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Steve is at it again.

Video iPods and slimmer iMacs with built in iSight and remote control.

Gizmodo has the scoop here and here.

The new front row feature looks way cool.

newimac.jpg newiPod.gif

Since I haven't addressed this yet, my thoughts on the Sox this year...I hate to say it but I didn't get as excited about the postseason this year as I did the previous two. Mostly because, unlike the previous two years, I didn't really believe that we had the horses to go all the way. I said all year our pitching stunk, and it let us down in the playoffs. And when your pitching and defense are below average and your bats don't show up, it figures to be a quick series. Credit the White Sox for playing three great games. Respect. The Red Sox never even got started. I think Deadspin put it best when he said now Sox fans know how Cards fans felt last year in the Series. It was over before it began. I expect big changes on the team next year. I assume resigning Theo is just a formality, so he'll have his work cut out for him. The pitching staff needs to be redone, and no more betting on iffy propositions like Wade Miller. And don't even get me started on Orlando Cabrera.

The C's started their pre-season slate last night and lost to the LeBron-less Cavs. I would have loved to watch the game but effing Comcast "doesn't have any info" on their NBA season pass yet. By perusing the box score, it looks like Mark Blount has a pulse (12 pts, 5 bords), Kendrink Perkins should earn some PT this year (9 boards in 19 minutes) and Brian Scalabrine was wasted money. He shot *cough*2-11*cough*. woah? [via deadspin]

Please lord let this be true. *fingers crossed*

Oasis win the Best Album and People's Choice awards at the Q Awards.

Radiohead has a new tune called Rubbernecks.

Apple posts a $430 million profit for the past quarter. For those counting beans at home, that was THEIR BEST QUARTER EVAH.

Since I am now officially a high falootin' MP3 blogger, I guess I should make with some music.

Stream the much overdue SFA v. Beach Boys mashup:
Caroline v. Long Gone. [thanks L Boogie]

And since he's all I've been listening to for the last three days, here is some live Macca for you from his Philly show on 9/22.
Paul McCartney: I Will (MP3)
Paul McCartney: Band On The Run (MP3)
You can get the entire show here.
Check Flickr for the 2005 Tour photo pool.

Remember that time when I saw Macca on the street in NYC?

The lowdown for today:

Sox start playoffs. Time to get back in the saddle.

I am equally excited about the Celtics start training camp. Mark Blount may actually show up this year. From what I saw of media day, PP looks slimmed down, maybe for a move back to the 2?

Sports Guy book signing tonight. Planning out what my sign will say...

My new toy should be delivered tomorrow.

Morrissey has named his new album Ringleader of the Tormentors. Doesn't actually roll off the tongue now does it? Tony Visconti has been brought in to produce, taking over for Jeff Saltzman. Check out some of these song titles for older tunes that never made it on a proper album, "Stay As You Are", "Laughing Annie", "Nightmare", "Hanratty", "Fast Car, Sharp Bend, Goodbye" and "The Leeches Go On Removing".

And to top it off, we were just informed we have Friday and Monday off. Sweet!

The word on Arcade Fire.

De La to perform with the Gorillaz. Hott.

Hilarious! Not much fun to be on the wrong end of a fuzzy math tiebreaker, is it? Have I mentioned that I hate Yankees? Why do they ALWAYS get to play the primetime game?

Special shoutout to friend and (good natured) adversary Bob Cook, who is now writing for MSNBC. Nice one. Now if he can do something about the absurd amount of time it takes for MSNBC's page to load on my computer...

Here is my interview with the Robbers on High Street.

In the battle of Oasis v. Coldplay, the North Texas Daily declares Oasis the victor! Obvs. Fookin' Students.

Oasis in B'More tomorrow!! I'm very excited although a bit bummed that apparently they've taken "Love Like A Bomb" out of the set in favor of "Acquiesce". Blowing my mind...I have sent numerous emails around asking for a photo pass but I'm not sure of it will come to fruition. Keep your fingers crossed (or better yet place a call to Sony) for me. The boys have a night off tonight so I'm hoping they'll be refreshed tomorrow evening.

Apple says any flaws in the iPod nano are "limited". So there.

This is a great idea.

Is the whole Suicide Girls thing a sham?

Stupid Cubs.

After taking the day game, the Sox screwed the pooch last night, but didn't lose ground as the Yanks and Tribe also lost. Some people are already jumping out of windows about all of this, but my view is, we're not going to win out, so if we lose, just do it on a night when the Yanks lose too. So far we are 2-1 in the playoffs. And yes, the playoffs have already started.

Mark Gardener + The Lemonheads tonight.

Does anyone else watch Weeds?

