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Read it here yesterday, read it on Idolator today. Unattributed, obvs.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence, right?

Anyhoo, if you want a copy of the song, grab it on their dime. The citizens of the Hype Machine maxed out my bandwidth until the 16th.

Organized Moo I survived Orlando and made it back to D.C. over the weekend. And by survived, I mean that I did not:

1) Collapse and die at a Florida casino.

2) Get arrested for attempted murder at the Orlando airport after driving for 9 hours in a pair of diapers.

3) Die at the animal shelter fire.

4) Get arrested for child porn while working at Disney.

So I guess that means it was a good trip! Dude, Florida is nutty.

I ordered some Moo cards before I left and they arrived Saturday. Be warned, if I see you this week, I'll probably slip you one. And there's a good chance I'll see you this week, as I have a hectic schedule.


Unbuckled 5 @ DC9!
Pela w/ These United States
Only $8. I put this show together, so you better come out and represent.

Lily Allen @ 930

Saturday & Sunday


As you might guess, I'm totally swamped at work today, so here are some MP3's to keep you busy:

[MP3] Sloan | Another Way I Could Do it
I played this song constantly while I was in Orlando. You really need to buy the new Sloan record. It's teh awesome.

[MP3] Keane | She Sells Sanctuary
Yes, this is a cover of The Cult. it's 10x better than you'd think it would be. Thank Torr for this beauty.

[MP3] Lily Allen v. Stone Roses | Waterlily
LDN meets Waterfall. Brilliant.

Believe it or not, I wasn't into the Britpop when I went to college back in the halcyon days on the early 90's. The grunge revolution was at hand and I was all about Seattle and the Beastie Boys. Yes, Kurt Cobain turned me on to Teenage Fanclub, but other than the odd Ned's Atomic Dustbin CD, that was about as close to Britpop as I ventured.

My freshman year at ECU, my next door neighbor in Belk dorm was a guy named John Smith. Everyone called him Jellybean (long story). He was from Charlotte, aka "the big city." He listened to Ride, The Smiths and a whole bunch of bands with weird accents that I had never heard of before. He more or less turned me on to Morrissey. But the first CD of his that I couldn't stop listening to was Reading, Writing and Arithmetic by The Sundays. This CD changed my whole musical landscape. Pretty soon I got a CMJ sampler with a song called "Live Forever" on it and away I went. If it wasn't for Jellybean, this blog might be all about Mudhoney and Skinny Puppy. I also had a huge, huge crush on Harriet Wheeler, so that didn't hurt.

Also, quick story. The second night we were at college, Jellybean got hammered while we were out party hopping and went back to the dorm by himself. He forgot his keys so he did what any trashed college kid would do, try to climb up into his second story room and enter via the open window. Unfortunately the AC unit he started climbing on to make it up there belonged to the RA of the dorm, who was female. Oh, and did I mention that Jellybean took off his jeans, which were too tight, to make his climb easier? The RA thought someone was trying to break into her room and sexually assault her, so she called campus police. And when they showed up, Jellybean soon realized he didn't have his ID on him. The cops would ask him his name and he would said "John Brown." They didn't believe him. "No, seriously, what is your name?" etc. This line of questioning went on for quite some time.

It eventually got worked out and he didn't get in (much) trouble, but from that point on, I knew living beside him was going to be an adventure. And it was. Ah, college.

I like short hair Thom much better than 80's hair metal Thom.

The Archers of Loaf performing "Form and File" and "Scenic Pastures" on Australian TV. Fuck The Police, this is the reunion I want.

I'm probably showing my age here, but does anyone else remember the Jon Stewart show on MTV? Wikipedia says it ran from 1992-1995. Anyways, they used to have great musical guests on this show. Here's one of my all time favorite groups, Buffalo Tom, performing "Summer":


No, I didn't go see the Chili Peppers at the Verizon Center last night, but with them in town, at least I have an excuse to run a photo or two from my pictures from the Virgin Fest.

Flea @ Virgin Fest

Also - slightly related, but not really - I have a ton of promo CD's taking up valuable frolicking space for Mr. Pink in my apartment. So I'm going to give them to some of you all. All you have to do is email me here and give me your Superbowl pick. Horsies or Bears. That's it. I'll fill as many jiffy's as I can with a few CD's each and send them out sometime next week. Make sure you leave me your address.

I saw Bono walking down 16th street on my way into work today. He was scruffy looking and shorter than you'd think. Not that I'm one to talk. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me and I couldn't think of anything smart-alecky to say to him.

Other awesomeness:
Keane covering The Cult!

Buddyhead has Noel Gallagher's Melbourne Australia gig for your downloading pleasure. I have a big Oasis post that I've been working on for a week or two and I just can't seem to finish. Hopefully I'll have it for you guys next week.


| |

Re: The reunion of the James gang. If someone put a gun to my head (please don't) and said to me "All right you effing Gemini, Mr. I-have-to-have-two-of-everything, no good, talentless blogger. I want you to tell me your favorite song of all time. Not two, just one," well, we'd probably be there for a while while I weighed my options. But this song might very well be the pick:

[MP3] James | Sometimes (Lester Piggot)

I also found some live goodies on my hard drive:
[MP3] James | Runaground (live)
[MP3] James | Laid (live)

Let me be the 48th person to welcome both the Gorilla and Peabs back to the interwebs. Both were sorely missed. Flazzum!

They nuked Valencia! I finally get to watch 24, Heroes and Veronica Mars tonight. So my embargo on these shows lasts one more day. Shhhhhhh.

Does anyone else read Lefsetz Letter as obsessively as me? Good stuff. To wit:

Oh, I liked Robbers On High Street. And the Modest Mouse track wasn’t bad… But listening to the Shins you’ll wonder what all the hype is about. Hell, CD sales aren’t only off because of iPods, this stuff just doesn’t grab you, not unless you’re hooked to begin with.


CDs can no longer sell even 70,000 copies a week. Let me put that in perspective… In a country of 300 million, that’s less than .03%!! Even MTV, with its historically low ratings, would have to shut down if that few people were watching. Sure, somebody is interested, but not MANY!


Oh, and the Suns? They laid the smack down last night. Like woah. It was unreal, but a joy to behold. Steve Nash is The Maestro.

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