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New Futureheads!

Sounds great, like they got sick of being such wusses on the last record.

Loud and fast, rinse, repeat.

Pretty please.

The band will give you a free download of the track "Broke Up The Time" if you give them your post code and email. Done!

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IMG_2243.JPG "The album was mastered and completed in the first week of March. It was then taken immediately to a vinyl pressing plant. Then to a CD pressing plant. Then preparations to sell it digitally began. March 25th became the soonest date to have it available in EVERY FORMAT AT ONCE. The band have done no interviews or advertisements for this record before this announcement.

The purpose: to get the album to the fans as soon as possible and as we promised. We wanted to get this record to fans, the press, radio, etc., all at the EXACT SAME TIME so that no one has an upper hand on anyone else regarding it’s availability, reception or perception.

With this release, The Raconteurs are forgoing the usual months of lead time for press and radio set up, as well as forgoing the all important “first week sales”. We wanted to explore the idea of releasing an album everywhere at once and THEN marketing and promoting it thereafter. The Raconteurs would rather this release not be defined by it’s first weeks sales, pre-release promotion, or by someone defining it FOR YOU before you get to hear it."

Can't say I'm a huge fan or anything, but it's cool to see bands trying out new types of release strategies with an eye towards long term sales.


At least for the first leg of the tour. Drat. I really wanted Underworld.

They still might be doing the second leg of the tour, and if that's the case, anyone want to go to the Philly show with me?

Get a free four track EP by Liars by clicking here.

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In the interest of lateness (this shows almost a week old) and brevity, let me just say that I enjoyed Say Hi's show last week at the Black Cat immensely. I was a bit worried when only two people got up on stage, but I was pleasantly surprised at how full and alive their sound was. On CD, the band's sound is a bit slick and lifeless, but live, it's much more organic and "rock" sounding. The lead singer has the "Awwww, shucks" shtick down pat, and had the surprisingly young crowd eating out of his hand.

I should also mention that the sound in the Backstage was great - head and shoulders above what it used to be like. I think I've mentioned this the last few shows I've seen in that room, but it's worth noting. The band also deserves props for taking like 10 minutes on the changeover. They literally set up the drums, banged the snare a few times, strummed the guitar to make sure the amp worked and then went at it. Respect.

Unbeknownst to me, Quaterlifeparty and Instrumental Analysis were also at the gig.

Full photo gallery after the jump.


With their SXSW performance tomorrow (you can listen to the webcast on NPR) and the news that Accelerate will debut on iLike/Facebook on March 24th, the hype for R.E.M.'s new album is everywhere. I sure as hell hope it lives up to expectations. Editors lead singer Tom Smith liked what he heard from the album when I talked to him in January.

Here's the first video from the album, for the track "Supernatural Superserious," a decent song but not a classic by any means.

If you want a classic, try this on for size:

[mp3] R.E.M. | So. Central Rain (live in Cologne, 2001)

You can get the entire show (2 CD's worth) here.

I'm still excited about seeing Stipe & Co. this summer with Modest Mouse and The National. I haven't seen R.E.M. since the Up tour. I just couldn't bear to pay the $75 for tickets to DAR last time they toured.


While the rest of the music blogging world is heading to Austin, it's time for me to go for mine. I am very happy to announce that information leafblower dot com is putting on its first-ever concert featuring Robbers on High Street with The City Veins at the Rock and Roll Hotel on April 3rd. I've been a Robbers fan for a while now, especially after The Fatalist and Friends EP, so I'm super-stoked to be hosting them here in our fair city. The City Veins are an up-and-coming D.C. band that have been generating some great local buzz. Should be a lot of fun.

You can buy advance tickets here.

Here is the video for "Crown Victoria," the latest track from the Robbers on High Street album Grand Animals.

[mp3] Robbers on High Street | Married Young

[mp3] The City Veins | Strike Up The Band
[mp3] The City Veins | Toe The Line Band

Grab you some Neon Neon tracks. That's the new collabo between Gruff Rhys and producer Boom Bip. I've been rocking "Raquel" on my iTunes for the last few weeks.

Paging Kegzies! Swervedriver have reunited for an upcoming NYC gig.

No Pavement reunion any time soon? Maybe? Pretty please? Just not for Coachella.

Related: TLOBF, one of my fave UK blogs, talks to Senor Malkmus.

Doves new album “moving along nicely.” Rock.

Spiritualized's new record, Songs in A&E, will get a US release!

New Mew? Yes please. Maybe then I will stop listening to And the Glass Handed Kites and Frengers. But I doubt it.

Completely unrelated: D.C. United season starts in just a few days time. Woo hoo!

Sadly, Pela's March 14th show at the Rock n' Roll Hotel has been canceled, along with the rest of their tour.


During last night’s show at Schuba’s in Chicago Billy fell off the stage, landing on a broken pint glass. This happened during the triumphant finale of the set; the stage was crowded with people dancing and singing to ‘Cavalry’, while a strobe light turned their vision into a cut screen movie. His left hand has a gash on the palm, and a deep slice in his pinky finger which also cut tendons.

We regrettably must announce that Schuba’s was the last night of the tour.

We promise to make up each and every show as soon as possible and apologize to everyone who purchased tickets. Arrangements are being made with all of the clubs on how best to handle the situation. We will have more information soon.

Webmaster note: you can send your best wishes to and I'll forward them to him.

Get well soon Billy.

[mp3] Pela | Cavalry (live at the Bowery Ballroom)

**[UPDATE - 03/05]**

Billy will be interviewed by John Richards on KEXP today at 8am Pacific time (11am Eastern time). You can listen online at and on air if you are lucky enough to get KEXP on your radio waves.

Billy was asked to share his thoughts about the tour, his injury, and anything else that come to mind - for everyone that bought tickets to see us on this tour.

We apologize for the last minute post, but we just found out.


These United States @ Iota - Jessie Elliot and Tom Hnatow are good friends and even better musicians. This is the first date in their forthcoming US tour that will take them all over this damn country, playing with a different backing band in every city. They are also releasing their debut record tomorrow. I highly recommend you check them out if you like your music loose and laid back.
[mp3] These United States | First Sight

Say Hi @ Black Cat - Been looking forward to this show for a while now. Their new record The Wishes And The Glitch is getting quite a few spins from me lately.
[mp3] Say Hi | Northwestern Girls
[mp3] Say Hi | Toil And Trouble
[mp3] Say Hi | Zero To Love

Jesse Malin and De Novo Dahl @ Iota

Born Ruffians w/ Cadence Weapon @ DC9

Sia w/ Har Mar Superstar @ 9:30

The Hives-2839.jpg
The Hives w/ The Donnas @ 9:30

Jukebox The Ghost @ Rock and Roll Hotel - Heard nothing but good things about JTG, but I can't seem to make it to one of their shows. Last time they were in town I was in Philly seeing the Super Furries. It's becoming a running joke at this point.



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Meanwhile in Durham...

Virgin Festival rumors...Personally I would be suprised if Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots aren't there.

Here are the last bands added to the All Points West Festival. Still rather meh in my opinion. Also, it looks like those APW will be Radiohead's only NYC area appearances.

The Charlatans have released their new record as a free download.

Art Brut: the best unsigned band in Britain?

26 tempting but inappropriate funeral songs.

It’s almost unbearable how perfect Elastica could be.

I had a fun weekend, more on that tomorrow. This should, fingers crossed, be my last week in work purgatory. Hopefully things will get back to normal next Monday.

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