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Watching the Oscars while editing some photos from the weekend and I had this thought:

It makes me very happy to hear M. Ward's music used in a commercial.

It makes me incredibly sad to hear The The's music used in a commercial. Again. The Dockers one was bad enough.

When a website that's supposed to fight for the little guy basically admits they steal photos, many of them copyright protected, from Flickr for their for-profit website. And when people call them on it, they say tough shit.

I wonder if they'll do a post on themselves?

**UPDATE** It looks like they've taken the post down! Who do they think they are, the GOGblog? Click here for a scan of the original post. Sadly I don't have any of the comments.

**UPDATE #2**
Consumerist has apologized and has created a Flickr group from which they will use from now on. Nice one.

D.C., like much of the rest of the East Coast, is effing freezing today. Luckily I'm headed to Orlando tomorrow for a business trip. Let's take a gander at the weather down there:


Mmmmmmmm...toasty. What about the weather here in town?


Enough said.

So...the Super Bowl. I thought the Bears were supposed to have a good defense. Yet, they had all sorts of problems tackling anyone last night. I guess it's easy to be that overrated when you play in the NFC North. It's the NFL's version of the NBA's Atlantic Division.

Related: Everyone is going bananas over Prince's halftime show. I thought it was ok, but I spent most of it wondering why he decided to cover "Proud Mary" and the Foo Fighters. That was just weird. He has enough killer material in his own catalog, why resort to playing other people's stuff?

Lefsetz speaks glowingly of the performance and hammers his point home with this:

But today we learned, it was proven, that NOTHING compares with music. No sport, no video game. There IS no competition for the entertainment dollar when music is done right.

It hasn’t been done right in a long time.

Oh, and I still hate Greg Paulus. A typical Wojo-like performance. Has a decent game and then folds in the clutch. When does he graduate again?

I also caught Kobe v. Agent Zero over the weekend. I begrudgingly have to admit Kobe played an amazing game and the Lakers got the W. Also, Andrew Bynum: surprisingly good. Chuck Klosterman was there covering the game for the NYT. I kept trying to think of a reason to go over and introduce myself to him, but I ultimately drew a blank.

Isiah Thomas's worst trade.

Sadly, the Arctic Monkeys won't be naming their sophomore album Lesbian Wednesdays. That would have been sweet.

Also, Chris Martin on Extras? Totally hilarious.


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Pitchfork has a Dean & Britta MP3 if you want to check it out.

Bradley's Almanac has the recent Sloan show from Boston up for your downloading pleasure. He's also got a live recording of "Ill Placed Trust" from 15 (!!) years ago. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

LA Weekly interviews Morrissey, mostly about cats and graves:

Was your cat maimed?

No, but he was very, very old, and he was arthritic, and he couldn’t go to the toilet properly and I would have to take him to the toilet, I’d have to do everything, but he was very, very happy, and as long as he was with me, he was thrilled to death. So, I held him at the last moment when they inserted the needle and, uh . . . I cried for hours and hours and hours. This sound came out of me, this sound of despair when he went, and I’d never heard it before.


Because I thought I’d be — I thought I could completely handle his death and I’d be fine. I’d look after him, I’d make sure everything was okay, and I’d make sure that his transition was as easy and comfortable as possible. And I howled.

I mean, I still have moments where I grieve again, out of the blue — does that happen to you?

Of course! Of course! You miss your pets. You miss Sir Doo-Dah or whatever his name is . . . You miss them and you feel for them, and my cat was an incredible character. He wasn’t merely a cat, he was beyond human. He had the most incredible personality, an enormous personality, and as tough as, as they say, old boots, and I still miss him, I really still miss him. Sorry, I’m boring you stiff...

Yep, sounds about right. I still think about Jarvis from time to time. Well, I guess i should tell Ms. Smith right now that cat #4 will be named Sir Doo-Dah. That's teh awesome. Cat #3's name, in case you're wondering, is going to be Mylo. But don't worry, I'm very happy with cat #2, he's not going anywhere and I expect he'll be around for a long time. And yes, I'm a big dork. Moving on...

