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So then, my weekend in a nutshell:


Friday night Ms. Smith and I ventured to the Black Cat to see The Vita Ruins. They were giving away free copies of their E.P., Thanks For Your Concern (But We're OK), so I grabbed a few for you readers (more on that in a sec). The band sound not unlike Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- swirling, feedback-drenched guitars, sinister vocals and a driving back beat. They're obviously big shoegazer fans, which is always a good thing in my book. They drew a decent amount of people to the show, many of which were photographers, causing one person to remark "I've never seen so many photographers for a band I've never heard of." I'll be sending the copies of the E.P. I snagged as a consolation prize to those that didn't win those Editors CD's. So keep an eye on your inbox if you entered.


Saturday I ran errands during the day (I need a new camera bag) and tried to stay out of the heat. Later that night I took in the D.C. United v. FC Dallas match at RFK. Expect a short recap on DCist later today.


Can you name a better way to spend Sunday than drinking beer, eating BBQ and watching football? I think not. My only complaint was that the Brazil v. Argentina match was such a snoozer. Oh well. I spent the rest of the night editing photos. Exciting, no?

Yes, sometime my lyrics are sexist
But you lovely bitches and ho's should know
I'm trying to correct this.

Brilliant. Methinks HBO hitched it's wagon to the wrong show.

Me as a Simpsons Character

Make yours here. Post a link!


Quite the weekend. Coolfer came down for a visit, so we did it up like proper tourists. I took him to the Museum of Natural History (where I took the above photo) and the National Archives on Saturday afternoon. That evening we grabbed Mike Grass and went to Ms. Smith's pad for some pre-game burritos. Later that night we watched the Nats lose to the Land of Cleve Indians when Nook Logan got picked off of third for the last out. Nice one. We (we being everyone that was still drinking - I was driving) ended up at Wonderland for a nightcap.

Sunday, after some lady rear ended the leafmobile (only minor damages and no one was hurt) we took in the zoo during the morning and then Mike and I went to watch the first half of the Gold Cup final right after Coolfer hopped on the bus back to NYC. At halftime I wandered over to the Warehouse for the DCist photog meet-up/happy hour. I stayed there for a few hours before heading home and crashing. Whew.

Here's the game winner from the Gold Cup. Nice one!

Lastly, Okkervil River have announced a date at the Rock n' Roll Hotel on Sept. 30th.

[MP3] Okkervil River | Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe

Oh, I almost forgot. Some of my photos are up over on Express today.

The events leading to Oceanic Flight 815's crash, in succession.

Celtics trade rumors and proposals are flying fast and furious on many a Celtics message board. Do we want to trade Theo, #5 and Gerald Green to Atlanta for Joe Johnson, Shelden Williams and #11? What about a sign and trade with Seattle netting Rashard Lewis for only Theo and Delonte West? Maybe Shawn Marion excited you more? He can be had for a package similar to the proposed deal with Atlanta. My head's about to explode at the possibilities. Could not landing one of the top two picks in the draft be the best case scenario for us?

Vote for Ben Olson's goal as MLS Goal of the Week! Vote, damn you! If you want to see photos from Sunday's hot United on Red Bull action, just go here.

Huffington Post, when you need a quote for a contentious sports story, who do you turn to? A blogger credentialed by both MLS and the NBA, that's who.

Kristen Bell, aka Catherine's new best friend (nope, not jealous AT ALL), hearts Veronica Mars.

Related: Veronica Mars, Season Four?

OMG! Big fucking robots are coming!

The new Paulie Walnuts Sopranos spin-off.

What’s the final price of a concert ticket? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS!

That the best Sopranos article and discussion I've seen today is happening over on Deadspin. You know, the sports blog. Will also gets cool points for referencing Raising Arizona (aka the best. movie. ever) in his Gilbert post.

As for the Sopranos finale, I loved it. The last five minutes had me so stressed out I thought I was going to puke. And that my friends, is good TV.

I got home from dinner with Ms. Smith around 10 last night, fed the Mister and settled in for some channel surfing between basketball, soccer and National Team soccer but my cable and internet were out. Apparently my whole neighborhood had an outage. Thanks Comcast! So I totally missed Lebron sucking and I didn't see Clint Dempsey find the back of the net. That was bad, but I also didn't see this, which is probably for the best. I hate ESPN. I'll be making the trip to Babylon Futbol Cafe in Arlington over the weekend to take in the Gold Cup matches there.

Also notable, assuming there are no ticket snafus like I experienced for Bloc Party (not on the list) and The Bravery (on the list, but didn't find out until this morning), I will be shooting my first ever arena show tonight when I travel out to the Patriot Center to see Nelly Furtado and Kenna. Should be interesting. Does Nelly F. do anything off of her first record, or does she completely disown it?

Movable Type 4 is out in Beta. They're also going open source.

Hopefully this means good things for MT. I'm going to give it a shot before deciding if I jump ship to Wordpress.

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