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Funny, I thought this was just common knowledge.

Peep the Hill Hotties for oh-five. How you doin' Miss Nagatani?

Pitchfork proves, without a doubt, they are more fucking indie than you'll ever be. Grow up kids, seriously. God forbid you like something because it's a bit mindless and kinda fun. Maybe their jeans are on too tight or something. Coolfer takes umbrage and I agree whole heartedly.

Celtics great Reggie Lewis died 12 years ago today. A career snapshot. RIP Reggie. Truth be told, the C's have never recovered from losing him.

Matt Clement got hit in the head with a line drive last night but is thankfully OK. Whew. Here's the latest Sox trade buzz. For me, the baseball season doesn't officially begin until after the trade deadline.

Moving time tomorrow and Friday. Looks like the weather will actually cooperate temprature wise. Moving is never fun (I did it three times last year) but I'm really looking forward to my new place (full story on that next week). I'm going to have my own seperate DJ room!

Man it's hot in DC. Yesterday was bad but supposedly today has been worse. But guess what? My new apartment has a community pool right outside our back door! I'm moving Thursday and Friday so tomorrow is likely my last post for the week. I'm not sure when we're getting access to the internets at my new place.

Is anyone else as shocked as I am that Andre Agassi is defecting to Adidas or am I just showing my true nature as a certified tennis dork? Agassi was easily one of Nike's most identifiable faces for the last seventeen(!!) years. Although I do want to go on record and state I NEVER had a pair of those hideous hot pink/denim combo shorts he used to wear. Even I draw the line somewhere. But I used to rock the latest Agassi model Nike's in high school, especially after Tennis Jesus retired. I used to rock those Bo Jackson's too (but mostly because Johnny Mac was in those "Bo Knows" commercials). They were tight in the late 80's/early 90's. But the undisputed best shoe ever has to be the Air Trainer One. I will not argue this.

Speaking of unthinkable. Is Darko on the block? For Al Harrington? Al...Harrington?

Jack Nicholson bans all Celtic gear from the new movie he is shooting(see sidebar). In Boston.

Lo and behold, it has come to pass. New iBooks and new Mac Mini's.

Forbes says 'Holla at ya Gothamist' in their Best of the Web picks. Yet no mention of the second most trafficked site in the -ist family. Hmmmmm. I am kinda perplexed by their picks in the music category (Hello? Chromewaves and LHB to name two) as well as their sports blogs picks.

This isn't my podcast wishlist but it's pretty damn close. I have yet to listen to a podcast, but the KCRW ones sound promising.

Full Oasis North America tour dates for September. Maybe I'll be a poseur and wear my "North America '96" tour shirt to the Baltimore date. Then again...

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new contender for Album of the Year.


Last week, via cyberspace and the internerd, I was handed a copy of the new Elbow album, Leaders of the Free World and it has totally fucking blown me away. Just so good. I know lots of people that dug on Asleep in the Back but were rather unimpressed with Cast of Thousands, and if that was you, you'll LOVE this new one. Leaders... is like a melange of the first album with all the good bits of the second album added for seasoning. It's a total jam/prog tour de force, with heavy grooves and soaring vocals. There are two monster singles on here, Lose Myself and the title track. The percussion parts on this record sound like the Orcs marching on Helm's Deep, but there is still alot of tender, down tempo moments as well. This band has been slept on in a big way, both here and abroad, but this should be the record that gets people to sit up and take notice. You heard (about) it here first.

The Futureheads are ready to hit the studio. Sweet.

Henry Rollins spoken word tour dates.

MIA tour dates. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

Brett Easton Ellis tour dates! But no DC? Boo!

New iBook's and Mac Mini's on the way? All signs point to yes.

US edges Panama in the Gold Cup final. That's soccer people.

The Pacers signed Sarunas Jasikevicius. They are scary good now. Depending on what Miami does this off-season, the Pacers might be the favorite in the East. Their big weakness last year was their point guard situation and now that's sorted. Plus madman Artest is back. Wow.

