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Trying to get shit done so I can go to the rescheduled Feist in store.

In the meantime (no pun intended) all I have to say is I fucking love this record:


Feist in store tomorrow at 12:30 3 PM (grumblegrumblegrumble) at the Tower on Penn Ave!

Thanking She's More Informative Than She Is Bitter for the info.

Who's with me?

I just realized I have a slight man crush on Britt Daniel. Dude is one cool fucker. How did last night's NYC in store go? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I still haven't copped Gimme Fiction, but I'm hitting up Best Buy for that $9.99 goodness before I head into the city for iPod Jukebox.

My iPod just cued up You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side and I'm fighting the urge to stand up and start dancing. Best. Moz. Song. Ever.

Oasis played six new songs at their first tour date of the year last night. That in itself is pretty damn exciting. Also of note in the setlist: Bring It On Down, Headshrinker and Songbird. Looking at the entire setlist I was pretty happy with it, but then it hit me; no Hindu Times! WTF? But mad props for an old B-side. That used to be one of the best things about seeing Oasis on their first few tours. They would break out a gem like (It's Good) To Be Free or Fade Away and it would fit in perfectly with the rest of the set. Still no Be Here Now songs though. C'mon Noel, throw me a It's Getting Better Man when I see you in D-Town!

What is wrong with the British music industry when, arguably, the greatest band to ever come out of Scotland don’t have a record deal?

Video of The Futureheads @ Spin via Brooklyn Vegan.

I want to hear this Tom Vek record everyone is talking about.

Oh Five summer festival guide.

Damore would love this.

Speaking of Damizz, he's back on the internets where he belongs! Yay! Viva la No Buzz List!

Today is the last day to enter my Kasabian contest. Don't sleep on our weekly bluestate contest either.

I finally bought an iPod case. So far, so good.

Chucky P in the NY Times, The Guardian and interviewed by Amazon.

Now my iPod just cued up Champagne Supernova. Nice one.

Cue Nelson: Ha Ha!

John Sencio 4 eva.

Song titles, before editing for language effeciency and clarity . [via Matt and his cool Dad]

Try as I might, I cannot seem to wake up today. Frustrating.
Especially when you look at the week I have coming up:

Wed: iPod Jukebox
Thurs: Feist(!!!!)/British Sea Power @ Black Cat
Fri: Echo & The Bunnymen in Lancaster, PA
Sat: Possibly driving home to NC to see my folks.

Hmmmmmmm...Guess I'm not on Tofu Hut's radar. Anyhoo, lots of links to lots of MP3 blogs.

Yet another show I have to go to.
Secret Machines / Kings Of Leon @ 930 Club on Aug 11th

Wow, Bitchfork gets it right, not once but twice. I'm just glad someone finally called Weezer out for sucking so hard. The Green Album was meh, but the follow up was just horrible. To me Islands In The Sun is the only decent thing they've done post-Pinkerton. Meanwhile, Spoon effing rule.

Time is running out to enter my Kasabian contest.

Everyone at work keeps asking me "What's wrong with the Sox?" I don't get it. The O's are unconscious and only 2.5 games ahead of us. We've used eight different starting pitchers and are still 8-2 in our last 10 games. Kevin Millar finally homered. We're doing just fine. Now then, the Yanks...that's a different story altogether.

I still don't want to talk about the Celtics.

Last night was insanely fun. Just binoculars. Well, as binoculars as it can be sans DCeiver and his better half. It was our biggest DCist Happy Hour and our best bluestate yet. They both just keep getting bigger and better. I'm struggling to put it all into words. I think last night was the most fun I've had since I moved to DC. It was that good.


Here is the visual record of what happened. Not pictured but rumoured to have also happened; the guy out in front of the venue throwing up in a trashcan, the fight that broke out when some guy bit (yep, with his teeth) some girl and she started bleeding everywhere and the drunk girl that knocked over the toilet in the ladies room. Again, all of these are unconfirmed at press time.

On the DJ tip, the night was great. There wasn't much of a crowd for my 7PM set so I got to play a bunch of stuff I've been wanting to play but haven't found time for. By 9PM the joint was a-jumpin' and people started to get their groove on, mostly thanks to JeffC130, bluestate's unoffical Bez (and I mean that in a good way). I thought the Clash/Killers mash up I played was gonna be song of the night (everyone started looking at the booth when the Killers lyrics started over Rock The Casbah) but then stupid Natalya had to go and play Since You Been Gone and that shit brought the house down! :) By the time my 11 PM set came around I was ad libbing everything and just trying to keep everyone dancing. I almost lost them when I insisted on playing Craig David AND Jamiroquai (I know, I know...), but other than that it was all good.

