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Obama's Inauguration Concert. Feel The Excitement!

Loving Maltiz's Post Rock concert twitter feed from the show . Check it out.


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Have you seen the photos from the Greek riots? Wow.



On Saturday I headed down to the National Mall to check out this year's edition of Santarchy, which is basically a whole bunch of people dressing up like Santa, running around like fools and spreading holiday cheer. It was just as awesome as it sounds. I wrote up a quick piece about it for DCist and took a whole bunch of photos.


[Photo Gallery]
Sanatarchy D.C. 2008

Web In Front

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I started a blog page for the leafblower over on Facebook. So if you're a fan, make it official.

I also have a Twitter account now. Feel free to hit "follow."

And don't forget the Tumblr!


I know content has been scarce around here lately (Thank you Noel for the new Oasis single - something to listen to AND blog about), but lest you think I'm slacking over here, this is what I've been up to for the last eight or nine days:

Last Saturday: Virgin Mobile Festival: Day One
Last Sunday: Virgin Mobile Festival: Day Two
Monday: Day off (woo!)
Tuesday: US Open Cup: D.C. United v. NE Revolution @ RFK
Wednesday: Legg Mason Tennis Classic second round @ Rock Creek Park
Thursday: Covering four concerts in one night for the Washington Post
Friday: Legg Mason Tennis Classic quarterfinals @ Rock Creek Park
Saturday: Legg Mason Tennis Classic semifinals @ Rock Creek Park
Sunday: Legg Mason Tennis Classic finals @ Rock Creek Park

The write up and photos of the Legg Mason Finals should be up some time this morning over on DCist. I still have tennis photos from this weekend that I need to post. Same for the Virgin Mobile Festival. I'll get them up as soon as I can.

I bring all this up mainly to let you know that all that is nothing compared to what I am doing today. Stay tuned.

A Photo Editor talks to Simon Barnett, Directory of Photography for Newsweek, about his plans for covering a sporting event on the scale of this year's Olympic games.

Tell me a little bit about working on an event of this magnitude from a DoP's point of view. Lot's of meetings, last minute adjustments of coverage and a ton of frames to edit?

For us, this is the first time that our focus is overwhelmingly to our web presence, so with that we've come up with a new approach to editing. Each of the three photographers will manage their own photo blog, editing and uploading their best images -along with, I hope, some very personal anecdotes about what it's like to be there experiencing it. I hope this creates a form of photo "Survivor" between them, where they are in a kind of creative competition. Then, I'll go in to their blogs each day and edit what I deem to be the 'best of' which will be up on a showcased gallery around noon each day. It's kind of photographic natural selection.

Sounds awesome. Updating my RSS feeds as we speak.



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The most linked-to thing on every DC blog in the next few days will undoubtedly be Jason's annual smackdown of The Hill's Most Beautiful People On Capitol Hill list. And with good reason, because it is fucking hilarious.


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