I'm glad someone is pointing out the ridiculous amount of money Larry Brown will be making next year if he signs a big contract with the Knicks. If they do sign LB, they'll be paying four head coaches next year, two of whom aren't even with the team anymore.


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The internet is a funny place. I found this image (and started drooling) sometime early in the week, but haven't had a chance to post it until now. And then this morning, I found this link which leads to a guy lamenting that I got the ilb url before he did. Bro, the interweb moves fast these days, you gots to step up your game. Gracias for the props though.
The internets; it's a small cyberspace afterall.

Anyways, as his entry explains jPod is the "sort of sequal" to my third favorite book of all time, Microserfs, and is the inspiration for this site. One of the characters in Microserfs lists his job title as information leafblower. When I read that two word phrase, I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever heard. So when it came time to name my blog, I chose that since my first choice had already been taken. But I think it worked out for the best in the end. Although if the other url hadn't been taken, I might not have such a ridiculous DJ name. :)

My trusty iPod just cued up "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve, a song I told myself I was over long ago because it had reached the point of oversaturation and I was sick of it. But then I saw Richard Ashcroft perform it during Live 8 with that band of fookin' stoodents and it really blew me away. I got goosebumps bigtime. And not because the piano player writes shit on his hands. It was just so, so good to see Captain Rock back onstage, working the crowd, fronting a band and rocking out. Man, I miss The Verve. In the last year or so, I've actually come to really dig Ashcroft's first solo record (sure it has it's weaknesses, but there's alot to like), but I think his follow up was fairly subpar. But I digress...

More baby panda action!

Tom explains how the ear works and how it relates to sound at concerts. Good stuff.

Jay Williams plans to make an NBA roster this year. Holla at those Twolves Jay. I think I can beat out Sam Cassell at this point.

The writing's on the wall for Mark Bellhorn. At least, let's hope it is.

Stream the new Stellastarrrr**** single Sweet Troubled Soul. Anyone remember the great Grambo/Kegzies Stellastarrrr**** debate of '03? Didn't think so.

Stream the Jagz Kooner mix of Kasabian's new single L.S.F. in Quicktime or Windoze Media.

Don't forget to enter my M.I.A. and Gorillaz contests.

My plans for the weekend? Drinking and packing. Good times.


Tonight at 9 PM, it's on at Saint Ex. Come down, have a beer and help me convice everyone that The Smiths kick the shit out of Abba and Q And Not U. You knows it!

Ack! Super Furries turn their back on pop. Well, not quite. Apparently Gruff said they left three "pop" songs off of the record (hello b-sides!), leaving their new album Love Kraft full of mellow, chilled out tunes. While all this makes good press, any Super Furry fan worth their salt will tell you the Furries always leave some choice tunes off the record. Anyone that has the two disc version of Rings Around The World will tell you the included EP of b-sides might literally be the best thing the band has ever put out. Edam Anchorman is my fucking jam!

Pitchfork is back and they review the Super Furry track Zoom, which I wrote about a while back.

Ooh, ooh, ooh! New Underworld track over at Onelouder.

Mercury Music Prize nomiations have been announced.

Nick Hornby interviews Bruce Springsteen and The Boss reveals his love of Oasis, Pulp and...Four Tet?

Is this Mr. Pink's long lost brother?

Tien Mao, cheesecake eating champion. I have to agree with the commenter that said I have never, ever, ever been more proud of you. :)

How about this for a new tagline:

Information Leafblower, as seen in the Washington Post.

They called me "hip" and "cool"!
Hey, if it's in the Post, it must be true, right?

Here's what Siren looked like this year. Coolfer was there too.

The Sun Times reviews Pitchfork's Intonation Music Fest.

The Big Ticket has some Feist goodies for your downloading pleasure.

Here's a video for Bloc Party's Pioneers.


