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Let me just go on record saying that if you're not watching 30 Rock, you're missing the best new show on TV. It is everything Studio 60 is not. Sharp, witty and LOL funny. Alec Baldwin, who has really taken his career to a new level now that he is focusing on smaller, and generally more comedic, roles, is awesome. Tracy Morgan, quite possibly the most unfunny (least funny?) SNL cast member ever, really shines. Not sure what the ratings are like, but the new slot on Thursday can't be hurting them.

I am finally ready to talk about the Celtics crushing loss to the Nets on Wednesday. I was so disgusted when the final buzzer sounded, I deleted it immediately from my DVR and tried to act like it didn't happen. Nothing like being up 15 due to some great bench play and then watching your two best players totally blow it in the end. Oy. Should we fire Doc Rivers? Here's the long and the short of it. I prefer the short version.

Say it with me now...Dirt Dog!

The Chief v. Britpop.

Speaking of Oasis, I caught Lord Don't Slow Me Down last night and it was pretty good even though watching it in a bar with half of the patrons talking over the whole thing wasn't exactly the ideal viewing environment. Unfortunately Noel has said there will be no commercial release for the new track featured in the film. As I said to Redboy a week or so ago, I think "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" (which is, quite frankly, one of the best songs Noel has written in years) will be their "Follow Me Around." And I really don't care if they release it commercially, because I have it on MP3!

iPod chargers outselling Zune on Amazon. I played around with a Zune in Circuit City earlier this week. Great display, but other than that, it's a typical Windoze product. It takes three clicks to start playing a song once you've selected it.

"I'm not sure if Hallmark makes a card for this situation....but they should."

I'm DJing at Cue Bar tonight if anyone wants to stop by.

Is this serious?
It can't be, right?
Is it April Fools in November?
They should rename that column "Misshapes 4eva!"

God, I don't miss New York. Good luck with that Grambo.

Anytime Ultrawrrrst opens her mouth, I am of the opinion she and Jen were seriously miscast back in January of 2005.

[via Natalya]


I'll be DJing with Bluestate at Saint Ex tonight. Come on down and say hi.

Saturday it's Michigan v. Ohio State, which should be off the charts since Bo Schembechler just died.

Later that night I'll be at the MCI Center taking in the Cavs and the Wiz.

And on Sunday? I'm resting.

PS - DCeiver just said Ghostface was on 30 Rock last night. So hott. I missed it but maybe I can catch it on Bravo.

Probably more exciting for me than you, but I don't care.

First of all, beginning on Sunday, yours truly will be following the Washington Wizards as an officially credentialed member of the media. Yep, I'll get to cover the team from press row like a real reporter, with access to the team before and after games. I think the over/under for me being able to work up the nerve to ask one of the players a question is roughly two weeks. Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo pass from the team, but far be it from me to complain about any of this. Hopefully that will come down the road.

Now I know what your saying to yourself(*cough*hack!*cough*), "Why aren't you covering the Wiz v. Bucks game on Friday? Why wait 'til the Nets game on Sunday? Mike Redd, dude!" Well, I can't cover the game tonight. I'll be making my return to Cue Bar to DJ! This will probably turn into a weekly thing once the new year rolls around, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. So if you're out and about this evening, come on over and say "hi."

Completely unrelated, here's the surprisingly awesome Spiderman 3 trailer.

And don't forget to vote for Mr. Pink!

Firecodes will move the Cameron Crazies a few feet farther back from the court in Durham. Boo.

Some great video footage from the Raptors "war room" during this past summer's NBA Draft. Newly hired GM Brian Colangelo calls around and tries to find out what's going on with free-fallin' Marcus Williams. The best part? Before calling Danny Ainge, he says, "Get Danny up in Boston on the phone.He’ll tell me." Yeah right. Danny was busy trading for Rajon Rondo, chump.

Is David Beckham done? Maybe he'll be playing for MLS sooner than we thought.


Q & A with Noel Gallagher. [via Chromewaves]

New Graham Coxon.

u2 v R.E.M.

Some Shins MP3's for your downloading pleasure.

I'll let you decide. You can get with this or you can get with that.


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Internet Explorer users should finally be viewing this site as it was always intended, with three columns. For some reason the site has always loaded in two columns in IE, but it appears we finally have that fixed. Yesterday there were some problems with the "Comments" and "Permalink" links, but those all seem to be fixed as well. Also, the individual entry view has been updated to include the two sidebars. If anyone out there notices anything on the site acting funky, leave me a note here and we'll look into it. And by "we," I mean Tom from Manifest Density who was nice enough to help me out with all of this.