On a slightly related note, here's an MP3 of the new Stooges track:
[mp3] The Stooges | Idea of Fun

The Sports Guy loves him some Sports Bloggers, but only certain ones. Nice one Jamie.

UVA basketball, trying so hard to be relevant. And failing miserably.

David Aldridge is back at the Philly Inquirer! Yay!

Bloggers made Agent Zero an All-Star?

If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he'd shoot Nina twice.

If everyone on "24" followed Jack Bauer's instructions, it would be called "12".

Upon hearing that he was played by Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer killed Sutherland. Jack Bauer gets played by no man.

Jack Bauer sleeps with a pillow under his gun.

Jack Bauers calender goes from March 31st to April 2nd, no one fools Jack Bauer.

When life gave Jack Bauer lemons, he used them to kill terrorists. Jack Bauer f*cking hates lemonade.

1.6 billion Chinese are angry with Jack Bauer. Sounds like a fair fight.

A day without torture is like a day without sunshine to Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer has a great tan.

Lets get one thing straight, the only reason you are conscious right now is because Jack Bauer does not feel like carrying you.

Jack Bauer was never addicted to heroin. Heroin was addicted to Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer once won a game of Connect 4 in 3 moves.

All men are created equal. They are all vastly inferior to Jack Bauer.

Jack Bauer is the leading cause of death in Middle Eastern men.

Jack Bauer doesn't speak any foreign languages, but he can make any foreigner speak English in a matter of minutes.

Osama bin Laden's recent proposal for truce is a direct result of him finding out that Jack Bauer is, in fact, still alive.

Jack Bauer doesn't miss. If he didn't hit you it's because he was shooting at another terrorist twelve miles away.

It's no use crying over spilt milk... Unless that was Jack Bauer's milk. Oh you are so screwed.

Tony was once shot in the neck, rushed to the hospital, underwent emergency surgery and was back on the job in just a few hours. Jack Bauer still can't believe that p*ssy went to the hospital first.

Killing Jack Bauer doesn't make him dead. It just makes him angry.

Jack Bauer teaches a course at Harvard entitled: "Time Management: Making the Most Out Of Each Day."

Every mathematical inequality officially ends with "< Jack Bauer".

When Google can't find something, it asks Jack Bauer for help.

Jack Bauer's house has an alarm system -- not to warn Jack of intruders, but to warn the intruders of Jack.

If Jack Bauer misspells a word, your dictionary is wrong.

Jack Bauer killed 93 people in just 4 days time. Wait, that is a real fact.

Simon Says should be renamed to Jack Bauer Says because if Jack Bauer says something then you better f*cking do it.

Jack Bauer's favorite color is severe terror alert red. His second favorite color is violet, but just because it sounds like violent.

When you open a can of whoop-ass, Jack Bauer jumps out.

In high school Jack Bauer was voted "Most Likely to Kill the Foreign Kid"... and "Best Eyes."

If Jack Bauer shot you while quail hunting, it wouldn't be an accident.

When President Palmer quit to start doing Allstate commercials, it took him 43 takes before he could stop saying, "You're in good hands with Jack Bauer".

In 96 hours, Jack Bauer has killed 93 people and saved the world 4 times. What the f*ck have you done with your life?

There have been no terrorist attacks in United States since Jack Bauer has appeared on television.

Jesus died and rose from the dead in 3 days. It took Jack Bauer less than an hour. And he's done it twice.

There is the right way, the wrong way, and the Jack Bauer way. It's basically the right way but faster and more deaths.

There are three leading causes of death among terrorists. They are all Jack Bauer.

Nobody says 'hit me' when Jack Bauer deals Blackjack.

When the boogie man goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Jack Bauer.

The only difference between Jack Bauer and the electric chair is that Jack Bauer makes you talk first.

Sun Tzu once wrote, "If your enemy is weaker, conquer him. If he is stronger, join him. If he is Jack Bauer, you're f*cking dead."

Jack Bauer removed the "Escape" button from his keyboard. Jack Bauer never needs to escape.

On a high school math test, Jack Bauer put down "Violence" as every one of the answers. He got an A+ on the test because Jack Bauer solves all his problems with Violence.

Jack Bauer can get McDonald's breakfast after 10:30.

