stake out their territory quickly and aggressively, fighting for what is sure to be a smaller piece of the entertainment dollar pie. It's also worth noting that the press release I received did not have any ticket price info.