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Wizznutzz on last night's Cavs/Wiz game: "Hi, I'm Queen James. If you call me for a foul, I will scowl and pout and look all gassy and act like you've just called my mom a felon. Really, though, I'm perfect. In fact, when I take a dump it comes out wrapped in a giftbox and smelling of lavender." I went to bed so I missed the ending. I see no reason why I should have to stay up late to see an East Coast team play in the playoffs. Totally ridiculous.

That said, if you're not watching this series, you're missing the best matchup in the NBA playoffs. And yes, that includes Mamba v. Raja. For all this talk that "LeBron is the man at 21" blahblahblah, people seem to forget that Agent Zero is but 24.

My John Vanderslice interview has some legs around the internets.

Just in case you haven't seen them, here are the Radiohead tour dates for the US that you have no chance of getting tickets for.

Here are those new Radiohead songs everyone is talking about.

Download some new Bloc Party from Coachella.

Go here to download a Giant Drag gig from the recent UK tour.

The politics of Morrissey. [thanks Glamourpuss]

How about Lost last night? Wow. Office gossip says Libby's not done yet and Jack and Claire are siblings.

Download a new track from The Stills at their MySpace page. Stream the whole album here.

Two (Windoze Media) streams from The Eagles of Death Metal:
"I Gotta Feeling"

Quicktime streams for Cut Chemist:
"The Garden"
"Storm" (featuring Edan and Mr. Lif)

Gnarls Barkley Ecard

Stream some Be Your Own Pet:
"Bicycle, Bicycle You Are My Bicycle"

Stream Hard-Fi's "Hard To Beat" video in Quicktime.

Pitchfork v. Travistan, the results are in.

Snowden's album on Jade Tree will be out in August 2006.

Downloadable Voxtrot goodies.

Maximo Park DVD info.

Hey, look everyone, it's Jake Dobkin!

Shave everywhere dot com [thanks Gl*mrocker]

Not Gonna Do It

After sitting on a bus for most of the day on Friday, I grabbed Ms. Smith and we drove to North Cackalack on Saturday for a friend's wedding. It poured most of the way down there, but by the time it was time for them to say their vows, the sun was out. Pretty cool. It was nice to see all of my friends from college. Most of them don't come north of the Mason-Dixon line, so weddings are about the only time I get to hang out with them, although a beach trip in October is in the works.

I bought the Bukowski:Born Into This DVD last week and watched it last night when I got back. It's magnificent and it pulls off the seemingly impossible task of making Bono kinda likable. Watching it reminded me that I haven't put up any Buk on the site in quite a while. I'll have to change that this weekend. Slightly related; Bloomsbury was nice enough to send me a copy of jPod, so I'll be diving into that this week.

For Fico, who sadly missed the Elbow show in NYC last week(worst!), here are Elbow's radio sets from KEXP and KCRW. I'm glad I decided to pony up and take the train to NYC.

Echo & the Bunnymen return to the Black Cat on June 26th! I am so there. I wonder why they aren't playing the 930 Club this time around?

Torr has a Viva Hate outtake for your downloading pleasure.

Ivor Novello nominations are in.

Depeche Mode to commercially release recordings of all of their upcoming US tour. Pearl Jam says Hi.

The Super Furries are playing a small show in Cardiff before their summer full of festivals.



Elbow was/are fucking mega. Webster Hall wasn't so bad. Big space, great lighting, tall stage. No complaints at all. The same cannot be said for openers The Cloud Room. They were horrible. Met up with Central Village and Jen Daily Refill after the gig and drank late into the night with the obligatory night cap at O'Connors in Park Slope. Visitng NYC is fun but I'm glad I don't live here anymore.

Oh yeah, today is information leafblower dot com slash blog's third birthday.

Off to catch my train to NYC for the Elbow show tonight, but I wanted to direct your attention to Editors acoustic performance on AOL (and awesome interview with Redboy) along with a few of my pictures in the accompanying photo gallery (#'s 5 & 6).


Here's the Elbow setlist for this tour. Very much looking forward to the show in NYC tomorrow.

Pitchfork v. 10 year-olds.

Morrissey played Salford last night. Here is a collection of reviews. Set list here.

