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Light Up My Life

More than once last year my boss has told me to take a vacation. We get two weeks paid leave each year from our company and coming into the last week of 2005, I had only taken six of those days. I finally gave in and took some time off last week, heading to the Poconos for some snowboarding and some serious chill time.

I hadn't really been snowboarding since my knee surgery two years ago. I went once in '03 and once in '04 but both of those were really trial runs and the conditions weren't great so I couldn't really push myself on the mountain. There were three different slopes near the place where I stayed in Pennsylvania and since I had already been to Camelback (and wasn't really impressed with it), I chose to go to Shawnee Mountain this time around. I had low expectations going in but I was pleasantly surprised with the way the day turned out. It snowed off and on throughout the morning, and although the mountain was entirely open, there wasn't really a big crowd there so it was easy to pick and choose which trails to go down. I got a full day of boarding in and although my knee was a little sore, it held up just fine. Good enough that I will be planning at least two more trips later in the year, one in Vermont and another out West. I am so glad snowboarding season is here.


The rest of my time since Xmas has been spent watching DVD's. I got the motherload for Xmas and am really getting my money's worth. I had forgotten how much I loved Sports Night when it was on the air way back when. Easily one of the best written TV shows ever. I never really started watching the West Wing but seeing Sports Night again has made me rethink my position on that show. I know most of seasons 1 & 2 of Coupling by heart but for some reason never really caught the third season, so most of those episodes are new to me. The first season of Lost is really putting the second one to shame. Something big seemingly happens every episode, something you definitely can't say for season two. It just seems to be spinning it's tires. And I've never seen the first season of 24. I cannot effing wait for the new season to start in two weeks!

I start my new job today! New floor in the building, new cube, new everything, including a new computer so I finally have iTunes at work. God bless streaming radio.


information leafblower is on holiday until next Tuesday.

Happy Holidays everyone.

I just got tickets to see Butterstick! Get yours here. Hurry, the weekends are almost gone. I'm lazy and took a date and time later in the month to allow for maximum sleeping-in probability, but there are earlier times still available. [via Wonkette]

Also, during the summer I did an interview with Southwest Airlines Magazine, I think it's called Spirit or something like that, about the whole Nike contest. I had pretty much forgotten about it until last week when two people from work informed me that they read about me on their flight. Apparently I am the main focus of the article(which is funny because Johnny English kept asking me, "What, the 14 people that finished ahead of you in the voting weren't available?"). *Gasp* My cover has been blown! Anyway, with the holiday travel season fast approaching, I'm wondering if someone that has a flight on Southwest could grab a copy or two for me so I can check it out. Thanks!

IS anyone else obsessively reading about the transit strike in NYC? Sometimes events like this in NYC can be alot of fun. The blackout of 2003 was a hoot. But mostly because I was already home. OK, nevermind.

The Guardian on music in the year 2005: Enough Pete Doherty already. I second that emotion.

Why am I not surprised?

Me too, only for different reasons.

The Super Furries, The Darkness, The Strokes and some others yet to be announced will rock out for alternative energy in January at Cardiff's Millenium Stadium.

Related: 2005 may be the warmest year ever.

10 applications every new Mac owner should have. [via Lifehacker]

Quickrflickr. Sweet!

Well, we're officially past the halfway point of December, or as I like to call it, the "31 days of drinking" and the schedule shows no sign of letting up. Tonight I'm going to go check out Cartel Cedars at the Black Cat, perhaps with a side trip to Bliss thrown in, before getting all festive at the Annual TomCat Holiday Party. Sleep? What's that? I'm unfamiliar with the term.

