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Apologies to anyone that came to Bluestate on Saturday expecting to hear the musical stylings of DJ Leafblower. Since we called in the big gun for the weekend, I decided to head back to the North Cackalack to see the 'rents and finish stocking up my new apartment. I hadn't seen my parents in a while and I needed to get out of the city and relax, so this seemed like the right time since the rest of my July is pretty much spoken for. We rented a boat on Saturday and tooled around Lake Hickory all day. It was fab. I need to make friends with someone that has a boat and a place on the water. Consider that officially on the "to do" list. I also caught Pirates of the Carribean. It was good, but could have been much better. They could have shaved half an hour out of that movie no problem. Also, the film has less Johnny Depp in it than you would think. The first 1/3 of the movie is comic gold, but then it turns into an action flick with a bunch of special effects and way too much plot happening. Still worth seeing though.

Watched the World Cup final last night (which I DVR'ed thanks to my now functioning cable services). I didn't record OT and the shoot out so I missed Zidane going cuckoobananas, but Italy seemed like the better team yesterday, even though I was pulling for France. Oh well. I don't think the world was ready for Fabian Barthez, two time World Cup Champion. Also, I blame the World Cup for me slacking on my Wimbledon watching this year. I watched about as much as The Hoff did.

My other "announcement" is that effective today I am no longer the sports editor at DCist. I decided a few months ago to step down and focus on the upkeep of this site as well as doing more interview/feature pieces for DCist and involving myself less in the day to day operations of that site. I just didn't have the enthusiasm (or time) for the sports stuff that I once did. The very capable Matt Bourque will be taking over for me going forward. I'm sure he'll do fine. Also, congrats are due to Sommer as she is taking over for the departing Ryan Avent and becoming DCist's new EIC. I couldn't think of anyone else that deserves the position more. I have full confidence that Sommer will continue the stellar work that Ryan (and Martin) started. All that remians to be seen is if she ever comes up with all these milkshakes she keeps promising everyone.

Tomorrow I might actually have my Futureheads pics from two weeks ago, but no promises.

Did everyone have a good 4th of July? I watched fireworks from the Key Bridge last night. It was pretty cool.

Being back at work after a 6 day weekend = no buzz, but at least I have interweb here. Hell is losing your TV and interweb connection when the NBA free agent period starts. I missed so much over the last few days. Big Ben to Chicago (be careful what you wish for), Nazr Muhammed to Dtown (like that's going to help), Peja to NOOCH, Speedy Claxton to Atlanta, Derek Fisher to Utah. Oh, and Tyson Chandler to NOOCH for PJ Brown and J.R. Smith?

Let me go on record about Big Ben to Chicago by saying "meh." He leaves a veteran team that has trouble scoring for a young team that has trouble scoring. Whatever. Chicago overpaid for him, which is what you have to do if you want to sign a free agent.

I still want to go in depth about the C's draft but not sure I'll have time in the near future. I liked what Danny did (big surprise, I know). But we upgraded our bench tremendously. Back up PG was a big problem for us last year and now we have much more talent there. And hopefully Leon Powe will be as good as advertised and he will take Scalabrine's minutes.

Brad hearts Buffalo Tom. So do I. Before my Oasis and Super Furry Animals obsessions, Buffalo Tom was the band I saw the most in concert. Like eight or nine times. Click through to Brad's blog for a live set from Beantown.

New Jarvis Cocker stuff! Go here to download it.

Someone's been hanging out with Noel too much.

Pink Sun

I am back from the brink. No, not relocating, although that was stressful enough. I'm talking about 96 long hours without TV or *gasp* the interweb. Comcast was supposed to show up Friday morning to hook my shit up, but *shocker* they flaked. So now I have to wait until this Friday to get connected. TV I can do without, I still have my DVD player (I watched parts of this last night), but not having interweb access is brutal. Especially over a very long holiday weekend (I actually have today off but came into work anyways). *sigh*

So that's the bad news. The good news is my new place is awesome. Why I waited 32 years to get my own place is beyond me. Mr. Pink was a little freaked out by the whole moving process but he's doing better now. He was not happy when the movers came and did their thing. And to say he is not fond of car rides is an understatement. However, he has a nice view from the 11th floor of our new place and he's loving that. He sits in front of the window all day and looks at everyone down below. That is, when he's not napping.