This is a joke, right? The RIAA and MPAA join together and form MAFIAA (Music And Film Industry Association of America). They stole that from The Onion, right?

Related: The RIAA encourages students to drop out of school to pay for their lawsuit settlements.

Also related: The Canadian RIAA is falling apart at the seams.

Apple's Safari showing major growth amongst browsers.

Related: Great picture.

Catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man's decision-making skills into disarray, a study suggests.

Related: Hubba Hubba!!

Now then, where was I? Oh yeah...

Not Related: For people like Malhotra, they feel marginalized if they are denied the right to marginalize others, and they are mad as hell about the situation.

Greetings from the land of "Jeezy Creezy, my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer!"


Saw the Knicks and Wiz play on Tuesday night. Good lord the Knicks are bad. If I hadn't gotten that ticket as part of a larger ticket package, I'd be pissed I spent money on that game. But I saw the great buzzer beater of ought-six with that money, so it's all good. I am, for the record, loving all the shit that's being heaped on Larry Brown's plate. Serves that fucker right. Go to hell UNC.

Moz SXSW photos.

Free shows by The Walkmen for everywhere except DC. I would be mad (actually, no I wouldn't) except that when they play DC, a certain local band that I will not shut up about are going to open. Hottness.

Now that is a tour worth seeing. I might even be convinced to stick around for the headliners.

The Futureheads sign to Vagrant (scroll down). My love for The 'Heads is well known around these parts. Arctic who? In fact, seeing The 'Heads at Pitchfork was the swaying vote over going to Lollapalooza. Sorry Peabs. I'd love to see QOTSA again, but Futureheads+Spoon+Art Brut+Ted Leo+The National for $30 is to good to pass up. Plus, I'm more likely to get a photo pass to Pitchfork. I am seriously debating making big sign that say "Why Does The National Hate Washington DC?" and bringing it to the show when they play. They REALLY need to add Maximo Park to that bill though.

Giant Drag, the new Alien Ant Farm. The Joggers have been added to the GD show here in DC, so I guess I better go get tickets before they disappear.
PS - Diplo on July 23rd! So there.

Pearl Jam are getting Robert Pollard, Sonic Youth and Tom effing Petty to open for them on various dates on the second leg of their US tour. We're stuck with My Morning Jacket here. I say stuck because I just cannot get into Z as much as I try. *shrug* But...TP! Opening for PJ. Wow. Check here for all the dates.

The Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje&T Classic basketball tournament. Best.

Bluetooth iPods?

The apocalypse is coming.

MacBook Pro is Fastest Windows XP Notebook.


Annie + Richard X = Drool.

ProductShopNYC interviews a very subdued Beastie Boys.

Don't send Mark Cuban your effing meme's.

Editors @ 930 tonight. And I have a photo pass! Check here for the hottness tomorrow.

Trying, really trying to like First Impressions of Earth. Other than a few songs, it's not really working. On the other hand, the "new" Maximo Park record is incredible. Can't stop, won't stop listening to it.

Watch any good basketball games this weekend. If you only watched the UCLA games, your answer would be no. How glad am I that UCONNvict lost? Now I know what everyone else feels like when Duke loses.

Swamped at work today so this will be a short one.

Stream (Quictime) the new Flaming Lips video for "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song", directed by Traktor.

Photos of Morrissey at SXSW.

Dear labels, publicists and press people, read this, please. Pretty please.



Even better! Congrats dude.

Full week this week. Yikes. Billy Bragg tonight, dinner with friends tomorrow, Editors Wednesday, another dinner on Thursday, The Agenda on Friday, Nethers/Final Four on Saturday. At the risk of repeating myself...Yikes!


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All I want for my birthday (in June) is a Radiohead tour. Oh, thanks!

Stream the new Moz album on MySpace. I've listened to it a few times and I really like it. Much more varied and fleshed out than the last record. I stayed away from a lot for the hype for this record, which tempered my expectations a bit. His voice is in fine form. I think the band could be up a little in the mix, but overall, me likey.

Did you see Gerald Green's dunk at the end of the Celtics game last night? Like Woah. Do yourself a favor and take a look.

Duke v. LSU @ 7 (Nervous about their frontline)
Georgie James and Joggers @ 9:30 at the Black Cat

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