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FMC Audience, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Here are all the fellow laptop users at the FMC Conference. Quite a few of us multi-taskers. Yesterday's panels were mostly filled with legal mumbo jumbo, but the opening panel, which featured Napster creator Shaun Fanning, Mitch Bainwol, Chairman and CEO of the RIAA and Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association was action packed. Bainwol and Shapiro, both representing the opposite ends of the industry, spent most of the panel taking shots at each other, mostly to hilarious effect. Jim Griffin, CEO of Cherry Lane Digital, did a great job as moderator (best of the conference so far) and was quick and witty and kept the topics and conversation flowing. Good stuff. Check out Coolfer for the official recap.

Yesterday also saw the first "blogging" panel of the conference, but the panelists weren't exactly bloggers and the conversation mostly got bogged down with licensing and the legal side of podcasting. Here's Coolfer's recap.

Coolfer and I have our panel this afternoon at 12:45. We'll be speaking about "How To Podcast and Music Blog" along with Mike Holden and Eric Olsen from Blogcritics. I'll have a recap this afternoon. Obvs.

If I had my shit together, I would have had my new podcast up for download today, but I just haven't had time to do it. So next week then.

Here's my DCist interview with Mike Doughty as well as my DCist review of Sunday's Idlewild show.

NME got a makeover, but the news page is loading all funny for me.

Again, pilfering Coolfer for content, but there are a ton of new records being released today that are worth your hard earned money, but there are two in particular that I encourage you to buy. One, obvs. is Love Kraft by my favourite band in the world, the Super Furry Animals. The second release is Little By Little, the latest offering from a rejuvenated Harvey Danger. I've had the record for a few weeks (thanks Jeff) and it's good stuff. Classic Harvey Danger, if there is such a thing. "Wine, Women and Song" and "Cream and Bastards" have been in heavy rotation on my iTunes. Pitchfork has details of the band's interesting distribution scheme.

Inetresting stuff so far the FMC Conference. The first panel yesterday featured Bertis Downs, manager advisor to REM, and Peter Jenner, Billy Bragg's mananger, and Chrles Bissel, the lead singer of the Wrens(who seriously needs to lighten up). There was a lively discussion on the shelf life of the CD(Not going away anytime soon), artist relations with Indie Media(the power of Pitchfork), and how copyright law needs to be changed for the digital age. Pretty broad topics but interesting nonetheless.

Second panel featured Jerry Harrison (Garageband, ex-Talking Heads), Sam Jenning, who runs Prince's NRG Club and some other people that have started new record label business models to combat the "evil" major label system. Everyone talked about how outdated soundscan is and it's funny to hear these musicians talk about Prince (who isn't here) and speak with such reverence. And they appreciate his efforts on trying out new ways to sell CD's and concert tickets and outsmarting the system. On his last tour, Prince began the practice of including CD's in the price of a concert ticket for his fans. So whenever someone bought a ticket to see him live, they got a CD as well. These CD's were included in Soundscan charts and kept him in the Top 10 during much of his tour. However, after the tour, Soundscan disallowed this practice in the future. But as Jenning said, "Who cares when a million and a half people have a copy of your CD?" There was also discussion about changing the label model and artists taking control of their careers. Jerry Harrison struck me as very clued in to what is going on. Coolfer made a good point when the panel was done about how so far we've only heard from disgruntled artists that have been burned by the system. There hasn't been any voice for bands that have used the system to their advantage. Quoth Coolfer "Do you think the Killers would have sold 2.5 million units on Magnatune?" Indeed.

After the second panel, Coolfer and I went over to the GW Foodcourt to grab some food. While we were there, some sort of sorority rush event let out and a large group of about 200 coeds came through the lunch room (each dressed in their own distinct outfit, one group wore white shirts and jeans, another black shirts and skirts with pink belts, etc.). It goes without saying that this was the highlight of the day.

I should also mention how awesome it is to have a latptop at this thing. I am wrote up my setlists from last night's bluestate, my Doughty interview for DCist, was checking the football scores at and writing this while the panels were going on. Hott. I am a multi tasking tornado.

The third panel dealt with licensing and radio and how it needs to change to cope with changes in the industry. Payola was also on the bill. Mike Mills of REM was very eloquent talking about how radio has gone downhill, how it should be deruglated and then reregulated to allow companies to own no more than 10 stations nationwide. "The system is flawed but it can work," he said. Check out Coolfer for an exhaustive recap of the day.

