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Last Dance

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Hope to see you there.

My plans for the weekend?
Middle Distance Runner early Saturday night at the Black Cat. Then on to see Sam Champion at DC9 shortly thereafter. I've heard a lot of good things about them so I'm excited to finally get to see them live.

Sunday night is Aberdeen City opening up for Rasputina at the 9:30 Club. Should be fun.


Wayne Rooney is a go.

Divorcing Pedro and Nomar.


Wiley Wiggins on D & C; The Criterion Edition.

Argh! I wish I could have gone.

Obvs. Hurry hurry, one day left.

Let me go on the record right now.
Mavs in six.



Hope to see you there. It will be your last chance to see me before I spend a whole effing week snowboarding in Utah!

Busy today. Wrote some stuff for DCist. Back tomorrow with downloads and pics from tonight's Celtics v. Wizards game. Tune in tomorrow to see how the refs screw us out of this one.

This just in: Barry Bonds is a steroid user! Wow. I had NO IDEA!

**UPDATE** - I forgot...Dear 24: I take back all the bad things I said about you earlier this season!

So, hey, actual content today!

Friday night I decided to stay in and catch one of the few times the Celtics were on national TV, this time on the road (where we've won a whopping four games this season) against Philadelphia. Long story short, we lost in triple overtime after winning the game at least twice. My hatred for Doc Rivers and Mark Blount knows no bounds right now. There are rumours that Memphis wants to trade for Blount, and for gods sake, if it's true, Danny Ainge needs to get on that like yesterday. Oh wait, looks like he has. The Globe is reporting a Blount deal is imminent, either to Memphis for Lo Wright or Minnesota for the Kandi-man. I wouldn't be surprised if Marcus Banks is thrown in as a sweetner on this deal. Either of those teams could use him and that would open up a roster spot for Gerald Green. Mark Stein of ESPN said earlier today in a chat that the deal is being held up right now because another team is trying to get in on the action. Let's just say I'm about at the point that I'll fly up to Boston and help Blount pack. File all of this under...developing. Also worth noting, the C's host the Twolves tomorrow night.

Saturday I had my second class in my photography course in the morning and then I watched the 'Skins lose in Seattle, which delighted Ms. Smith, a former Seattleite. After winning six must-wins, I think the 'Skins were too beat up to go any further. Still, a good year all around. Later that night was, of course, the big one year anniversary of bluestate, which was tons o' fun, and not just because of all the Red Stripe I consumed. We had a great crowd of friends and party-goers, including some bloggers and local bands and at one point there were balloons and party hats everywhere. Best. Hard to believe we've been doing this for a year. Here are a few pictures, there are more over at Flickr and also on the bluestate site along with the setlists.




Sunday was spent recovering from the night before, eating sushi (crunchy yellowtail is heavenly) and watching the mighty Carolina Panthers lay waste to the Chicago Bears. Tell me Steve Smith isn't the best player in the NFL. We are so gonna win the Superbowl. It's worth noting that Jake Delhomme is 5-1 in the playoffs. And let me go ahead and tell you that while we will miss DeShaun Foster, I'm sure John Fox and company have plenty of faith in back-up Nick Goings. And so do I. Julius Peppers is listed as probable right now. I have a bet with Ms. Smith on who will win next week but we haven't come up with the terms of the wager yet. Oh yeah, and Jack is back! Four hours of Bauer. Which also means recaps from Chromewaves!

Apparently the new Morrissey album is all singles but no one is going to like it. The reviewer compares it to Southpaw Grammar, which, funny enough, I hated when it was originally released but has really grown on me lately. It has drum solos and a lot of other wackiness and wasn't easy to digest the first time around, but much like the Stone Roses second record, it has aged very well. Also, full UK tour dates are here.

New tour dates for Oasis but no shows on the East Coast yet. Hmmmmmm.

The National meets Bruce Springsteen BUT STILL HAVE NOT PLAYED WASHINGTON DC.

Mogwai are back!

Mylo tour dates for the US.

The White Stripes will appear on the Simpsons. Keifer Sutherland is also scheduled to make an appearance this season.

The next season of The Sopranos will be the last.

Duke beats UNC again.

Apple passes Dell!

See you there.

Yesterday I didn't have the chance to mention that I had dinner at the Ritz-Carlton on Wednesday and I saw Bill Frist there, wandering around the bar looking very dazed and confused. "I hate him," one bar patron was heard to say. Moving on...

Doc Rivers stinks as an NBA coach. Nothing new here, moving on...

I'm telling you, there are larger forces at work here. Maybe Jake Delhomme and I were enemies in a past life. Go Panthers!

Ummm...I wouldn't buy a Macbook Pro if I were you.

Coachella Documentary opens on Jan. 24th. Get yer tickets here.

Nikon is dropping film cameras. Oh well, I'm a Canon guy.

Today's Forgotten Favorite:

Sloan: Coax Me (MP3) - I downloaded Sloan's A-Sides Win:Singles 1992-2005 (which, sadly, is lean on material from Between The Bridges) last month just to fill out my monthly eMusic subscription and I've been addicted to it since then. It's Brendan Benson's fault. This song is my jam.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone and I hope to see you on Saturday.