Do or Die

| |

(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

Last night I flipped through to Animal Planet (which I find myself watching more amd more with each passing day) and they had an hour long special devoted to documenting the animal rescues going on in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina and it was some powerful stuff. So much so that I came into work today and wrote a check to the ASPCA as soon as I got to my desk. If you haven't given any money to Hurricane relief yet, I encourage you to do the same. If you don't think this work is important, check out some pictures, like this , this, this, and this.

The ASPCA is also working with Petfinder to do all sorts of stuff to help families find and keep track of their pets as well as encourage others to adopt orphaned animals from the storm. You can click here to donate online or send a check here:

ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund
P.O. Box 96116
Washington, DC, 20090-6116

Ok, stepping off my soapbox now. We now return you to the usual blabbering about SFA and Mylo.

Mylo might make a new record next year but it doesn't sound like he's coming to the US any time soon: "Next year I’m disappearing," [Mylo] confides. "I might take a residency and just DJ once a month, and then I’ll either make a new record or go away and do something else instead. But next year will be a year off, so I’m going to enjoy the madness for now."

SFA have added a new tour date! They will be at Norva in Norfolk, VA on Thursday, Nov 10th. This might screw up my whole SFA road trip, so now I have to go back to the drawing board. Let's just hope that gas is cheaper in November (for more than one reason).

Local faves Cartel have been forced to change their name because of this group. They will now be known as Cedars, a name I like alot, but as many people have pointed out, is unfortunately already taken. Developing...

It just occurred to me last night that I'll be seeing two members of Ride playing seperately this week.

And if I didn't already have plans for Thursday, I'd contemplate the trip to Baltimore to see Peter Hook DJ.

ProductshopNYC also has the new Oasis track for download. I've had that and the new Strokes track on my computer here at work for a week and haven't listened to either of them (no sound card).

Thank the lord Frank has returned and is back on track. I was going through withdrawl there for a while. Just imagine all the Sufjan Stevens press that didn't get linked to for like a whole week!

Stylus hearts Elbow. Suck it Pitchfork.

Read this.

This looks interesting for any of you West Coasters.

Holler at your first ever DCist Podcast.

Is the Nano a clunker? I don't know, but it makes the President of Motorola say bad things.

Celticsblog interviews Wyc Grousbeck.


The setlist (and future iTunes playlist) from last night's Super Furry show in Lively London:

The International Language Of Screaming / Hello Sunshine / Zoom! / Atomic Lust / The Horn / Ohio Heat / Run, Christian, Run! / Cloudberries / Ice Hockey Hair / Receptacle For The Respectable / Slow Life / Juxtapozed With U / Lazer Beam / (Drawing) Rings Around The World / Do Or Die / Something For The Weekend / Calimero / Motherfokker / The Man Don't Give A Fuck

Wow. Although they've conveniently left out my favorite track from the new record, "Frequency", (which they always seem to do) there isn't much left out here. Maybe "Piccolo Snare" or "Liberty Belle" but honestly, I'm pretty psyched about hearing how the new material translates live. If that's the set for the US tour, colour me happy. Of course, I've been asking begging the guys to play "Frisbee" for going on five years now and they have yet to relent. But they finally gave in and played "Herman <3's Pauline" for me last tour, so maybe I'm close? I always ask the band to switch around the set and add stuff, it's amazing that they still talk to me. OK, I'll stop. Can you tell that I'm excited for the US tour?

Dandy Warhols US Tour dates. They are in DC on Nov 27th. Who is working this record and why don't I have a copy?

"New" Nirvana album tracklisting.

You have a point.

The Silence of the Leaf Blowers. [via Wendy who says she is coming to this]

I appreciate what you did last year, but buh bye.

Just like school in the summer, no class.

Official Sports Guy book tour info. The ESPN Zone? So much for hoping this wouldn't be a circus...

Not that this is breaking news or anything, but I am a sucker for a cat resuce story.

Ever wonder how planes dump fuel?

No Forgotten Favorite this week. I spent most of the week listening to Mylo, so my iPod didn't serve up an oldie but a goodie. Tune in next week!


We have just lost cabin pressure.
Doing battle with gravity.
Is this the start of a breakdown?
Flip flop at the Trop puts Sox out of playoffs for now.
Assume the position.

What can I say? The Sox are banged up, their pitching is a mess, the bullpen is in shambles and our manager is, at times, a complete idiot (and that's putting it nicely). They finally have a day off today. I'm not in full on panic mode yet. I think the Yanks are due for a rough patch and I'm not sure how much they have left. The next 11 games will be interesting though.

DC is going to be hopping on Saturday, so you're going to need nourishment for all the fun you're going to have, right? Right. So come to Asylum, get your brunch on and let the soothing sounds of bluestate envelop you at Champagne Socialism from 11 a.m. - 4p.m. Safe as fuck!

Wait, you can actually make money blogging? Oh wait, you have to have content that other people will link to. Nevermind. All I talk about is this, this and lately, this. Speaking of, more on that below.

Did you know there is a blog created every second? Maybe they all need this book.