Saturday's bluestate was yet another Black Cat success. We had some sound problems during my last set, but we got those straightened out and had the place absolutely jumping by the end of the night. The Cricklewood Massive played a great early set and Natalya slapped everyone upside the head with her increasingly patented Hillary Duff-Madonna-Kelly Clarkson triple shot. People went nuts. I finally got to play "Dancing In The Dark" and "Come See About Me" and had a Mylo mega-mix early so I was a happy camper. Hell, I even dropped some U2 and some guy came up to me and practically drooled on the mixer while telling me that "Lemon" was the greatest. song. ever. I also got a Brazilian Girls request from a cute girl. I'll have to remember to bring that next time, but all in all, a great night. Check the full set lists here, and the pictures here.

Coolfer brought down a great mashup CD that mixes Notorious B.I.G. and Frank Sinatra called Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy and it's on fire. We've been listening to it all weekend and I have to share some of it with you. It's insane, check it:
Juicy / New York, New York (MP3)
Nasty Boy / For Every Man There's A Woman (MP3)

You can buy the mix CD here, just scroll down.

42579914_3198dbd933_m.jpg Coolfer and I also took in the Idlewild show at the Black Cat last night. They were shit hot. I'll have a DCist review of the show up at some point today. Check out more pictures here.

I enjoyed watching Andre Agassi's march to the US Open final, but there was a 0% chance he was going to beat Roger Federer. Agassi was up a break in the third but lost that set and ultimately, the match.

Mylo is at #3 in the UK charts with "Dr. Pressure" a mash up with Miami Sound Machine. I found it online last night so I'll post it later in the week. Mylo rules.

I would totally go see this tour.

No need to go see the White Stripes later in the month at Merriweather. NPR will be streaming the show online.


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As in, posts will resume with content then. I'm swamped at work because of the holiday and some other things. I wrote a long post on Monday night but I ended up not liking it and it ended up in the trash. More later.

It's been a while since I've been excited to say this, but Chuck D speaks!

FEMA timeline. [via Catherine & Tom]

Stephon Marbury has a heart.

Behold the Sports Guy's new book.

GLC insult Mrs. David Beckham, get slapped on the wrist.

Gorillaz plan world tour.

Last new Oasis track for a while?

Elbow + Madness = highly collectible single.

In other news, my new laptop effing rules!

Last nights bluestate was alot of damn fun. We had a huge turnout, much more than usual. And since "Tuesday is the new Thursday", I drank alot more than usual (mostly because of this guy). Thanks to everyone that came out, especially Randi, who brought her whole effing posse, and the kids from Pygmalion In A Blanket. I met them over the weekend and they represented again last night. Not only are they good bloggers people, but they give you links like Cats in Sinks.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I took tomorrow and Friday off, so content will be light until next Tuesday. Actually content will be pretty light today, because I got like three hours of sleep last night. And I drank alot. Have I mentioned that?

I will pass my setlists from last night off as content today. Behold:

9:30 - 10:00
Liz Phair, "6'1""
The Cloud Room, "Waterfall"
Travis, "U-16 Girls"
Stars, "Elevator Love Letter"
Oasis, "Up In The Sky" (acoustic)
Mansun, "Wide Open Space"
Elf Power, "Simon (the girl with the candy bar head)"
Pulp, "Monday Morning"
Superdrag, "Destination Ursa Major"
Editors, "Blood"

10:30 - 11:00
Idlewild, "The Nothing I Know"
The Futureheads, "First Day"
Guided By Voices, "Game of Pricks"
The Beatles, "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window"
Shudder To Think, "Red House"
The Housemartins, "Bow Down"
Ted Leo + Rx, "Parallel or Together?"
The Bees, "Chicken Payback"
Madder Rose, "Drop A Bomb"
Archers of Loaf, "Might"
Soundtrack of Our Lives, "Sister Surround"
Kings of Leon, "Long Night, So Long"

11:30 - 12:00
The Music, "The People"
...Trail of Dead, "The Rest Will Follow"
Queens of the Stone Age, "Do It Again"
Elbow, "Forget Myself"
Echo & the Bunnymen, "Read It In Books" (Peel Session)
Catherine Wheel, "Show Me Mary"
Pixies, "Bird Dream Of the Olympus Mons"
Mylo, "Sunworshipper"

