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At work that is. Things really piled up while I was out yesterday. Thus, here is a mucho condensed version of my NYC trip this past weekend.

Got up at 6:30 AM. Ouch. Mr. Pink finally sleeps in one morning and I have to get up early anyway. Sheesh. Anyway, 15 minutes late getting to Mike's house as I forgot to budget time for scraping the 3 inch layer of ice off of my car (still new to this whole automobile thing) so we cab it to Chinatown for the bus. The bus is packed but we grab seats right before we take off. So we settle in for out trip and the bus people start the movie. Which is Jeepers Creepers. With dubbed Chinese subtitles. I can't even express how effing weird that was.
After the inevitable traffic jam, we hit NYC around 1ish. I went up to the park to check out The Gates, which were just amazing. They might not look cool in pictures, but the energy they gave Central Park was palpable. Everyone had a huge smile on their face. It was really cool. I wish I could have spent more time there but I had things to do. After stopping in to see my friend Anna, I hopped the subway downtown to the old hood, Park Slope, to the casa de Coolfer. And since I hadn't eaten all day, we made a bee line to Bonnie's for some grub. And yes, it was just as good as I remembered. After digesting our food, we headed in to Manhattan for some record shopping and I got some choice LP's from Tower of all places, including a Sly and Family Stone LP that is so getting played on March 16th.
Later in the night we made it to a v. crowded Double Happiness (or as I was calling it, Double The Capacity) for Gawker's bday party(name dropping to commence here). Daily Refill, Greg The Boyfriend and Stereogum were in the house and there were rumours of a Lockhart Steele sighting but that was still unconfirmed as of press time. After consuming what seemed like 24 Bass Ale's, we absconded over to the Lolita Bar to hear Redboy spin at the unoffical Johnny Cash Memorial Birthday Party and enjoy some uncrowded couch action. Our "massive display of drinking" continued here which resulted in the hot blog on blog action that is Gawker v. ILB:
Jess (and Jen and everyone else for that matter) was super cool and it was great to meet them after knowing each other over email for the last year or so. Redboy did his part ont he decks, dropping Johnny Cash's Johnny Uma like it was hott. And it was.
We finally made it home after 3AM, roughly 21 hours after getting up earlier in the day. Woot. Coolfer and I had brunch on Sunday and then I took Greyhound home so I could make sure Mr. Pink didn't destroy my room before I got home. Done and done.
Oh, I almost forgot drinks on Friday night with Ckelly, Megan, Bradley and his friend Colin. Pictures of that should be floating around the internets soon.
Yep, last weekend was blogf*cking at it's best!

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