Broadband growth is slowing. Does this mean lower prices are on the way? last night's Lost premiere was just the third or fourth episode I'd ever watched, but it was pretty good. Catherine is frustrated as usual, but at least she no longer wants to kill J.J. Abrams. Only smash his glasses.

Great post.

The new Moz record..."It's apparently the most full-on rock record Morrissey's ever done. It's a balls-to-the-wall rock record, not a slow one like the last one." OK...whatEVER. I'll believe it when I see hear it. Didn't they say similar things about the last one. Why yes, yes they did.

Hurricane Rita causes cancellations in Houston of upcoming gigs by Coldplay, Oasis(stay safe boys!)and...Journey.

The Flaming Lips on their upcoming record.

Get ready for some Mac Mini updates. Also, .Mac bumps up storage (finally).

OK, so back to one of the three things I seemingly write about every day. Mylo! I simply cannot get enough of this dude. I have all but named him official information leafblower Artist of the Year for 2005. And since I'm all about spreading the love, here are some goodies for you.

Mylo & Starsailor: Four To The Floor(Thin White Duke Remix) (MP3)- Holy fuck. I'm not sure who did what on this track (Mylo v. TWD) but they manage to make Starsailor sound shit hot(something Phil Spector couldn't even do). This is a very layered, housey mix with (suprise!) a big 4/4 beat that kicks in around the 3:11 mark and the coup de gras, the cowbell at 5:01, right after the preceding breakdown. So best. So getting spun at bluestate. Try not to shake your ass to this.

Mylo: Essential Mix (April 2005) (MP3)- As previously discussed. Tracklisting here. This is a huuuuuge file (90MB), so it isn't going to be up very long. Get it while it's hott.

Siberia is finally on eMusic. I will partake when I get home tonight.

*sigh* Emusic, why hath thou forsaken me? I woke up this morning ready, willing and able (or so I thought) to download the new Echo & the Bunnymen album from you, you do have the new single already up for download after all, but alas the new album hasn't been posted yet. In fact, they don't have any info on it, expect for a very nondescript "Coming Soon" sidebar on the main page that lists the band, but no date or any other info. Poop. Too bad too, because from what I've read, the album is awesome. Quoth Ian McCulloch: "I was listening to Siberia the other day with a friend who hadn't heard it in the studio and it occurred to us that our sound now is totally unique."

Best. Elbow. Record. Review. Ever. "Where Franz Ferdinand conspired to make girls dance, Elbow are the best in the business at making grown men cry."

I don't even know what to make of this.

Oasis rules the Q Award nominations this year. Mylo snubbed!

Speaking of...I make fun of people with u2 iPod's constantly. Without fail in fact. But how jealous am I that people in the UK will soon be able to buy a pink Mylo edition iPod? I would buy one of those in about .003 seconds.

iPod Nano; The Story.

If you are running Windoze and haven't downloaded iTunes 5.0 yet, don't.

Ummmm...ruh roh.

Thanks to everyone that sent in get well wishes for Mr. Pink. He is doing very well and recovering nicely. I was reading about cat neutering yesterday and I found out that in seven years, an unspayed female and unneutered male cat can produce up to 781,250 kittens. Yikes!

Last, but most importantly, it has begun. Super Furries at the Cats Cradle on November 11th. Hmmm...Nothing announced at the Black Cat or 9:30 for the 10th. Stay tuned.

Related: Feist is touring with Broken Social Scene. They are at the 9:30 on Oct 26th.

Dovetailing nicely with my content from the last few days, today on his "blog", The Sports Guy announced that he will be in DC on Oct. 4th. He says he will sign breasts, but will he hold up a sign?

Panel Recap

| |

originally uploaded by leafblower.

And we're done. The panel was alot of fun, although I was somewhat surprised to see how little people know about blogging in general and how it relates to podcasting. But I think the people that attended walked out of the room with a better understanding of everything we discussed. We stayed away from the legal aspects of podcasting and the legalities of not using "podsafe" material in them other than to point out that 1) none of us were lawyers and 2) technically, it's illegal to use music in a podcast that you don't have rights or permission to use.

Podcasting is such a buzz term here that everyone is trying to learn as much as they can about it. We tried to point out that a podcast is basically just a big MP3 file with numerous things contained on it, whether it's just talk, music or both. The advantage of podcasting is that by use of an aggregator, it is delivered to your computer, ready for you to listen to. This is in contrast to MP3 Blogs and the extra steps involved with manually downloading the MP3 files they offer. We also explained the difference between music blogs and MP3 blogs is and the technology each of us used to make their own podcasts. Not exactly breaking news to the readers here, but remember, this is the music industry we are talking about. All in all, alot of fun. Any time I get to sit behind a microphone and spout off about something that I'd like to think I know alot about, it's all good. Many thanks to Wendy Harmon and the FMC for inviting me to participate.

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