12:30 - Close
Goldie Lookin' Chain, "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do"
Cut Copy, "Twilight"
Public Image Limited, "Rise"
Stereolab, "Monotroller Scalatron"
The Raveonettes, "You Say You Lie"
Morrissey, "Sunny"
Feist, "One Evening"
Mylo, "In My Arms"
Pulp, "Common People"
Lali Puna, "B-Movie"
Spoon, "Two Sides of Monsieur Valentin"
Echo & the Bunnymen, "Ocean Rain" (Peel Session)
Steve Winwood, "Valerie"
The Spinanes, "Reach v. Speed"
Fleetwood Mac, "Rhiannon"

Natalya played some great stuff last night (check out the full set list here) and also has her own recap and pics. My pics will be up tonight.

Also, be warned! Our next gig is Saturday, Sept 10th at the Black Cat. That = throw down! You knows it.

PS - The US Open started. Andy Roddick lost.

PPS - If you're in DC on Sept. 15th, you're coming to this.

Bluestate tonight. 9PM.

So true. Appropriately, Clap You Hands Say Blogger Buzz has announced a DC date.


Dammit people. I don't read Entertainment Weekly. I rely on you for this. So when there is a major article about The La's (!!!!!!), you need to effing tell me. Remember when I called them the best band of my generation?

New versions of Safari are available for Mac users via the software update panel.

Buzz says the iTunes phone will debut next week.

Frank Chromewaves is funny.

Get money!

Like Woah.

Let's be friends. [via Gl*mrocker]

The Cult of the GM. Good stuff. [via Grambo]

Keith Foulke is almost ready.

Shocker! Marky Doodles is now a Yankee.

Last night I watched a preview DVD for the next set of releases from Palm Pictures Directors Label series of DVD's. The next set will feature DVD's on Anton Corbijn, Stephane Sednaui, Jonathan Glazer and Mark Romanek. All four will be released on Sept. 13th and they look to be amazing. I was so enthralled with the preview DVD that I didn't even get pissed off when Bono used the word milieu in one of his interviews. I'm drooling on the Corbijn release, so much Bunnymen and Depeche Mode buzz. The other releases aren't anything to get mad at either. As I was clicking around the website, I realized how quite a few of the videos these four guys have made played large parts in helping form my musical tastes way back in the day (you know, when MTV played videos). I remember coming home trashed one night in college and seeing Sednaui's video for Bjork's "Big Time Sensuality" at like 4 in the morning. I didn't even know who Bjork was at the time but I went and bought the CD the next day and became a fan. The work Glazer did with Radiohead remains some of the best work I've ever seen, and who doesn't love Romanek's video for "Hurt"? In short, this is good stuff. You can preorder the boxset over at Amazon for a mere $56.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that Bluestate is tonight?

Things are getting really hectic here in leafblower-land. A few announcements:

1) Bluestate will be returning to the Black Cat on Saturday Sept, 10th. We're working on a special surprise for everyone (and maybe a guest DJ), so stay tuned for news on this as it develops. But don't forget about our gig at Saint Ex next Tuesday in the meantime.

2) I am very happy to announce that I have been asked to sit in as a panelist during the Future Music Policy Summit next month at GWU. To say I'm excited about this opportunity would be an understatement. I'll be part of the How To Podcast and Music Blog panel with the honorable Mike Holden of and none other than my main homey Coolfer. Expect him to toe the corporate line and for me to berate him constantly for it. Hehehehe. Should be fun! :) Now if only I had a laptop so I could live blog the whole thing. *sigh*

My September is shaping up to be seriously busy.
Sept. 09th: Nats v. Braves @ the Bobby
Sept. 10th: Bluestate @ Black Cat
Sept. 11th: Idlewild @ Black Cat
Sept. 12-13: FMC Policy Summit
Sept. 14th: Brett Easton Ellis @ Olsson's Books
Sept. 15th: TBA (but be sure to save the date. For serious)
Sept. 17th: Eric Bachmann (aka Crooked Fingers) @ Black Cat
Sept. 24th: Operation Ceasefire
Sept. 28th: Mark Gardener @ 930
Sept: 28th: Lemonheads @ Black Cat
Sept. 29th: O-motherfucking-Asis @ Merriweather

And this doesn't include the design class I'm taking right now (twice a week) or my upcoming copyediting class, which starts mid-September. I think Across The Narrows is definitely out of the question now.
Unless someone wants to give me free tickets.

