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Meanwhile in Durham...

Virgin Festival rumors...Personally I would be suprised if Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots aren't there.

Here are the last bands added to the All Points West Festival. Still rather meh in my opinion. Also, it looks like those APW will be Radiohead's only NYC area appearances.

The Charlatans have released their new record as a free download.

Art Brut: the best unsigned band in Britain?

26 tempting but inappropriate funeral songs.

It’s almost unbearable how perfect Elastica could be.

I had a fun weekend, more on that tomorrow. This should, fingers crossed, be my last week in work purgatory. Hopefully things will get back to normal next Monday.

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Status Check

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At work but still sick. Hence my brevity.

Things I'm loving right about now

  • Leap Day!

  • Tissues with lotion in them.

  • Ted Leo emailing me to tell me he likes the new design of the leafblower. Best.

  • PJ Brown.

  • The prospective Allen - Alien backcourt.

  • Last night's LOST episode. Holy Fuck.

  • The High Places LP 03/07 - 09/07. Saw them and loved them last year at Whartscape.

  • Panda Bear's Person Pitch. Gruff played me the first song off this album on the tour bus in D.C. It's amazing, like a Beach Boys side project produced by DJ Shadow.

[mp3] Panda Bear | Comfy in Nautica

Things I am rather "meh" about right now

  • SXSW. I do not care what artists you have playing there.

  • Traveling again this weekend.

  • Citibank canceling my debit card to "protect my checking account" from identity theft. That's great, but how about telling me before you do it next time, okay?

  • Coughing up green stuff.

  • Still being sick after three days.

Don't talk back to Darth Vader. He'll get ya!

Also last week, the network announced the renewal of 11 of its scripted shows for the 2008-2009 offering.  Among those named for renewal are five procedurals, three crime dramas, two sitcoms and one supernatural drama.  Surprisingly, it does not include How I Met Your Mother.

CBS renews The Big Bang Theory but not HIMYM?



Even though my big project at work has yet to officially launch (next week, hopefully) it appears as though I am through the worst of it. And by worst of it, I mean working 31 out of the last 33 days (as of the end of last week). I let out one helluva an exhale on Friday night while I was on the plane back from Orlando. I think it's safe to say that no one needed this three day weekend more than I did.

So what did I do with my time off?

  • Spent some QT with the future Mrs. Leafblower.

  • Reacquainted myself with Mr. Pink. Reacquainted Mr. Pink with the laser pointer.

  • Ran some errands, did some laundry. Exciting!

  • Ate at Ruth's Chris (food was excellent, the service not so much).

  • Watched the slam dunk contest, which was pretty amazing. Although the first two dunks by Gerald and Dwight Howard were the best. That cupcake stunt blew my mind.

  • Slept in every day.

  • On Guto's recommendation, watched Once in a Lifetime with utter amazement.

  • Wanted to go snowboarding but when the temps hit the high 60's yesterday, headed to the National Zoo instead (hence the photo).

  • Had a blast at the drag queen brunch at Perry's in Adams Morgan.

  • Bought a new pair of adidas.

So yeah, not too shabby. I'm still digging out from my time away (I have 200 things saved in my Bloglines that I wanted to post about or mention), but hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon.

We're still moving things around, but welcome to the new design. RSS readers, click through!

There are still some tweaks and modifications to come, but in the meantime, please let me know if you click on something and it doesn't work.



Hello wonderful people of the interwebs.

Sorry for being out of touch lately. I've been slaving away on work related web stuff 10 hours a day, seven days a week and the last thing I want to do when I have a tiny bit of downtime is get in front of the computer and blog.

So I'll just let you know that I finally get why sports fans everywhere are so obsessive about Erin Andrews. Oh and that Marissa Miller, she's also moderately attractive.

Hey, look at that! Someone else thinks R.E.M.'s Accelerate is going to be pretty good. Color me cautiously optimistic.