We even started to get a flood or requests. This one really cute girl came up to me and said "We come here every Saturday and they play hip hop all night and it's alot of fun." To which I said, "Awesome! But you do know tonight is Thursday, right?" She didn't quite seem to comprehend what I was getting at.

Full setlist after the jump.

Big thanks to everyone that came out last night and made everything such a success. I met some fellow bloggers, some local bands and a bunch of readers (Cheers Fletcher). Our next bluestate gig is May 24th at Saint Ex. Details very soon.

I can't believe I missed the C's game last night! Jeezy Creezy. Sounds like shit got out of hand real fast. Saturday's Game 7 will be the first ever in the Fleet Center, the first for the C's since Larry Legend's last game in 1992 and the first Game 7 at home in 1998's so much awesome Bird v. 'Nique game. Lots to live up to, no?

Tonight bitches!


Should our rotations hold up, I'm on at 7PM, 9PM, and 11PM. This will be the throwdown to end all throwdowns. But don't take MY pretentious word for it. Just read what noted journalistic institution El Wapo has to say on the matter:

Fresh off another stellar performance at the Black Cat, bloggers-cum-DJs Bluestate provides the indie-rock and '80s love at DCist's Cinco de Mayo party.

Robvs. Thing is, that wasn't the only mention DCist got in El Wapo today. To wit.

Deadlines are tight and I have MILES to go before I sleep tonight so unfortunately content will be light today (and most likely tomorrow) but I did find these treats for you:

Ruh roh. If this is going to be an ongoing thing, can you just go ahead and release the DVD of Season 2? I'm dying for that shit.

Crazy eBay mom! [via The Pita]

What do you think about women in the military?

German Apple users got a sneak preview of the new Oasis album yesterday. Related: The Bruvvers Gallagher to play the Austin City Limits fest. In Austin. Duh.

Since I was totally preoccupied compiling, arranging and rearranging my sets for tonight, I totally forgot to set the effing Divo for tonight's crucial Game 6 between the C's and Pacers! I pray they have it on at the bar. But no matter what happens, Mark Blount is ready!

I need to go through my CD collection more often. Over the weekend, I found a copy of Ivy's first EP which I had no idea I even had(it's awesome BTW). And then last night, I found a copy of the Stars album Heart. I listened to it when I drove to work this morning and it's pretty damn good. Maybe I'll have to revisit my position on them...

Random thought: is it me or is Within Your Reach by The Replacements the most perfect song ever?

See you tonight. Come up and say HI!

Hello all,

Pretentious blogger here (see last comment) offering up some Coachella recaps from some of my favoUrite bloggers, most of which are finally hitting the internerd today:

Whatevs (kinda. More tomorrow?)

Central Village (scroll down)


El WaPo


Rolling Stone

Sounds boring. But at least these people have content today, something that can't be said for me.

Don't forget to get your margarita on tomorrow!

More here.

watusi.jpg Still on a high from The Wedding Present show on Sunday night. I forgot to mention yesterday that my fave Weddoes album (besides Bizarro obvs.) is Watusi their major label release on Island Records. I'm assuming this is like me saying my favorite GBV record is Do The Collapse, but so be it. If you need a Weddoes album to pick up for starters, check this one out. The sound is much cleaner than usual (full disclosure: I'm friends with Steve Fisk and John Goodmanson so I'm def. a little biased) but the tunes are really incredible. They are tight,lean, sung in a delightful British accent and pack a punch. Good stuff if you can pick up a copy. Much cheaper than the $22 they want for Bizarro on Amazon(although I'm def. picking up one of the 4 copies of vinyl they have for sale on eBay). OK, so they want like $40 of it on Amazon(!!!!). Shop your local mom and pop for a used copy.

Moz hearts Steve Jones.

Safe As Fuck! The Goldie Lookin' Chain album will be unleashed on these shores next Tuesday! You heard that shit here first!

Game 5 tonight bitches. My shit talking grace period is over Bob Cook! We are dropping the hammer tonight, Days of Thunder steez! Inept Anthony Johnson is hurt! What line up will we start with? Will we win by 30+ points again? Seriously, could the Pacers be a bigger bunch of walking wounded? The C's are in a no-win situation here. When they win the series, everyone will say "Ha! They were hurt and Artest was suspended, obvs." but if they lose it will be a huge upset. I'll take the former. Fuck Ron Artest.