Bluestate is back at Saint Ex tomorrow. We're changing it up a bit this time around. Everyone is picking a musical theme and we're duking it out for supremacy in rotating 20 minute sets. Seeking Irony is doing her Nordic thing, DCSOB is going for a NYC v. DC theme, and I'll be representing Manchester UK. And it won't be all Smiths and Oasis, so come on down and help us determine the winner. Oh, did I mention we have a ton of free swag from v2 records?

And as always, don't forget the weekly bluestate giveaway contest.

Not wanting to be left out, I have two giveaway contests of my own to announce:

M.I.A. - To win a copy of the M.I.A. CD, an autographed poster, and "Galang" on 12" vinyl, send an email to leafblowergives at gmail dot com with the name of M.I.A.'s touring DJ.

Gorillaz - To win a prize pack containing "Feel Good Inc." vinyl, 7" picture vinyl, a DVD, stickers, poster, and copy of the comic book, all you have to do is email me at leafblowergives at gmail dot com and tell what baggy has been sings on the new Gorillaz single DARE.

Feel free to enter both contests, but you can only win one.

bunf.jpg The Super Furries killed it at T in the Park a few weeks ago. Peep the review here. Some great pics of their recent Somerset House gig here. That where I got this picture of my boy Bunf. L Boogie will probably like this pic. Apparently the boys didn't do too bad at the Oxygen Festival either. One review called their set "Mad as nine bags of badgers." Best! Links via Super Furry Logic.

So in order to celebrate, I played one of their new songs at iPod Jukebox last night. My full set was:

Super Furry Animals, "Frequency"
Kings of Leon, "King of the Rodeo" [go here to download]
Oasis, "Love Like A Bomb"
Wheat, "No One Ever Told Me"

Flickskinny on the Fantastic Four movie. Via Golden Fiddle.

Time for the Pooper to answer your questions!

I'm pissed the Red Sox traded Jay Payton. Wait, check that, I'm pissed we signed him in the first place. We should have kept Dave Roberts! But that doesn't matter anymore, Payton is moving to Oakland for some bullpen help.

Here are my thoughts on the Kwame Brown trade. I say buzz. For the Wizards, not the Lakers.

I still haven't been able to carve out the time I wanted to really talk about this, but I like the Brian Scalabrine signing by Danny Ainge and the Celtics. It's not a particularly sexy move but we've locked up a very competent back up power forward for the next five years at cheap money. Al Jefferson is the future and Scalabrine knows that. He'll be a good locker room guy and will know his role. With all the kids on the C's squad, we're gonna need vets like him around. He hasn't been in the league that long but has been deep into the playoffs with the Nets. In short, another good move by Ainge.

Did anyone see this interview with Al J, Big Perk and G-Money? Some great stuff here. Remember when I told you about Kendrick being so excited about the G-Money pick? Peep this:

Perkins: Listen to me, this is my draft pick really because I'm the one that told Danny to draft this dude. Ask Danny if you think I'm lying. Ask Danny what he asked me about Gerald Green.

Jefferson: Perk stood up and yelled when [Gerald] was drafted. You're happy because he's from Texas.

Moments later, Ainge walks by and jokes, ''Oh, this is bad news." Perkins takes the opportunity to set the record straight about Green.

Perkins: Tell them [Gerald] was my draft pick.

Ainge: That would have been nice to know before the draft. I did sense some enthusiasm after the pick was made.

Perkins: Hold on. Hold on. Do I have to go all the way back to the time I walked into your office and you said, 'What y'all think of Gerald Green?' Do you remember that?

Ainge: Yeah.

Perkins: Do you remember me saying, 'That's my guy?'

Ainge: Yeah, I do remember that.

Jefferson: OK.

Ainge: But everybody says, 'This is my guy.' You've got like 100 'my guys.' What I think is really happening here is he's trying to get Gerald thinking he owes Perk something, so he will throw him the ball inside.

