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As you may have noticed, content has been rather lite thus far in 2008. I am super busy at work trying furiously to finish a HUGE project by the end of the month, so posting will be a bit sporadic until February.

But that doesn't mean I'm going away or anything. I'll still be doing the occasional Wizards write up for DCist and there are a bunch of shows coming up starting next week -- Editors, Yeaysayer, MGMT, Buffalo Tom and, of course, the start of the great Super Furry road trip of '08 that will take me up and down the East Coast.

And in the next 48 hours I'll be interviewing Tom Smith, Guto Pryce and Bill Janovitz. Whew.

So stay tuned.

Link Dump

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Wedding Crashers: The Perfect Girl in Typography.

What If John Edwards and Mitt Romney Worked For the University Of Virginia Sports Information Desk? Genius.

If, like me, you missed the Radiohead New Year's Webcast, here it is.

EAR FARM's Top Ten Bands To Emerge in 2007 & Ten To Watch Out For in 2008.

2007 - The Year In Pictures from the NY Times. Do yrself a favor and check this out. Some amazing stuff here.

Kottke's Best Links 2007. I'm still digging my way through this treasure trove of goodness.

I, for one, loved the Lakers "short shorts" look against the Celtics over the New year's break. What I liked less was Lamar Odom attempting his best Sean Taylor impersonation. For those watching at home, the C's try and avenge their last loss (way back on 12/19) tonight in Detroit.

Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown to front Supergroup.

Sing Sing disbands.

Elbow are back!

The KNDD site has some great live material available for downloading:

[mp3] The Kooks | Naive (live at the Crocodile)

[mp3] The Kooks | She Moves In Her Own Way (live at the Crocodile)

[mp3] Regina Spektor | Fidelity (live at Glenn Sound)

[mp3] Placebo | Meds (live at The Fenix)

[mp3] Bloc Party | I Still Remember (Live at Glenn Sound)

[mp3] Mew | The Zookeepers Boy (live at Glenn Sound

D.C.-area peeps, Beggars Banquet is looking for street teamers to help promote their upcoming shows in the area. Here are the details:

Beggars Group USA / Matador Records is looking for some folks to join their street team. Assistance would be helpful anywhere across the states though if you're in the DC area, even better!

Beggars Group and Matador Records are home to artists such as Yo La Tengo, St. Vincent, Film School, Voxtrot, Super Furry Animals, Vampire Weekend, Devendra Banhart, Cat Power, The New Pornographers and many more.

All it takes is a little bit of free time each week and a love of music. Perks include free entry into Beggars/Matador shows, free records and other goodies.

If interested or for further information please send an email along to with "Street Team" in the subject line.

For a list of all Beggars/Matador artists check out &

* kinda

[via kottke]


And so am I.

Detour Magazine interviewed yours truly earlier in the week.


I had an impromptu photo shoot with Mr. Pink the other day. Head over to Flickr for the full results.

The more I read about Facebook, the more it scares the shit out of me.

The Heroes Season 2 finale, yeah, it was pretty meh.

Now you can edit photos in Flickr.

This is the funniest thing I've seen on the interwebs in quite some time.

D.C. United will open their season on March 29 in Kansas City. The home opener is shortly thereafter v. Toronto. United is having their equipment sale on Friday. I can't go. Bah. Someone buy me a Facundo Erpen jersey. That's all I want for Xmas.*

Speaking of MLS... The Curious Economics of the Designated Player.

Wow, I guess the Red Sox are the new Yankees. Not sure how I feel about that.

MILF sale!

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends interviews Travis.

Editors are touring the US again in January.

Morrissey to NME: You have been pwned. Oh, and Moz signed a new record deal with Decca.

Dead Flowers has one of my favorite songs by Lush for your downloading pleasure.

The Super Furries are giving away MP3s for Xmas presents.

The Raveonettes are back with a new record, called Lust, Lust, Lust. Here's a taste:
[MP3] The Raveonettes | Ally, Walk With Me

* not entirely true.


The Wire, aka the best effing show on TV, graces the airwaves once again beginning January 6th! I guess I have to renew my HBO Subscription.

Peep five new promos for Season Five.


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I followed a referral link to one of those new aggregation sites that pull in yr info from the 37 various web services you (we) all use on a daily basis and this is what was displayed from my site:


I think my work is done here, people. Thank you and goodnight.

To celebrate, we'll be pre-gaming at Bar Pilar (they have TV's) before Jen Lekman tonight.
Say 8ish?
Feel free to RSVP by email.

By now you surely seen/downloaded/heard "The Thaw Session" by The Verve(and if you haven't, hop to it!), which is basically their first rehearsal after reforming. I'm kinda on the fence about it, but I think Frank makes an excellent point:
At least it sounds like The Verve and not solo Richard Ashcroft.
Urban Hymns was good and all, but it's no Northern Soul. Because Northern Soul is straight-up Godhead. When Ashcroft sang "I'm gonna die alone in bed," you had no reason to doubt him (back then. Shame.) Still, I think this bodes well for the future. Also, this finally gives me a reason to put together my favorite Verve b-sides into a post, something I've been meaning to do for about three years now. "Back On My Feet Again," anyone? Best.

Also, I vote yes on the Ride reunion. But only if they play "Time Machine." Otherwise, forget it.

Kegzies also has the new Oasis track for you to download in case you can't pony up the 99 cents (or $3.50 depending on what the exchange rate is at now). This track is straight fire though. Me likey.

Via BV, NYC Taper has last night's Morrissey show from Hammerstien Ballroom. The set list is looking pretty sweet ("Jack The Ripper" is back!, but "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" is gone), so I'm getting excited about the two times I'm going to see him next week. Yes, I am going to see him even though I am still pissed at the way he handled the last tour. My Rams Head tickets cost me $75! Ouch.

Lastly, Veronica Mars - The Complete Third Season DVD's are on sale now. Included is the Season Four pilot that never got finished. Supposedly it's pretty sweet. And yes, it was cool seeing KB on Heroes last night. I'm glad she's a bad guy.

Lots of good shows this weekend:

Child Ballads & These United States (and a whole lot of other bands) @ 9:30 Club
Child Ballads MySpace
These United States MySpace
The Brunettes & Ferraby Lionheart @ RnR Hotel
The Brunettes My Space
Ferraby Lionheart MySpace

Voxtrot w/ The Little Ones @ the Black Cat
[MP3] Voxtrot | Kid Gloves
The Little Ones MySpace

Pinback @ 9:30 Club
[MP3] Pinback | Manchuria
[MP3] Pinback | Lyon
Two Gallants & Blitzen Trapper @ RnR Hotel
[MP3] Two Gallants | The Hand That Held Me Down
[MP3] Two Gallants | Despite What You've Been Told
Blitzen Trapper MySpace

I'll be at the Voxtrot show, but other than that, I've already promised my weekend to the Red Sox.

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