Google is starting an IM service, compatible with gmail. I downloaded it and it works! I finally have IM at work. Hooray! Add me to your buddy list. Go here for more info and to download software. Google world domination in 5...4...3...

Hahahahahahahaha. What a load of horse shit. Napster's President thinks Steve Jobs has lured consumers "into a hardware trap" because songs from the iTunes Music Store can only be played on an iPod and the iPod doesn't play songs bought from other online stores. He goes on to rhapsodize, "The dream is that Napster would work on any PC, any player in any territory and work seamlessly." Meanwhile back on planet earth many people are pointing out that:
1) Making people pay a monthly fee for the rest of their life isn't a trap?
2) Napster does not work on Macs. Or Linux boxes. Or many Windows boxes. It only works with Windows XP/2000. I t also only works with IE (not Firefox or any other browser).
3) Many other MP3 players have similar DRM to Apple's iPod, only they are on the Microsoft/WMA side. But I guess this is OK.

Try again douchebag. Funny how all these companies bashing Apple don't have Mac versions of their software. On a related note, I signed up for eMusic last week. It's OK, not great. I'll have a semi-review once I get my thoughts together.

The BBC talks to Martin Carr of the Boo Radleys about Brit Pop. Hear me now, believe me when you buy the record, don't sleep on their final record Kingsize. It's tiggs.

Hear the new Kanye album.

lazynoel.jpgNoel lays down the band's plans for the next album. The short version: "Everyone liked this record, so I'm just going to work on the songs that didn't make this record (Stop The Clocks, anyone?) for the next one and leave all the new songwriting to my brother, Gem and Andy. I'm lazy. We'll take our time on the next record, no rush. I'm lazy. No Greatest Hits until we break up. I'm lazy. Another B-sides compilation with all of our substandard songs from the last few records is on the way. I'm lazy. PS - I'm rich bitch!" In other news, I can't wait to see them next month!

The new Strokes album will be out early next year, and the first single may or may not be entitled "Juicebox". I am VERY interested to hear them mixed by Andy Wallace (one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet) and can already hear the hipster backlash starting now.

Pitchfork hearts the Super Furries and Love Kraft. Yes, I'm completely biased, but this is one of the best things I've ever read on the site. This dude knows his stuff.

The inevitable lightbulb joke.

I prefer vinyl too.

The Wheels of Steel, originally uploaded by leafblower.

Some other photos I found on Flickr that I liked:
- I always like pics of the DC subway Metro system.
- This one is a great shot of DC at night.

This would have beena great idea. Five years ago. on the current administration's views on energy policy.

Joaquin Phoenix says, "Listen dude," I finally watched The Village last Saturday and it was just about the worst movie I've ever seen. Related: I hate Coldplay more than ever now. I will not stand for this shite!

Dave Grohl covers Oasis. Side note: That Elbow cover is so effing best. I have it at home. Maybe I'll remember to post it here tomorrow.

Paul Weller touring the US? But no DC date. Wait, the NYC date is on a Saturday. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

John Peel Day in the UK. Best. Idea. Ever.

Slate on the pleasures of Lunar Park. Related: an old Slate discussion about Glamorama.

DC bands/musicians: Did you know you can attend the Future of Music Policy Summit next month at GWU for free? I wrote a post about it on Dcist today.

Monday, monday, monday. Spent the weekend going to another going away dinner (hehehehehehe), finishing unpacking, hanging stuff on my walls, and finally getting the turntables hooked up. The next podcast is in the incubation stage.

The Super Furry press machine is heating up. Guto tells icWales, "I think we always consider our next album to be a masterpiece," and that the name of the album, Love Kraft, comes from a sex shop of the same name that's located near their home studio in Cardiff.

The Super Furries drink Pepsi, but wouldn't say no to Red Stripe if they came a callin'.

The Guardian UK calls the Furries "grandiose pop engineers", "Welsh-language obfuscators", "paranoid polemicists" and " in blue bear suits playing techno." And that's just in the first paragraph. They go on to call Love Kraft "a modern-day psychedelic soul record."

