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I'm assuming everyone's seen it by now, but above is the new Oasis video for "The Masterplan." Not my favorite Oasis video, but animated Liam is pretty cool. Plus, it's better than the ridiculous "All Around The World" video. I would have paid money to be there when Dayton & Farris tried to explain the whole "green screen" thing to Liam. Priceless.

The hammer bed!

Leafblower faves Goldie Lookin' Chain to spread peace, goodwill and leisurewear on their next UK tour.


Anyone else jumped ship from Bloglines to Google Reader?

Here are my photos from Sunday's D.C. United game.

Duke's Greg Paulus broke his foot and will be out for a while. I'm really looking forward to this year's Duke team. Coach K tends to do his best work when everyone thinks he'll have a down year. I'm also glad to not have to deal with J.J. Redick backlash all year long.

In case you forgot, Steve Smith runs things.

Pretty crazy.

Some people play fantasy sports. I like to play Fantasy Business.

I was really disgusted and disappointed by the news coverage of the whole Cory Lidle plane crash yesterday. It seems like every news outlet kept endlessly comparing it to 9/11, when to me it seemed a little more JFK, Jr. I guess I didn't learn much from 9/11 because when I heard what happened, my first thought was "Wow, some inexperienced pilot must have crashed his small plane into a building," which was, you know, exactly what happened. ESPN News was still running this as "breaking news" as late as 10 p.m. last night, at least four hours after the fires were extinguished. That's completely ridiculous. Seth Mnookin caught some choice words from CNN during this whole thing.

That was the bad TV roundup from last night. Except for the seemingly endless stream of commercials, Lost was a little better(the whole "Red Sox win the World Series" thing was HI-LAR-IOUS) and 30 Rock was pretty damn funny. I think it's a testament to the SNL writers that Tracy Morgan was never as funny on that show as he was last night. Not even close. And I'm a sucker for Alec Baldwin when he does the whole straight-laced comedian thing.

Ack! Grambo's pulling a Sports Guy! It's the end of an era in D'town. BTW, Go Tiggers.

WOXY is playing The Hold Steady's "Party Pit" pretty regularly and I'm really digging it.

This may not appeal to anyone outside the Metro D.C. area, but the semi-new D.C. Sports Bog is easily the best blog I've read by an honest to goodness reporter. Mr. Steinberg totally gets it. His whole Arenas series from training camp was hilarious and he also gives D.C. United some love as well. Also, he has a category for Beer and Cheese. Good stuff.

All together now...Ra-jon Ron-do clapclap clapclapclap! I am absolutely dying to watch some Celtics preseason action. Went to Summer's on Tuesday but the game was blacked out. Stupid, useless TV rules.

Dime Mag let some bloggers do their NBA season preview. Pretty hott. I'll have my thoughts onthe Wizards up on DCist sometime soon.

Justin Timberlake MP3s! OMG! My Old Kentucky Blog has MP3's of Justin live from Maida Vale.

Hey, look. The same photo four fucking times. Good thing they decided to show us all of those. That post was definitely enhanced by that.

GooTube, the end of DRM?

Largehearted goat.

WOXY is now back on the air. But it appears my favorite DJ is no longer on the staff list. Quoth Moz: "Nothing's changed / I still love you, oh, I still love you / Only slightly, only slightly less than I used to."

Hey Noel...No shit!

Ted Leo album news.

I'm Aaron Sorkin and you're not. Last night's Studio 60 was fun TV but I still feel it's missing that spark. At this point it feels like Sorkin is just rehashing old Sports Night scripts. Hopefully that will change in the future.

Does HBO influence the networks, or do the networks influence HBO? Does the body rule the mind, or does the mind rule the body ? I dunno...


Slightly better. Only slightly. OK, I'll stop.

Kim Jong-il Says the Darnedest Things.

New MacBooks on the way?

Mark Cuban still thinks Google is crazy for buying YouTube.

Make your own pop art.

Can I get a show of hands of people that fell off the couch laughing at that truly horrible performance by The Killers on SNL? They are one of the most over-rated bands on the planet. Just horrible.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I give you Britt Daniel on the AOL Interface.

The Futureheads have cancelled their U.S. tour, but the Cold War Kids will be soldiering on without them.

AOL has some good albums available for streaming this week. Cold War Kids, Beck and a few others.

Quoth Mac Bunnymen: "We'll go in the middle of the arena so everyone can see the back of your head. We're going to do that with an orchestra and play 'Ocean Rain' (1984 album) from start to finish, plus other songs, but that will be the kind of centrepiece of the gig."

The world's worst mp3 blog would look like this.

Dehyping Identity Theft.

The Secret Lives of Baseball Card Writers.

Count me among the masses that don't get this whole Apple wants to own the term "podcast" legal thing. PS - they won't win.

