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30 Rock vanquishes Studio 60 and is renewed for a second season!

This means you should use all of your votes for Veronica! Obvs. Season Four is supposed to be teh awesome.

I hate Florida. Eff them. Although Corey Brewer is the real deal. He can play on the C's any day as far as I'm concerned.

On the other hand, this is totally best. The Seattle Weekly went to a Sonics game with freaking Tom Robbins! Yes, that Tom Robbins. I had no idea he was born in Blowing Rock, NC. Awesome. If you didn't read Another Roadside Attraction in college, you didn't get your money's worth.

That's basically all I got for today. I have a few things going on tonight, depending on how everything shakes out. Ms. Smith and I will hopefully be heading to the Rock n Roll Hotel to peep The Long Winters. But if that falls through, we'll be hanging out down the street from my apartment in Arlington with a bunch of DC United maniacs, taking in the Chivas game.

Also tonight is the Sebadoh show at the 930 Club. Loyal leafblower reader C.C. was aghast at my lack of Sebadoh coverage around these parts. She was even nice enough to offer me a free ticket to tonights gig! Unfortunately for reasons stated above, I can't make it (thanks though!) but I told her I would do my best to let everyone know about the gig. So, consider it done. Also, have you checked out the Sebadoh web page recently? They have a boat load of bootlegs available for downloading. For free.

Morrissey tour dates, onsale and presale details for the upcoming US tour.

So despite threatening to go to 437 shows this week, my total thus far is zero. My Decemberists tickets never materialized on Monday(no big deal, I stayed home and watched The Riches instead - anyone else LOVING this show? Eddie Izzard + Minnie Driver = me watching) and I wasn't supremely motivated to go to the Say Hi To Your Mom show last night. Blah. Ms. Smith and I went and had dinner and drinks instead.

But fear not, I'm kicking it into high gear tonight, assuming my Cold War Kids tickets actually materialize. Tomorrow I now have two shows on the docket, and it's all Frank's fault. He more or less convinced me to go see Dean & Britta (they're playing Luna tunes!!) so I'm going to try and see Love of Diagrams and the first three songs of Ted Leo and then jet over to the Cat to catch D&B. Tune in Friday to see if I'm able to say "I Love it when a plan comes together." Last time I tried to do something like this, it ended up in shambles. But at least The National put on a great show.

Speaking of The National, I'm assuming you've already downloaded their new track, right? It is positively lovely. If not, here it is:

[MP3] The National | Fake Empire

I still have record reviews to come, but has anyone else heard the Albert Hammond Jr. record? I'm seven songs in and it's really fucking good.

Here's an awesome interview with Agent Steinz!

I don’t have a MySpace page. Life is too short to cavort with fake friends.

10 must have Firefox extensions.

Thirty ways to get more out of Gmail.

Top 10 Free Mac Downloads

Yahoo mail to offer unlimited storage.

The human eye is equivalent to a 576 megapixel camera and has a nighttime ISO of 800 (~1 during the daytime). Wow, just think about the kind of storage the iPod (in your mind) has!

I've been doing a whole lot of research lately on the whole Movable Type v. Wordpress argument, mostly because 1) I know a few people that have all but given up on MT and are planning to switch their platforms (although not necessarily to WP) in the next year or so and 2) I am getting the itch to redesign this site. I'm not ready to give up on MT yet, although I could be convinced otherwise. All those themes look cool and it seems like you can do alot with them.

So consider this a plea for help in the redesign. Anyone out there want to lend me a hand? If so, please drop me a line (email address over on the right). I have a very good idea of what I want to do (more or less), I just need help in the execution. I am happy to compensate you for your work, although I would prefer to pay in CD's and concert tickets. Obvs.

Swamped at work today.

Bracket Update:
1st in the blogger battle
3rd in the DCist pool
Tied for ninth in the office pool
Haven't check the Deadspin pool yet.

Not too shabby. Thanks Vandy!

Did you know John Darnielle was on Flickr?

So is Bobby Boswell. I was his first friend. I'm honored. No, really. Bobby B is celebrating his 24th birthday (Youngster!) at Love tomorrow night. I RSVP'ed and figure I'll go check it out before heading over to the Black Cat to catch Mew. Hopefully I'll be able to get some incriminating photos of Kyle Sheldon, my D.C. United doppleganger. If you're in D.C. and want to tag along, all you have to do is click on the link above.

SXSW is finally over! Rejoice! Unfortunately, we'll still have to read about it for the next week. I'll save you some time. This is the only gig worth reading about (which, strangely, no blogger seemed to attend) and you can get everything you need from Central Village's liveblog, Chromewaves recaps and Dan's photos. I lovelovelove this photo. I want a wide lens!

Related: How much should all that free music cost everyone a year? Fifty dollars. Sign me up.