Today is a good day not to be Jeff Van Gundy. Dude is in some deep shit with Commisar Stern, someone you absolutely don't want to eff with.

Did Theo fuck things up? Honestly I don't care. We're World Champs!

Strange things are afoot in the Circle K Bronx.

Weekend recap time. Now...I have heard nothing but good things about Stars, so much that I had contemplated buying their record, but in concert, they SUCKED. I can't convey how bored I was during their show. Their first few songs sounded like Arcade Fire, Jr., but they got progressively worse from there. I think it had to do with their lead singer, who had this gay, white, Sammy Davis Jr. vibe going on. He just bugged me and I couldn't get past it. Not my thing. Oh well.

Ivy, however, were just great. Very Nico-esque with lots and lots of la la la's, so of course I loved them. I really enjoyed their set and even worked my way up towards the front of the crowd (something I rarely do lately), but the crowd cleared out after Stars finished their set. Miss Gl*mrocker, who accompanied me, informed me that Ivy did a mean cover of the Go-Betweens Streets Of Your Town which I downloaded from iTunes after I got home later that night. Not mind blowing, but pretty damn good nonetheless. Look for it on the monthly mix, which will be relvealed later in the week. sum up; Ivy=good, Stars=bad.

Saturday I watched the C's roll over the Pacers (worst. Pacers. playoff. loss. ever., PP had 30, 7 boards, 8 dimes and 5 blocks!) and then headed out to the Black Cat for Razzmatazz. Some other bluestaters were in attendance and we all hung out (i.e. they danced, I was clinging to the wall) until I called it a night around half twelve.

On Sunday, I was exhausted for most of the day. I went down to IKEA shopping for some picture frames (which they didn't have in stock) and that took all damn day. It was hard for me to muster up the energy to go see David Gedge and The Wedding Present, but I sure am glad I did. I headed in to DC at 10, which put me at the club around 10:30, just as the Weddoes were about to go on. The place wasn't very crowded so I grabbed a Bud and went up near the stage. Soon after Gedge and Co. came out and ripped shit up.

weddingpresent_270.jpgThey played a good portion of Take Fountain but peppered the set with some Weddoes classics like My Favourite Dress, Once More and Kennedy(!!!!!!) before the triple threat ending of Dalliance, Dare and What Have I Said Now. Simply the very definition of so much awesome. I was expecting more guitar shredding (Gedge plays a wicked axe) and was a tad disappointed with that aspect of the show until Kennedy and What Have I Said Now saved the day. I can't believe I almost didn't go.

Sadly, this was the first time I had ever seen one of my favourite bands. I saw half a Weddoes show in the mid 90's at CMJ, but that really didn't count since two of my best friends at the time (both females) got into a fight at the gig (sadly, not over me) and I had to leave to go referee. Predictably, they broke into my fave Weddoes track, Brassneck, shortly after I bailed. Needless to say, the two females in question were never forgiven for this terrible offense which has scarred me for life. Until now, yay!

Oh, and in the ultimate act of fanboy validation, I scored a setlist.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Wedding Present, head right over to Bradley's Almanac and download their set from Boston (and some covers! can't wait to listen to them). Thanks Brad! The Pita saw the NYC gig and offers up her fave Weddoes song for download. I'll have some tracks tomorrow, as well as photos, but I got home too late to upload shit last night.

Also, I just realized this morning that I don't have my copy of Bizarro any more. This was a staple of my college music listening diet. I wonder what happened to it.

Swizzamped at work. V. much looking forward to this weekend, much of what I'll be doing is in the DCist weekend preview, which I helped write. So is Paul Westerberg sober or not?

Anyways, my plan for the weekend:

Tonight: Stars & Ivy at the Black Cat. I've never heard either band but have heard good things about both. And I really need to hang out at the Black Cat more.
Saturday: Celtics v. Pacers, Razzmatazz
Sunday: The Wedding Present at the Black Cat. I was gonna skip the show but Frank got me all excited about it. Waiting for Brad to chime in.

My own personal Coachella if you will. Only with no scorching heat or Stereophonics!

RE: that game last night, the esteemed Bob Cook and I have been going back and forth all morning (and he's being way too nice to me) but let's just say that Doc Rivers put on a coaching job of Isiah Thomas like proportions and the team as a whole gave Wizardsian effort on defense. If we don't make changes for Game 4, it'll be too late.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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