I know the upcoming schedule for the 930 is completely craptastic, but peep what's coming up at the Black Cat:
Sat, Jan 14th: Bluestate ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY DANCE PARTY. Obvs.
Sun, Jan15th: Craig Wedren (ex Shudder To Think)
Thur, Jan 26th: Calla (really digging their new CD, I was going to put a song up for download today but I woke up late)
Wed, Feb 1st: The Hold Steady (finally! CatPita (iPod R.I.P.) and Grambo have both approved this band, so I'm intrigued)
Sat, Feb 4th: Low
Thur, Feb 9th: Feist (w00t!)
Fri, Feb 24th: Stars (I know I hated them last time, but I think I'm going to give them another shot)

I've also heard good things about Animal Collective and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, both of who are playing in February. Props to the BC for booking two solid months of shows when there generally aren't many great band on tour.

Also, let it be known, that The Hold Steady have thrown down the gauntlet for The National. WHY DOES THE NATIONAL HATE WASHINGTON DC?

Beatles sue EMI. More over at The Beeb.

Oasis added "Talk Tonight" to the set in Glasgow. Buzz.

New Moz Q&A over at True To You dot net.

Fucking best.

Come over here and tour you fuckers.

I think I already posted this, but Yay! New Underworld.

First Impressions of Earth, from widdly-woo to widdly-woeful.

Apple laptops are good.

My fortune, from today's lunch of chinese food:

How you look depends on where you go

Kind of apropos considering everything that has been happening to me lately. I've gotten quite a few emails asking me what in the hell was the good news I was talking about last week, well here's the scoop.

I got a new job!

Actually, I'm moving into a new position at my company, leaving the world of print production behind for the wonderful world of eMedia. Now I'll have an excuse to stare at a computer monitor all day long. I'm very, very excited about this opportunity and I feel like all the work I've put into the leafblower and the other sites I've written for is finally starting to pay off. You have no idea how many times me ex told me I was wasting my time writing stuff on the internet. I had to hear it alot, but in a way it just made me more determined. I guess that's why she's my ex. She mars.

So come January 3rd I'll be editing our flagship website, which gets a few hundred thousand hits a day. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, but in a good way.

Bob Pollard at the 930 Club on Jan. 28.

Feist at the Black Cat on Feb. 9th!

Stephen King hearts Spoon (scroll down), but Kazakhstan does not heart Borat.

Who will be the hottest bands next year?

Concert review: Oasis in Cardiff. Same old set.

Depeche Mode for Coachella.

Look out UK, here come The Wiggles.

Apple's next move.

Agreed. Stop it already.

Less Mr. Pink? For serious?

Dummies guide to Lost. [via Jen Daily Refill]

Preach on Bob Cook.

Did I point you to the new Richard Ashcroft single yesterday?

Some tools to sort out the MP3's on your computer. I have ripped MP3's under "Echo and the Bunnymen", "Echo & the Bunnymen" and "Echo & The Bunnymen" so I feel your pain.

Rock n Roll HOF noms announced.

The Modfather nixes any chances of a Jam reunion.

The Strokes are back.

iTunes outsells Tower and Borders in the US.

Cool photos here and here.

Major props to Kriston Grammarpolice for his new gig as the official blogger of the Smithsonian, as in American Art Museum. Cheers buddy!

Ronald MacDonald charged in robbery at Wendy's. Seriously.

The next few weeks are the busiest time of the year for me at work, so everyone is going to have to bear with me.

I have lots of pics from my holiday, I'll try and get those up soon. keep an eye on my Flickr account in the meantime.

morrissey_rock_never_dies_1.jpg Lots of news from the Moz camp about the upcoming record with the unfortunate name. Moz did a Q & A with some fans over at True to You dot net and most of the news services have run something about the new record being a different work from You Are The Quarry. So unlike some other bands I like, Moz is not resting on his laurels.

Gorillaz planning live DVD. I still like the first record better. Del and Dan the Automator make all the difference. It seems like Danger Mouse saved all his good beats for the DangerDoom record.

Supergroup looking for a singer.

Shack are back!

Idlewild leave Parlophone. Some indie label out there needs to sign this band and show them some love.