Oh My

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Scarlett sex tape? And by tape, I mean audio. [via Goldenfiddle]

Woke up 20 minutes late yesterday and barely made my flight at Dulles. That was stressful enough. But I made it and once we were airborne I strapped on my headphones and settled in for the long flight. Some guy in the row behind me was snoring loudly after about five minutes, but I just tried to ignore it.

About two hours later, right as Lady In The Water (truly the worst. movie. ever.) was reaching it's "climax" the snoring guy sitting behind me starts shaking violently in his seat. His eyes roll back in his head and blood starts spurting out from his mouth. He's obviously having a seizure, or worse a heart attack or stroke. At 25,000 feet. Everyone around him starts freaking out and calling for the stewardesses. They're useless and ask for any trained medical professionals on the plane to help out. Two people step forward, one of them repeating "This is not good," over and over. Snoring guy is still shaking and making choking sounds. At this point I truly believe he is going to die.

Luckily that was not the case. Long story short, it was only a seizure. They gave him some oxygen and eventually he regains consciousness but he has no recognition of what happened. He keeps asking "what's all over my shirt?" It was his blood. He was soaked in it. We had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City to get him medical help. The whole ordeal was one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

Eventually, we made it to Vegas where I promptly lost money betting on the Celtics and the Knicks. That's what I get for betting on Isiah. I also developed a splitting headache and went to bed at 7:30 p.m. local time. Am I party animal or what? Now it's just after 5 in the a.m. and I've been up for about an hour. Hello jetlag! Also, the guy in the suite next to me is blasting Nine Inch Nails. Lovely.

More from Vegas later.

Here is my schedule for the next week or so:

Thursday, Oct. 26th: The National w/ Nethers @ Black Cat, then The Rapture @ 9:30 (late show)
Friday, Oct. 27th: Hopewell and Longwave @ RnR Hotel, then Spank Rock @ the Black Cat
Saturday, Oct. 28th: Lady Sov @ 9:30 (early show) then De Novo Dahl, Bound Stems, Bishop Allen, Forget Cassettes, Pela @ DC9, then Girl Talk @ Black Cat
Sunday, Oct. 29th: D.C. United v. NY Red Bulls @ RFK
Monday, Oct. 30th: Decemberists @ 9:30 (tentative)
Tuesday Oct. 31st: Rest. And packing.
Wednesday, Nov. 1st: Fly to Las Vegas for work
Thursday, Nov. 2nd: Vegas baby, Vegas!
Friday, Nov. 3rd: Vegas baby, Vegas!
Saturday, Nov. 4th: Fly backfrom Vegas. Also Celtics @ Wizards @ MCI Center
Sunday, Nov. 5th: D.C. United playoff game?
Monday, Nov. 6th: Rest?
Tuesday, Nov. 7th: Margot & the Nuclear So & So's @ Black Cat

and so on and so on. So expect lots of photos over the next two weeks.

Also, I'm totally not a fan, but the new Shins record is pretty damn incredible.


As soon as I decide to give up hope for Core2Duo laptop and give in an buy a 20-inch iMac (I figure it will make photo editing MUCH easier), Apple goes and announces new MacBook Pros. Oh well, those were out of my price range anyways. The last time I spent over $1600 on an iMac was back in 1999 or 2000, when I got one of these. Now compare those specs to my new machine. Wow. Anyways, my new iMac should be here by the end of next week! Also, my current machine, an eMac, will be for sale shortly at a very good price. It did a great job in between my iMac purchases. If you want to give it a new home, let me know.

All that and you forget to mention that he's a good bartender to boot? For shame.

The Twilight Singers cover Massive Attack.

So Graham Coxon, when can we expect the Blur reunion? Graham: "I'm better than Blur." Ok then, no time soon.

Wrong. The correct answer is "Black Star." Thanks for playing!

It's educational!

New ...Trail of Dead.

Wait, D.C. is in the greater Baltimore area? I thought it was the other way around?

You Ain't No Picasso give locals Middle Distance Runner some well deserved love.

Moz in Chi-town in November? And this is the only US date? Argh. Nice try Moz, but I'm much to smart to make that kind of road trip to see you play. You'll invariably cancel two days before the gig.

Stink Palm-gate, Day Two. What were we talking about again...

Like Woah.

Am I the only one that really enjoys The Sports Gal's weekly sidebars on The Sports Guy's site? I thought so. Moving on...

WOXY just cued up Travis' "All I Wanna Do Is Rock." Nice choice.

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