There are no such thing as lesbians, just women who never met Jack Bauer.

You can lead a horse to water. Jack Bauer can make him drink.

Jack Bauer doesn't play the game SORRY. Jack Bauer apologizes to no one.

Guns dont kill people, Jack Bauer kills people.

The Black Eyed Peas were just The Peas until Jack Bauer heard their music.

If Jack Bauer saw a terrorist reaching for a bomb to blow himself up, Jack would shoot the bomb first. Nobody steals a kill from Jack Bauer.

What color is Jack Bauer's blood? Trick question. Jack Bauer does not bleed.

People with amnesia still remember Jack Bauer.

When Jack Bauer goes to the airport and the metal detector doesn't go off, security gives him a gun.

If Jack Bauer was gay, his name would be Chuck Norris.

Jack has broken Tony's leg, knocked Curtis out, and shot George Mason with a tranquilizer dart. Temporary incapacitation is Jack Bauer's way of saying, "let's be friends."

In the 18 months where Jack Bauer was presumed dead, Tony Almeida was put in a coma, Michelle and David Palmer were killed, a major hurricane raveged the Gulf Coast, and Rob Schneider made another movie. See what happens when Bauer isn't around?

When Batman is in trouble, he turns on the Jack Bauer signal.

Jack Bauer makes onions cry.

G.I. Joe has Jack Bauer action figures.

If Jack and MacGyver were locked in a room together, Jack would make a bomb out of MacGyver and get out.

During the commercials, Jack Bauer calls the CSI detectives and solves their crimes.

Jack Bauer named his cat 'Chuck Norris.' Why? Because He's a p*ssy.

Jack Bauer's vanity plate reads: IKIL4CTU.

Jack Bauer has been to Mars. Thats why theres no life on Mars.

Jack Bauer may have 9 lives but he is no p*ssy.

It would only take 1 bullet for Jack Bauer to kill 50 Cent.

Metallica lets Jack Bauer download all their songs off the internet for free.

Jack Bauer won the Tour de France on a unicycle to prove to Lance Armstrong it wasn't a big deal. He thinks yellow wristbands are gay.

Jack Bauer arm once wrestled Superman. The stipulations were the loser had to wear his underwear on the outside of his pants.

Jack Bauer once ate an entire bottle of sleeping pills. They made him blink.

Jack Bauer's family threw him a surprise birthday party when he was a child. Once.

The bumper sticker on Jesus's car reads, "WWJBD?"

Jack Bauer once killed so many terrorists that at one point, the #5 CIA Most Wanted fugitive was an 18-year-old teenager in Malaysia who downloaded the movie Dodgeball.

Got a full weekend ahead of me. Tonight is a toss up between Asobi Seksu at Rock and Roll Hotel or staying home and watching Veronica Mars on DVD. I think we know which one will win.

Tomorrow, however, is chock full of excitement. Celtics at Wizards early, and Catherine's birthday party late. Killer squirrels need not apply. w00t!

NBA hair watch blog.

That's some serious traffic.

Let's compare: Bad...Good. Pay attention Pitchfork.

Belief. That’s been left out of the rock star equation. We no longer believe in Bono. It’s the phony glasses, and his urge to save the world. He doesn’t seem to be playing to us anymore, rather to a higher class of people, in control of the universe.

Sorry we lost your cat in the cargo hold for 3 weeks.

Re: 24

| |

Things I hate about 24:
1) The seemingly endless Sprint tie-ins.
2) The seemingly endless Fox News promos trying to relate to the show.

Things I love about 24:
1) Everything else! Jack is back! And now he's a vampire.


I joined some other local bloggers last night in attending El Wapo's "Blogger Summit" at WaPo HQ on 15th street. Basically it was a get together between the top brass of the newspaper and online divisions and the local blog community. The word "blogosphere" was uttered continuously (I was all like "Say blogoshpere again!") and Celeste recalled an instance of one of the Post higher-ups saying the phrase "shout-out," thus ruining it for the rest of us forever.

I have to say, I thought it incredibly cool for a giant media entity like The Post to do something like this. The night was divided into three parts, a Q&A session between the some of the editorial staff and the bloggers, a presentation from a high powered libel lawyer (for our benefit) and a first look at the Post's forthcoming blog aggregator tool.


