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Status Check

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At work but still sick. Hence my brevity.

Things I'm loving right about now

  • Leap Day!

  • Tissues with lotion in them.

  • Ted Leo emailing me to tell me he likes the new design of the leafblower. Best.

  • PJ Brown.

  • The prospective Allen - Alien backcourt.

  • Last night's LOST episode. Holy Fuck.

  • The High Places LP 03/07 - 09/07. Saw them and loved them last year at Whartscape.

  • Panda Bear's Person Pitch. Gruff played me the first song off this album on the tour bus in D.C. It's amazing, like a Beach Boys side project produced by DJ Shadow.

[mp3] Panda Bear | Comfy in Nautica

Things I am rather "meh" about right now

  • SXSW. I do not care what artists you have playing there.

  • Traveling again this weekend.

  • Citibank canceling my debit card to "protect my checking account" from identity theft. That's great, but how about telling me before you do it next time, okay?

  • Coughing up green stuff.

  • Still being sick after three days.

MMJ strikes again! Here is a video they shot last year at Lollapalooza, comprised entirely of video taken by the audience on their cell phones, digicams and whatnot. What I love about this is they credit the people during their little snippet of video. Best. I am seriously late to this party, but I like MMJ more and more everyday.

[via Grant and his Man Ship]

If item # 2 is correct. Underworld opening for Radiohead on their US tour?

Holy fuck.

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T-O-P Man

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Noel Gallagher

Via The Tripwire, I see that the Brothers Gallagher have placed 1 and 2 in the poll of the top 50 Best Ever British Albums put on by Q Magazine and HMV. I also took great pleasure in seeing that Blur placed no higher than 25th for Parklife, proving once again that while that fookin' poof Albarn may be the critic's darling, Liam and Noel are the men of the people. All you need to do to get an understanding why is listen to this fantastic All Back to Mine BBC program recorded with Noel back in 1997 . Noel seems like someone you could go down the the corner pub and have a pint with, while even Dan Abnormal admits his own bands hates his guts.

Some other surprises (pleasant and otherwise); Keane placing twice in the top 13, The Manics The Holy Bible, Songs of Faith and Devotion from Depeche Mode, only one album for The Who and no New Order.

Here's the Top Five, full list after the jump.

01. Definitely Maybe Oasis
02. (What's The Story) Morning Glory? Oasis
03. OK Computer Radiohead
04. Revolver The Beatles
05. The Stone Roses The Stone Roses


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Can I get a w00t w00t?

The perfect way to start a three day weekend.

Anybody else score? My ticket buying experience was surprisingly easy.

"Weird Fishes / Arpeggi"

Is it me or does Ed O'Brien totally make this song? He's the new Mike Mills. His band's songs don't work (or perhaps I should say work MUCH better) when his backing vocals are up high in the mix. But I digress...

"Body Snatchers"

"House of Cards"

More here.

Elbow's new track “Grounds For Divorce.”

Wow. Just amazing.



Wake me when MMJ, The Verve, Portishead and Spiritualized all do proper tours.



Let's hope it comes off better than Field Day or Across the Narrows did.


At least, so says Editors lead singer Tom Smith. Here's a snippet of the interview I conducted with him yesterday.

I've also read that you personally are a big R.E.M. fan and last year the band recorded a great cover of "Orange Crush." How do rate their more recent records? I used to be a huge fan but they've lost me with the last few albums.

The first records are the records that I continue to listen to. I'm still intrigued by new R.E.M. material. I still think there are moments of greatness on all of their records, but I was disappointed by the last record. But I still listen to New Adventures In Hi-Fi quite a bit.

That is by far their most underrated record.

It's too long and there are too many songs on it but as far as ideas go, there are some great songs on there. It's a record they wrote and recorded on the road, which is quite an accomplishment. But yeah, they've had a bit of a shake up and now their recording with Jacknife Lee.

I think they needed things turned on its head. I've heard half of the record and it sounds like they're having fun. A lot of fun. And it sounds loud as well. I've only heard it once and it hasn't really sunk in yet, but yeah, I think they're doing the right thing.
Head over to DCist early next week for the entire interview.

Editors are on currently on tour here in the States. They hit the 9:30 Club next Tuesday.

[mp3] Editors | Orange Crush

[mp3] R.E.M. | Just A Touch (live in the studio)

[mp3] R.E.M. | Crush With Eyeliner (live on T.V.)

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