Gruff tells The Independent Online about the alien abduction themed song "Psyclone!"; "The ultimate moral of the song is that when you are crossing the road, you should look right and left, but you should also look up, because you never know what's going to hit you. It's kind of an update on the Green Cross Code for the new millennium."

Did the GLC and SFA team up at the V Festival this weekend? I cant seem to find out. If you know, get at me.

The Chief talks to Billboard UK. Liam still hates Pete Doherty, but The Streets heart Oasis (and Kaiser Chiefs). Noel says Liam will go solo before he does; "He's got more songs, and he's a lot more driven in that department, because although he's 30-odd, he's only just started writing songs, so he's kind of where I was when I was 21."

Depeche Mode is not worth getting arrested over. Obvs.

Radiohead (all of them) have a blog. I think this wins for the most linked story of the day.

I have no idea what this is all about, but it's effing awesome.

Toine's creaky knees cost him two years of guarenteed money, while the C's sign Will Bynum and close in on locking up Dan Dickau. If we sign Double D, then we'll have 18 players under contract (for a 15 man roster) and 5 point guards on the team. Are these two signings the prefix to a deal coming down the pike? Will that deal include Paul Pierce or Mark Blount and Marcus Banks? But if we do sign Dan, that means more of Heather Dickau at all the C's games, and that's not a bad thing.

Welcome to the internets.

And this is different for people that listen to CD players because...?

A birthday worth celebrating. Back in college a friend of mine philosophized that the Waffle House was the coffee house of the South. That was, until all the coffee houses opened up. But Starbucks don't serve no hashbrowns, mang. [via Goldenfiddle]

New live album(EP?) from The Delays. Sweet.

Music Bloggers get their due! [via Coolfer]

Stellastarrrr**** tour dates revealed. Stream one of their new tracks, called "The Diver", right here.

Hahahahahahahahaha. *giggle*

Agreed. I'm a tad nervous about this.

Quick, what's the one thing that could make me even more excited than a DC tour date from Echo & The Bunnymen?

Bret Easton Ellis.jpg A DC tour date by Brett Easton Ellis! So neccessary. DC was originally left off the itinerary for his Lunar Park (out now!, I'm getting my copy tonight) book tour, but now it's on at Olsson's books (7th Street location) on September 14th. Holy Fuck!

I guess I have to take back the sentiments I expressed to NYC yesterday, since BEE is at the 17th St Barnes & Noble tonight as well as Coliseum Books and Half King next week. Of course there's the obligatory Hamptons appearance as well.

But wait, there's more. Check out this great interview BEE did with The Cult, Chuck Palahniuk's official site. Good stuff. Glad to hear that Roger Avary is still on the case with the movie adaptation of Glamorama. My love for that book is widely known. You can also check out for the latest in the world of BEE.

Radiohead: going back into the studio and not enamored with resigning with EMI.

Today's Brit Pop memories. Some trivia for you: One of the members of Menswe@r is selling cell phones. Another is managing Bloc Party. Can you guess who is who?

Things are gearing up in the world of the Super Furries. (Yay!) You can stream their upcoming album over at Xfm. On the subject of "Laser Beam", their new single (out next week in the UK), Gruff says, "It's a protest song - protesting about other protest songs. I got sick of people moaning about the state of the world. They don't give any answers - all they do is moan. "Laser Beam" gives salvation. We've got a laser we plan to zap audiences with. It's got an 86 per cent success rate. It will make you feel great and remove all the ills of the world."

Go here to pay for a download of the Dangermouse remix of Laser Beam. It should run you a little under $2 in the US. Lastly, check out this interview with Gruff and Bunf where they discuss, among other things, the tank!

“After the tank, we did have pretensions of buying an aircraft carrier,” says Rhys, “but we’re still waiting for that one big royalty cheque. We’ve scaled down our ambitions to a submarine. The tank paid its way — retained its value..."

"I think the tank worked out cheaper than a poster campaign,” adds Bunford. “There must be some cheap submarines knocking about. We’ll get our top men on it.”

Extras will air on HBO beginning September 25th. The Beeb just ordered season number two.

Mark Cuban on the business of the NBA, the mistakes he's made as owner of the Mavs and cutting Mike Finley.

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