I'm still unpacking boxes and will be all week, but my place is slowly coming together. I bought a new coffee table and cover for my couch, so it's like I have brand new furniture. I'm also shamed to admit I bought matching bath mats and hand towels. God I'm old.

Updates will be sporadic this week until I finally get settled and gain internet access. I have Futureheads pics from last week as well as thoughts on the NBA draft still to come.

PS - Go Portugal!


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Oh no. Peter Gammons is currently undergoing surgery after having an aneurysm earlier today.

Beasley, you suck!  Sod off!Bruce Arena out...Jurgen Klinsmann in? Funny, I was just talking to DCeiver about this very thing! I'm all for it, he's against it. Can we get rid of DeMarcus Beasley too?
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Not related: FreeDarko drops the NBA science over at McSweeney's.

So true.

Go download some great B-sides by The Smiths, Pulp and others.


How about that USA v. Italy match? It's like DCeiver said, "Italy ain't been hungry since Supreme Clientele." Inserting Clint Dempsey into the starting line up really paid dividends, in my mind. He and Bobby Convey are the only players on our team that can take the ball and get around somebody. Both of them also stay wide and open up the middle for Reyna, McBride and little Landon. Nice to see Kasey Keller finally show up as well. If we win and advance, I say bring on Brazil. They haven't impressed me at all.

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As for the NBA finals, fist I present you with this statistic.
Dwyane Wade last night: 25 free throw attempts
The Dallas Mavericks last night: 25 free throw attempts
Now allow me to point out this passage from The Sports Guy on June 8th:

And that's the thing that bothers me about this series: No team depends on the refs quite like the Heat. When the refs are calling all the bumps on Shaq and protecting Wade on every drive, they're unstoppable. When they're calling everything fairly, they're eminently beatable. If they're not getting any calls, they're just about hopeless. I could see the refs swinging two games in Miami's favor during this series, possibly three. In fact, I'm already depressed about it and the series hasn't even started yet.

I would comment more on last night's game, but I went to bed shortly after midnight, right before OT started. Yes I am an old fogey (more on that tomorrow) but I can't see a single reason for a Sunday night NBA Playoff game to last until the wee hours of Monday morning.

I went to see the Nats take on the Evil Empire last Friday. Here are some pictures.

Free up space on your Mac with Disk Inventory X.

Create your own false identity.

Douglas Coupland Explains JPod Title.

Love this Spank Rock photo. Beautiful.

Oh, before I forget, Pitchfork is now a photo blog. And a crappy one at that.

A detailed guide to backing up a Mac.

Microsoft finds 60% infection rate in PCs. So buy a Mac, just not the new Macbook.

FLickr v. screenshots.

Sports Big Papi Illustrated. Best.

Did the Blazers John Patterson slander Al Jefferson? Very interesting stuff. At least to me. I heart Big Al.

Tryouts for the Celtics Dance Team. Groan.



The best teams I saw in Week One of the World Cup:
1) Czech Republic
2) Sweden
3) Croatia
It's worth noting that I only watched about 40% of the matches and that the three teams above won, drew and lost.

Nethers tonight at the Black Cat! Best. More photos of Nikki with hair in her face! So much awesome.


I doubt the US could have played any worse yesterday. It was genuinely the worst case scenario, especially with Italy's 2-0 win over Ghana. Now we're five goals down on differential. We showed flashes at time but couldn't put anything together against a clearly superior Czech team. I only saw the games from Saturday over the weekend, but they were the best team I've seen play so far. That Rosicky guy is insane (and aptly named). Apparently Arsenal just signed him. The two goals he scored against the US were amazing. They were the type of goals that Casey Keller generally stops.

If I'm Bruce Arena I make the following changes for Saturday(discussed at length with DCeiver on the post-game walk back from the bar):
1) Bench DeMarcus Beasely and sub out Brian McBride at halftime. Beasley is on the field because of his speed but was routinely beaten by the much bigger and more physical Czech players yesterday. He was basically useless and putting him on the left hurts the play of Bobby Convey, easily the USA's best player yesterday (which I called on the walk over to the bar BTW). McBride is ineffective if he does't get the ball served to him, which never happened yesterday. He doesn't come back for the ball much and isn't effective out of the opposing team's box.
2) Move Landon Donavan back to the midfield so he can get the ball more.
3) Move Bobby Convey back to the left. Convey was the bright spot yesterday. He can get by anyone and serves the ball well from the wing. He's a tiny dude but not intimidated by anyone.
4) More PT for Eddie Johnson please. He is just as one dimensional as McBride, but at least the defense has to account for him when the ball is at his foot. He came close to scoring twice in limited time yesterday.
5) Get John O'Brien on the field. He's one of the few US players that can get the ball and keep it.
6) I also want to go on the record saying I hate Eddie Lewis playing defense.
7) Is it too late to start reminiscing about Brad Freidel?
8) Lastly, let me state my surprise that the World Cup was the lead story on after Ben Brothelsburger pulled a Jay Williams.