I link to this only because I love revisionist history. I guess the UK press have switched sides again.

Shhhhhhhh...TrueHoop has quietly launched on ESPN's bandwidth.

Veronica Mars cancelled.

Or is it?

For fuck's sake. Today is not the day for this crap.

[via the person that turned me on to VM]


So true. And yes, even though I've never used Twitter, I'm totally guilty here.

[via the newest must-read in my RSS feed, Strange Attractor]


Well, the first ever DCist Exposed show went off better than any of us could have hoped for. We had, by some accounts, around 600 people (!!!) come through the door at The Warehouse to take everything in, which is just phenomenal. I spent most of the night running around like crazy, alternating from charming host, to crowd control, to raffle ticket seller, to guy with a cold chugging as much OJ as possible to try and stay healthy. It was an exhausting night, but totally worth it.


Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the night was meeting Kevin Anderson, who's blog I happened upon earlier in the week. When I saw that he would be in town for the show, I invited him on whim, not thinking much of it, but he came and we had a great time chatting. He's incredibly knowledgeable about blogging and it was a treat to pick his brain for a little while. We also had all sorts of local media types, from Fox 5 to a few WaPo writers. I hereby declare DCist Exposed a resounding success. Congrats to Heather for being the driving force behind such a great event.

Don't forget, the exhibit is up through Friday, so go check it out!

Unfortunately the opening left me too bushed to make it to the Black Cat to see my beloved Nethers headline the main stage. Did anyone else go? How was it? I was gutted not to go, but it was for the best.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching movies with Ms. Smith (The DaVinci Code, not as bad as I was lead to believe) and immersing myself in conference tourney hoops. I must have watched eight games over the weekend. Best. I'll have my thoughts on the NCAA's later this week (VCU scares the shit out of me), but in the meantime, let me ask you this:

Julian Wright: Bernard King or Billy Owens?

I'm not sure.

I'm really digging the new Travis video for "Closer."

Ted Leo stopped by The Interface! Grab the podcast.

The Guardian's 10 essential albums for Spring.

How Johnny Marr joined Modest Mouse. I guess I have to go see them when they tour now.

I'm not sure if I should be excited or sad about this news. I like that they're working with someone other than Pat McCarthy (Who I love, but they needed a new direction) but I'm worried this will turn into The Stones working with the Dust Brothers.

Unexpected. Hope it works out better for them than it did for these guys.


The latest can't miss event / project that I'm involved with comes your way tomorrow night. I am super-excited about DCist's first ever photo exhibit at The Warehouse on 7th Street. Heather's worked her ass of to make this thing happen and it's getting written up everywhere. We're gonna have an awesome opening reception, so grab your friends and get there early.

And if that wasn't enough fun for one night, we'll be heading over to the Black Cat post-opening reception in order to catch Nethers, who are headlining a show with These United States! I am so there. Nethers have been in L.A. for a few months recording their new record, so it'll be great to see them for the first time in 2007. They're playing like 18 shows at SXSW, so if you're not in D.C., you can catch them there.

The Tripwire has a new track by AIR and a great interview with Jarvis Cocker.

10 things you didn't know about Ted Leo. [thx Frank]

Watching The Watchmen. Yes, please.

Hey, did you read my Wizards recap from Tuesday's game? If you did, you saw that one of my questions to Gilbert ended up in the official AP report (check the 'Notes' section). Hott.

In a world where Britney shaves her head and EVERYBODY knows within hours does an indie band truly need a scorched earth hype campaign to reach its audience? Is the problem that the band’s fans DIDN’T KNOW the record was out? And by trying to reach newbies, does the Arcade Fire SHORTEN its career?

I haven't heard the new Arcade Fire record yet, but I checked this morning and it's on eMusic, so I'll probably grab it tonight. I'm sure it's saffron-infused, snackytime junction vibe will keep the chupacabra-like, Steven Bochco-esque blogoshpere all atwitter, that is, if you care about perambulations like that.

Be Cool

| |

Wayne Coyne on creating your own happiness. Raise your hand if you knew he worked as a fry cook for 11 years at a Long John Silver's. [thx Tankboy]

Extra credit: Be cool to the pizza dude.

Best blog fights of 2006. Early favorite for best blog fight of 2007? How about everyone v. Movable Type or Six Apart v. Auttomatic.

See! Oasis don't slag EVERYONE off...Plus, they have great taste.

An entire album? Sweet!

Portishead make live return? More please!

No one cares!

Here's a list of songs sampled by Daft Punk. [thx Kottke]

Chalk one up for David Geffen. He’s back.

Ever been to an SNL taping? Me either, but Popcandy and the world famous Nummer went recently and wrote up their experiences. Sounds fab.

This is great if only because I just found out what "Animal Style" was during my trip to NYC.


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