Microsoft doesn't recommend using Internet Explorer.

The Sports Guy returns to DC on Dec. 6th. I have a copy of the book now so maybe I'll go back again. At least the people that still ponied up for the books to be signed at a later date still haven't gotten them.

Hear me now, believe me later. The Jags will do just fine with former ECU QB David Garrard at the helm. Peter King agrees.

Hilarious. [via Deadspin]

R.I.P. Mr Miyagi and George Best.


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Last day to enter the Supergrass contest.

That's because I have another contest for you, this time for The Magic Numbers. They'll be in DC on the 18th, supporting Bright Eyes. I'll be giving away the following:

Grand Prize: "Love Me Like You" on 7", full length self titled CD and a t-shirt.

All you have to do is email me and tell what number is the magic number, and name a band that has covered the Schoolhouse Rock tune which tells you what that number is. I can think of two different bands that did this, one English and one American. Both put out shitty sophomore albums if that helps any.

The Magic Numbers: "Forever Lost" (video)

Windows Media

Visit their Myspace page for more goodies

You can listen to their album via their eCard.

Saw Okkervil River last night. Yawned throughout(although I was in the minority). I liked it better when it was called Old 97's and Crooked Fingers. They did have one song that sounded like Buffalo Tom. I liked that one best. Let me go on record saying I fucking hate the Iota when it's crowded. There's not a single place you can stand there without getting stepped on, jostled or pushed. Worst.

Download some Elbow B-sides!

Buy Boz Boorer's guitar.

Outkast record bumped to next year.

Harvey Danger frontman Sean Nelson is the new head of editorial at MSN Music. Nice one my friend.

Here is the proper link for the 100 most disappointing albums.

Kazakhstan doesn't think Borat is very funny.

Improve your Photography without using your Camera. Speaking of, great photo.

Build your own record cleaner.

I have so many things to say about this and the utter ridiculousness of it all, but Joanne says alot of it for me. Only a blogger can clean his overpriced New York apartment and become a Taoist in the process. Trying to convince everyone else to do the same just makes it worse. Also note Jake sarcastically saying he makes a "robust" $2000 a month from Gothamist.
Where does that money come from?
Why do people advertise on Gothamist?
Because of the number of readers.
Why do so many people read the sites?
The content.
Who makes the content?
The writers.
How much do the writers make?
Not a single fucking penny.
I don't begrudge Jake taking a salary from Gothamist, he and Jen put in alot of work on all the -ist sites, but mockingly explaining that he doesn't make much money from the sites while the writers make nada is just like school in the summer. No class.

Which brings up the whole Jason Calcanis sells out to AOL for 25 to 40 mills. No one asked the really pertinent question there. Did any of the writers get a cut of that money? If not, were they getting paid beforehand?

Totally swamped at work right now and most of my RSS feeds are in or approaching triple digits, so...

Whew. At first I thought I might have to go see Coldplay, but it turns out, I don't. Again, whew.

The 100 Most Disappointing Albums.

Coolfer has a guest blogger. Great Idea.

First draft of the Judith Miller retirement memo.

Oneloudernyc tries to get all informationleafblower in NYC by seeing a band from the UK three times in one week. Dude, copy me much? I'm kidding of course. Nothing is better than seeing a band you like multiple times in one week. I guess I need to check me out some Art Brut!

Buy some Graham Coxon artwork.

Queen at Live Aid. Best. gig. ever. Except for the Super Furries at Hoboken on the MWNG tour, or Radiohead at Irving Plaza after the Tibetan Freedom Concert in NYC.

I'm going to see some band called Okkervil Tributary or something like that tonight. I hear they're good. I forgot to mention that I finally caught Caribou (pronounced by Gruff as "Kerryboo") in Carrboro and they were so much awesome. Like a Canadian Mogwai. So good. I'm going to try and peep them in Chi-town this weekend. The band are all nice blokes as well.

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