Good stuff!

Anyone see that Gerald Green dunk? Everyone else has [thanks Zack]It's insane. I'll upload the video tomorrow if I can.

Who else is going to Mac Attack and Athens 83 tonight? Holla.


Above is a screen shot from the new Gorillaz video for their latest single, Dare. It's premiering over the weekend. Listen to the audio (Windoze Media) here.

Peep the new video the Chemical Brothers track Boxer here.

MIA video for Bucky Done Gone here.

Echo & The Bunnymen to tour the UK. I saw them a while back up in Pennsylvania, best show of the year (so far).

New Grandaddy EP.

New Order DVD comp.

Sleater-Kinney to open for Pearl Jam? I didn't even know PJ was on tour.

Longwave gets a concert review from Filter. Promising.

Curious. ESPN hires an ombudsman.

Viral marketing in the All Star Game. I didn't watch it. I knew who was going to win.

OMG! How awesome does this sound?
Members of the DC bands The Carlsonics and Washington Social Club team up to form a Fleetwood Mac tribute band called "Mac Attack." And guess who is opening for them? "Athens 83", naturally. They are an REM tribute band consisting of members of two other DC bands, The Beauty Pill and The Hard Tomorrows.

I am so there. iPod Jukebox tonight. VHS or Beta on Friday?

Baby pandas, not as cute as you'd think. Are you in the panda death pool?

Terrorist Attack, originally uploaded by replicam.

In an utterly craptastic mood today. Woke up to the London news, which is scary enough in and unto itself, trudged to work and then got the news that two of my good friends will be moving away in the next month or two. Allow me to be a selfish prick for a second (big change from the norm, I know, I know) but THIS SUCKS. And yes, I know you two read this sight, so let me be clear, THIS SUCKS. But I am happy for you.

OK, I feel a little better now.

Oh wait, I forgot about this: leafblower ban to take effect. I guess I'm not welcome in Palo Alto. [via the good folk at 1115 dot org]

You would think I'd be over the moon today. Last night I got a copy of Love Kraft, the new Super Furry Animals album. I've only listened to it twice, so I will refrain from offering up my thoughts right now. Side note: My iPod is on "shuffle songs" right now and a song from Love Kraft just came on. No lie. But I digress...OK, that's a lie. Imagine if Brian Wilson teamed up with Steely Dan and ELO to make their own version of Kid A. That might be Love Kraft. It's totally doing my head in. Many, many thanks to the numerous people that emailed me offering downloads, yousendit's and bit torrents. Also, please go buy this record when it comes out if you, like me, choose to download it before the street date.

Quite a letdown if you ask me.

TIME names the 50 coolest websites. Unsurprisingly, I'm not on there.

Why I stay away from Adams Morgan.

Schilling to the bullpen, Foulke to the DL.

OK, this makes me feel a bit better.

Hey, that's me (and the other KG). More Unbuckled photos from Drew here.

Work is a bit crazed today. The short work week is already rearing it's ugly head.

Go ahead, start arguing. I already added my comments. I might have to make my own effing list if only to convince people that OK Computer is useless dreck when compared to the roaring majesty that is The Bends. How can the best (non Beatles) record ever continually be so underrated? And don't even get me started on A Nothern Soul v. Urban Hymns.


The Delays are back!

This just in. Steve Jobs has a heart. Or at least knows a publicity opportunity when he sees one.

Seen the wooden iPod? [via Glamourpuss]

Effing hilarious.

Apparently this says that Beno Udrih's brother said that the Celtics have signed Lithuanian PG Sarunas "Saras" Jasikevicius, the former Maryland PG that absolutely ate Team USA up in the Olympics this summer. Yes, but can he play defense?


Wow, imagine that. Duke's got one helluva recruting class headed to Durham in '06.

Ever wonder what it's like to be a Hawks fan? Me either.

PS - Don't forget!
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