We have to beat Italy to have any hope of advancing. Saturday should be interesting. My feelings are that going into match play, Keller would give up no more than four or maybe five goals in match play. I still believe that to be true. But it would definitely help if the defense, you know, stepped to the ball when the opposition has it.

Where is everyone watching the Italy match on Saturday?

Michael Davies is writing a World Cup blog for that is very entertaining. Be sure to check it out.
Grant Wahl on how effed we are (and this was written before the game yesterday).
DCeiver's two cents. Alexi Asshat indeed.

Also, if DCeiver and I ever start a band, it will be named "Clay Court Specialist."

Ruh roh.

Raconteurs + Gnarls Barkey + Horseracing? Maybe we're crazy. Probably.

Nethers tour diary! They play DC tomorrow. Yes, I am going to see them yet again. Expect more pictures.

Oh, I also found out that I'll be attending the early show on Thursday when Be Your Own Pet opens for the mighty Sonic Youth. Best!

Stream Primal Scream's "Country Girl" here (QT) and here (Windoze). I'm scared it's gonna suck. Someone tell me if they like it or not.

I've had a big album review post half written for about a month now, but one sampler I got that I liked alot was from Regina Spektor. Stream her track "Summer In The City" here (QT) and here (Windoze).

We were so close! Driving up to NYC on Friday, we had clear, albeit mostly drab and grey, skies all the way until Newark, when the sky opened up. The weather alternated between drizzly and pouring for the rest of the night. There was a 10 minute break in the rain while Mike, L Boogie, Ms. Smith and I were across the street from the Seaport having a drink in the Heartland Brewery with Les, Super Furry Roadie Extraordinaire, and he lept up and dashed to the stage to get the band ready, but alas, they couldn't get everything set up before it started raining again.



The Furries ended up playing three songs before the torrential downpour did them in, which was unfortunate, becuase they gave it their all. But understandably, standing in large puddles with an electric guitar slung over your shoulder is not exactly the safest thing to do on a Friday night. So the gig was pulled after three songs, but Gruff, God bless him, grabbed his acoustic guitar and jumped down from the stage and performed four songs acoustically for the small crowd that remained. So some people went home happy.

That was the bad news. The good news was that the Furries didn't have to pull the show entirely, something they proudly noted they've never done in the band's entire career, and more importantly, we simply started the after-party earlier. So we eventually went around the corner to a local bar on Beakman Street and set up shop. We stayed there until the wee hours of the morning and I tired to drink my weight in Boddingtons. The result: Close but no cigar.



Despite the show being so short and abrupt, it was a really fun night. I got to see Chris Shaw and a few friends and former co-workers that I hadn't been in contact with since moving from NYC two years ago, had a heated debate with Guto over the best Wu-Tang solo record (he voted for Liquid Swords, I was repping the new Ghostface record) and heard Bunf profess his love for vodka gimlets numerous times over the course of the night. I also vaguely recall Coolfer turning up before the end of the night. Actually, Friday night was so fun that I spent most of Saturday in bed.



The rest of the weekend was spent tooling around Manhattan desperately trying to rid myself of my hangover, eating pizza (Two Boots and Grimaldi's) and attempting to stay dry. Paramount had most of the Wall Street area blocked off while they were shooting the new Spiderman movie and we also stumbled across a crew shooting a new VW ad, so I'll have those pics tomorrow.

To see all my pics from Friday night, head over to Flickr.

Bah. Looks like it's going to rain all weekend, so I'm not sure what will happen to the gig tonight. Oh well. If I get to hang with the guys, I'll be happy.

Some music for the weather:
R.E.M. | Have You Ever Seen The Rain (MP3)

Bette Seveert | Ray Ray Rain (MP3)

Guided By Voices | Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud (MP3)

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