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You decide.

I'm quite happy with my 50mm/f1.4.

A few Lost goodies since I won't be able to watch the season finale until Friday at the earliest.

All the Lost flash forwards, in order (via CatPitumblr)

Spoilers for tonight's episode.

And don't forget, the Lost time loop theory.

6/4 - U.S. Air Guitar Championship @ 930 Club
6/6 - Rilo Kiley @ 930 Club
6/6 - Julie Ocean & The City Veins CD Release Party @ Iota
6/8 - Tom Petty @ Nissan
6/9 - Death Cab @ Merriweather
6/11 - Breeders @ Black Cat
6/11 - R.E.M., Modest Mouse & The National @ Merriweather
6/11 - Love Is All, Video Hippos @ RnR Hotel
6/12 - Jaymay @ Iota
6/14 - Battles @ 930 Club
6/15 - Jose Gonzales @ 930 Club
6/15 - Shearwater @ Black Cat
6/17 - Sloan @ Black Cat
6/19 - Nik Freitas @ RnR Hotel
6/20 - MMJ @ Radio City
6/22 - Ted Leo & Pearl Jam @ Verizon Center
6/23 - Collapse and not leave the house for a week.
6/29 - LA Galaxy @ D.C. United


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Last night, via the power of Craigslist, The Future Mrs. Leaf and I scored some great seats at the last minute to see Eddie Izzard at DAR Constitution Hall. I'm glad we did, because I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard in my life. In fact, I laughed so much that my face physically hurt when I left the venue.

His current act is a bit more meandering than his previous work like Dress To Kill, ranging from everything from the Apple Software Update window to Wikipedia to the 10 Commandments. He also did a hilarious bit on dinosaurs singing hymns in church.

The 10 Commandments bit at the very end had the entire venue in stitches. "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's ox? What's wrong with wanting Jeff's ox? That's the basis for trade!" My words are not doing the show justice, but take my advice and go see him tonight in D.C. (should be a good amount of tickets for sale now that the Wizards are playing at home tonight) or later in the tour if you get a chance. You will not be disappointed.

Helping cats is laudable, of course. But if you believe as I do that God's great plan includes affording our animal friends a certain degree of dignity, then you will please refrain from dressing your cat as a wizard. Thank you.

Oh wait. Shit.



Man, time flies when you're having fun and writing about it. On this day five years ago, yours truly fired up Blogger and tried out this newfangled fad called "blogging."

A lot has changed since then (I've moved six times, had three different cats, used three different blogging systems and had four different blog designs) and it's been quite a journey from writing stuff that I never thought anyone will read to running one of the longest running music blogs on the web*.

Late last week I found out I got a promotion at work, which means less time for blogging, but we'll deal with that as it comes. Five years ago I certainly didn't think I'd still be at this today,'s to the next five.

[mp3] Primal Scream | I'm Five Years Ahead of my Time
[mp3] Stereloab | Transona Five
[mp3] James - Five-O
[mp3] The Housemartins | Five Get Over Excited

* a sweeping, tongue-in-cheek generalization that I have no facts to back up. Notice I didn't say "one of the most popular."

Why do American music blogs post European tour dates?

I mean, I know the answer, I just want to hear someone else say it.

For the record, I'm not picking on this blog in particular. Many blogs do it, this was just the latest example to pop into my RSS reader.

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