Oh yeah, I'm totally in agreeance with Lefsetz here. Because tickets went on sale so early, I already know what my birthday present is. But there are much worse things that going to see My Morning Jacket at Radio City Music Hall on your birthday. Thanks Ms. Smith! I promise to act surprised. I hope they do something special, like break out the luau outfits or wear those crazy boots held together by scotch tape.

BTW, I downloaded this MMJ show in MP3 format and am enjoying it thoroughly. Do any of you kind souls out there in cyberspace have the live MMJ show that was available as a podcast from the iTunes Music Store? The link there appears to be dead.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. I need to go play fetch with Mr. Pink. He gets bored easily.

See you soon soonish.

You sujck at Photoshop.

The R.E.M., Modest Mouse & The National tour hits the greater D.C. area on June 11th. I might have to cough up some cash for that one.

Facing the Music - Record-label woes, lineup changes, trouble at home, and an alluring new bass player on the road: a diary of a rock 'n' roll divorce from the founder of Luna. {via}

PS - Dean and Britta have a blog.

Music Industry Power Top Ten.

Shit, U2 moves its business to a tax haven, Bono goes VC and the band hasn’t released a great album in fifteen years, since "Achtung Baby". If this is the future, I want NO PART OF IT!

Banksy attracts the press attention, but around him is an increasingly influential movement of political artists operating outside the mainstream.

"A single newspaper photograph has triggered a debate over logging practices in the Northwest. The photo shows a clear-cut hillside that slid into a creek during last month’s Pineapple Express storms. Mud and debris in streams and rivers helped contribute to devastating record floods in Southwest Washington."

20 years of Sub Pop...

British Sea Power keyboard player in stage diving accident.

Ghostface to downloaders: 'I thought y'all motherfuckers loved me!'

I Fixed That Copyright Problem On The Internet - "I decided to take it upon myself to address the raging debate about copyright on the internet. I created an alternate internet for people who want to give their content away without attribution or payment. I’m calling it the shitternet. Just direct your browser to shit:// and start grabbing stories and photos and video to make a page everyone will want to visit. This is going to be so AWESOME. It will be a place where people can mash-up and repurpose everything thats posted and consumers can go and look at the same photographs and stories and videos over and over and over again only reposted on millions of blogs. And, everyone can link everyone else until the internet resembles a giant donut."

Photographers Copyright on the Internet - "We can stand around and whine as all the little bitches who have nothing worth copyrighting tell everyone who’s listening that the law is outdated and oppressive or we can go out and defend it."

Making A Living As A Photographer - "Robert Wright delivers a couple smart posts on the business of photography and that oh so important part, many photographers overlook, making sure you treat it like a business."

70-200mm Zoom Lens Reviews - "The beauty of this type of lens is that it gives you a fast lens, wide enough focal length to be useful in many everyday applications, yet the reach to really zoom in on your subject at the 200mm end of the spectrum. They are also useful for getting some nice blur in the background when shooting a subject - leaving them as the clear focal point."

36 Hours in New York - "Photography-focused NYC trip: The city is the world's media capital, so photography not only attracts artists and shutterbugs alike, but it's also a big business, fueling everything from advertising and modeling agencies to retouching labs and frame shops."

Camerapedia - "This site is a free-content encyclopedia of camera information, a repository of information about all still camera brands and models."

Best photography books of 2007.

An interview with Michael Lewis.

My full interview with Tom Smith of Editors is online now over on DCist.

I had to work most of the weekend (a trend that's going to continue for most of the month) so other than the Wizards / Celtics game, not much to report. DCist also has my game recap. It was a rugged affair, not exactly easy on the eyes. Going into the Celtic locker room after the game was a treat though. Kevin Garnett has the biggest set of earrings I've ever seen. Calling them obnoxious doesn't do them justice. Paul Pierce was rocking a sweet pin-striped suit. Due to the loss, the collective mood was quite somber, so I didn't ask any questions. Maybe next time.

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