However, with the way things went, I wonder if The Post will do something like this again. All the ego maniacs in the room ruined the Q&A part of the night by mainly asking questions about how they can get their stories into The Post and things of that nature. One guy not-so-subtly accused The Post of repeatedly stealing stories from bloggers and when asked for an example, couldn't produce a single one. Ouch. The Beta unveiling was more of the same. All the tech geeks in the room started tearing The Post's new feature apart (even though it's still in development and not online yet!) because it didn't have things like geocoding.

Side note: Does anyone give a shit about geocoding? I certainly don't. Do I need to know what blogs about U Street are actually written in apartments on U Street? Seems like a tool for stalkers more than anything else.


Anyways, the night digressed into a big "I'm a big tech geek and your new service will suck because it can't do blah, blah, blah" even though this new service is obviously for people that don't read blogs regularly and is the Post's way of trying to give the locals some love. Which, ya know, they don't have to do. Jeezy Creezy. In the end, Catherine and I concluded that blogging was fun to do but not so fun to talk about. That said, Catherine and Tom wrote up their thoughts.

I missed my train by two minutes on the way home, so I tried my first attempt at some long exposure shots (featured above)while I was waiting for the next one. Some turned out better than others. Obvs. More stuff over on Flickr.

Tonight: Bulls v. Wiz and (hopefully) after the game, Leaf v. Agent Zero.

I was entertaining the 'rents all weekend so I missed out on Gilbert's birthday party. But from what I heard, it was quite the event. The Bog has a nice rundown and the Fanhouse has more, including pics and video. And you should obviously check out the Wizznutzz recap. Apparently Gil encouraged the crowd to "get drunk and make bad decisions." Sweet. I am already working on some great questions for Agent Hibachi for Wednesday's post game locker room session. I'm talking an exclusive here. Stay tuned.

I was unable to attend today's D.C. United press conference announcing the new ownership group, but luckily the Bog was there. Are they going to rename the team "The Agent Zeros?" "D.C. Hibachi?" Developing....

I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure this is the first time it's ever been referred to as the LeBron/Josh Howard draft. Mr. Cuban, I dig what you usually write, but if you have to use someone's last name as an identifier, then that person probably shouldn't be mentioned in that capacity.

Completely unrelated...Target price drop hack. Sweet.

I wanna go!

Pencil me in as cautiously optimistic. But it's not like they'll come to the US.

If you ever had doubts that Brandon Flowers and Co. weren't complete idiots, well let me show you the light.

veronicamars.jpg I don't know about everyone else, but I'm still recovering from my wild and crazy New years celebrations, which mainly consisted of a home cooked steak dinner, a bottle of wine, a few glasses of champagne and discs one and two of the first season of Veronica Mars. You're jealous, I know. And get this, I DVR'ed the Celtics / Sonics game (which was still going on as we ushered in the new year here on the East Coast - worst) and saved it for Monday. Two words: party animal. At least I stayed up past midnight this year.

As for VM:Season One, it's totally best. Even Ms. Smith, who was skeptical to begin with, is totally hooked now. We're divvying up custody of said DVD's so we can both stay current with each other as we slowly get back into the groove of our usual weekly schedules. And we have Season Two waiting in the wings. Getting DVD box sets for Xmas is fucking best, especially TV shows.


Last week I forgot to mention that I got to see a show while I was in Orange County last week. Ms. Smith and I ventured out to the Orange County Museum of Art to see The Little Ones. Seeing a gig in the great room of an art museum was pretty wild and alot of fun. I was unfamiliar with the band going in but they put on an energetic show full of la-la-la filled power pop. Good stuff. And I got to take my 30d for a test run.


Also, last Friday's Bluestate was pretty great. I think it's safe to say we went out on a high note. We'll have set lists up soon. I broke out some old school stuff like Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me" and Everything But The Girl's "Missing [Todd Terry Remix]" that went over like gangbusters, so that made me happy. I think I'm done with DJing for the time being. I might pick it up again later this year but in the meantime I'll be focusing my energy through the camera lens.

Happy New Year everyone!

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