Let It Snow

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Now you have plans for Thursday. We'll be spinning between bands and after all is said and done.

My weekend didn't turn out quite like I had anticipated, but everything still worked out. Friday I stayed in and watched the Celtics lose yet again to the Spurs(that turned out exactly like I anticipated). I really needed a quiet night in after the week I had at work.

On Saturday I rounded up The Smith, Mike Grass and Natalya to go see Voxtrot play at the Warehouse Next Door. When we rolled up to the door, we found out that Voxtrot's van broke down in Massachussetts and they wouldn't make it to the show. Drat. So we went to plan B, bowling at the new Lucky Strike! Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea and we opted not to wait 2 hours for the next open lane. So plan C was in effect, pints at Fado. Which was also insanely packed, so we moved on to plan D, beers at RFD while watching bull riding/rodeo. Which was actually alot more fun that it sounds. I should also mention that I had originally planned on going to the Wizards v. Bulls game that night but all the cheap seats were sold out. *sigh*

Sunday I slept in a bit, did some Xmas shopping and saw The Chronicles of Narnia, which was very enjoyable, save for the overly religious themes of the movie. But the kids all did credible jobs with the acting, so I was happy.

OK, tell the truth, which was easier to predict. Theo Epstein returning to the front office or Pat Riley returning to coaching? I'm going with Riley. Let me also go on record saying I don't believe this "family reasons" BS that Stan Van Gundy is telling everyone.

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Flight Home


View From the John Hancock Tower #2

Sorry for the late update today. I have alot going on right now, but more on that later.

I had an incredibly fun, if not completely exhausting weekend. The highlights:

Bunnymen - Didn't quite reach the heights of the show I saw in Lancaster, PA but it came close. I think Will Sergeant is officially my favorite guitar player ever, he was on fire during the show. The new stuff sounded superb. The band was a bit subdued, but the crowd went apeshit when the break came in during "The Cutter". A great show all around. See my craptastic photos here.

Bluestate - We had what might have been our most enthusiastic crowd ever on Saturday night. I was feeling really under the weather all day on Saturday but I pulled it together in time for the gig and felt much better once the music started. I stayed away from the booze and DJ'ed in my scarf. It's the new style. I had a revelation during the day that I had yet to play "Peter Piper" at the Black Cat, so I dropped that in right after I played The Supremes and there wasn't even room to move on the dance floor. Also, I played Prince and the kiddies didn't clear the floor. Bonus. Peep the set lists and photos.

Chicago - I didn't get to see much of it during the 36 hours that I was there, but I loved what I did see. Chi-town has a very NYC feel. Catherine lives like 6 blocks from Wrigley and that whole area is filled with great restaurants and bars. We popped down to the John Hancock building and had a drink there and took in some of downtown. We met up with DCSOBLOOP* for dinner around 6:30, pounded some Red Bull and then went to the gig. Matt, fresh off the train back from St. Louis, had no problem finding us inside and then right before the Furries went on L Boogie appeared out of thin air. The Furries didn't disappoint and a good time was had by all. We didn't hang out very long after the gig since it was a school night for Catherine and BLOOP. But I did go say bye to the guys and thank them for taking care of me on yet another US tour. Apologies to all the people that emailed me wanting to meet up at the gig. Maybe next time.

* term coined by Pyg in a Blanket. Respect.


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Represent, bitches.

Furthering our Clap Your Hands Say Meh™ discussion from yesterday (somebody called me a dork and thought I would be insulted!), DCeiver has a very, very good read on the role of blogs, the hype machine in NYC that they have created and feed and asks if it's actually a good thing for a band to be so abuzz after a month long residency at Piano's and the like. Bloggers in NYC everywhere should do themselves a favor to read it. This was a topic of debate on the night of the Clap Your Hands Say Meh™ show and I have to say I agree. You want to make it big? Get your ass out on tour and see how the crowds react. Preaching to the converted week in and week out in NYC might get you signed (hey, $8 a CD - or whatever it is - is hella good, so respect for that) but ultimately you're going to have to get in the van and show and prove. And if you can't, then expect people to call you on it. I especially liked Jason's point about the Strokes. I think it's dead on.

And yes, I'm aware that I tend to gush over bands I love, but I'm just as likely to take them to task whenever they make a mis-step (see: Oasis for the last 4 years, Cartel's name change, etc.)

And while I'm giving my propers to local bloggers, let me mention Sommer's awesome beatdown of WAMU's pledge drive.

"Let There Be Love" wil be the next Oasis single.

So pissed that Spoon isn't returning to DC on this tour. They have a day off in between Brooklyn and Athens. Boo!

Pitchfork says Depeche Mode's new album is pretty okay.

Yay! New Mogwai!

Josh Homme, soon to be decorating a room at the W Hotel near you?

Bye bye Dale Svuem.

New G5's and Powerbooks over at Apple. Man, they are cranking out the new products over there.

Not sure what to make of this.

Another great blog bites the dust. Respect.

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