Lastly, big ups to Jess Blueprint/Gawker! Congrats.

Take this online quiz, brought to you by the good folks at (yes, that CNN) to find out.

Catherine, did you put this together?

As pointed out to me last night by a friend, has anyone taken a look at Idolator's visitor stats lately?


I'll be the first to point out that this is a relatively small sample size, but does anyone notice any trends?
Tomorrow marks their end of their second full week online.

I saw Citizen Cope last night. My review is over on Dcist.

Ex-RIAA agency "can't find" artists it owes money to, like Public Enemy. Remember this whenever the RIAA and their ilk play the "we're doing it for the artists" card. Wankers.

New Trail of Dead. Let's hope it's better than the last one.

Brett Ratner...still a giant douche.

In other news, I sincerely hope comment and trackback spammers burn for eternity in hell.

Tonight: A special appaearance and performance by Mew at the XM Studios here in D.C. Hott.

Tomorrow: V Fest (minus DJ Tiesto, who cancelled, which is OK because I'll be seeing my first ever Flaming Lips performance anyways and they were scheduled to play at the same time. Maybe I'll try and be part of the stage show, but probably not because there's no way it will top the time I got to dress up as a Green Gorilla and go onstage with the Super Furry Animals at the Leeds Festival.)

The Wonderwall covers project. I still say Ryan Adams owns this song.

Woxy (RIP) hearts Oasis.

Housemartins BBC sessions are on the way.

Go download The Wedding Present's cover of "Our Lips Are Sealed." It's good, but I'd be more impressed if they did "Lust To Love."

Watch the video for Jarvis Cocker's brilliant tune (Cunts Are Still) Running The World."

Chris Parnell wuz robbed. He's got more rap skillz than anyone in the Black Eyed Peas.

Brangelina hearts Banksy.

As if Kazahkstan wasn't already pissed. Now Borat's going to be on the cover of Vanity Fair!

Materazzi has the last laugh. I think calling it a laugh might be overstating things. More like "Materazzi gets lame commercial."

Ever wonder what NBA players do with their free time and excess coinage? Well if you're Zach Randolph, you get two girls to perform simulated sex with each other, feed them lots of tequila and then have sex with them.


Doors at 9. Be there. I'm very excited to see both these bands and not just because of all the hard work I put into booking this thing or because USA Today thinks Middle Distance Runner is the next big thing. I'm excited because it's going to be an awesome show. So come on out and support the cause! I'll be DJing early.

The Wire has been picked up for season numero cinco! For the record, I give up, it is the best show on TV. Anytime I'd rather sit at home and On Demand three or four episodes a night instead of going out, it qualifies for the shortlist. I watched Season Three in like four days. It's like teh pandemic. Even the Sports Guy is on board.

Gawker media launched their music blog skewering Idolator today. They think "in the last year, the music-blog netherworld has become as homogenized and indistinguishable as the record labels themselves," which, as one of the only blogs not on the Tapes n Tapes / Sufjan Stevens / Wilco etc. train (just check my visitor stats, ha!) I have to say I agree with. Now pardon me while I go listen to some Art Brut and write something about Pavement.

Ahem...You can fuck right off if you don't think Wowee Zowee is the best Pavement record. OK, that may be a little harsh, but it's def. my fave. Here's the drool enducing double disc issue reissue tracklisting.

Reunited and it feels so...much better than it currently is. *sigh*

These guys get closer to this with every damn picture. Sad really. But inevitable.


I stumbled into tickets for last nights Zero 7 show at the 930 Club, so I went not knowing what to expect. I semi-liked their first record (way overhyped, but decent enough) but haven't really paid attention to their last few albums. I was hoping for some sultry and seductive, slow grooving trip hop but got eight white guys and Sia onstage playing homogonized R&B to a crowd of people at one of the three concerts they will attend this year when they're not at dinner parties listening to Santana's "Supernatural" album and/or expounding on the latest Jack Johnson record. Which is to say most of the people in attendance weren't your average concert goer (indeed, the women were MUCH hotter than usual) and would go gaga at any little thing the band did onstage. "A Kazoo! How clever! Oh my!" I was bored out of my mind and left after the first few songs. The band are competent musicians, but like Dceiver said as I discussed the show with him, they play "retail background music." Indeed.


Jose Gonzalez, on the other hand, was incredible. He had more stage presence than the whole of Zero 7 did, mostly because for him, it was about the music. He just sat on a stool with an acoustic guitar and played his songs. And they were amazing. He ended his set with two covers, Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and a jaw dropping version of Massive Attack's "Teardrop," which was brilliant. I usually don't go for the singer/songwriter acts, but I walked out of the venue a new fan. Unfortunately, I got to the venue too late to take pics of him. My new 85mm lens, by the way, is totally on point.

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