May 18, 2006

May 2006 Playlist


Jeezy Creezy. You wouldn't think that picking out 10 or 15 newish songs, loading them into an iTunes playlist and putting a jpeg up on the interweb would take me three weeks, but...*shrug* It's been a busy month, what can I say? So here is this month's belated playlist, complete with downloadable goodies:

Art Brut | Back In Black/Formed A Band (Live) (MP3) - Just the best opening song you could ever want at a gig. Watch us play this classic riff and then - Boom!- "Formed a band! / We formed a band! / Look at us! / We formed a band!" Maybe you have to see this live to experience it's brilliance. When I heard them do this (with "Enter Sandman" instead of the AC/DC) in DC, I had a smile from ear to ear in like 2.3 seconds. Best.

Hot Hot Heat | Middle of Nowhere (MP3) - I don't like Hot Hot Heat. Too yelpy. That said, this song (which is not newish by any means) is great. Why this wasn't the first single from Elevator, I'll never know. Much less annoying that "Goodnight, Goodnight." This is actually a proper tune, perfect for radio. And when the back up vocals come in with 30 seconds left in the song, they totally have me hooked.

The Rakes | Work, Work, Work (Pub Club Sleep) (MP3) - A nice little jangly tune. Starts out like "Sister Surround" and then morphs into a Bloc Party-ish, dance rock toe-tapper. I still get these guys mixed up with Brakes.

Massive Attack | Protection (MP3) - What can I say about Massive Attack that hasn't been said? That they left "Daydreaming" off of the Greatest Hits compilation that this track comes from? In a career full of peaks, this might be MA's best song. I like it so much I picked up Everything But The Girl's Greatest Hits at Tower last week. I love when the rain comes in at the end. Perfection.

New Apple Store in NYC.

Like Woah. Nice.


I have to see this.

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April 6, 2006

April 2006 Playlist


Maximo Park | My Life In Reverse (MP3)
"Some things are worth the bruises / Some things are worth the hurt / I like the way / Your face looks towards me." Ok, I'll say it. The new Wedding Present? This B-Sides collection is one of the best records I've heard this year.

Royksopp | Go With The Flow (MP3)
A Queens of the Stone Age cover. Obvs.

Phoenix | Long Distance Call (MP3)
Yet another band that can out-Strokes the Strokes now. Very happy DC is getting one of their five US tour dates. I'm there.

Previously posted:
Billy Bragg

There are a TON of Bloc Party remixes available for your downloading pleasure.

The Agenda is going on hiatus for a little while. We'll let you know when and if we start back up. Until then, there's always...

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March 3, 2006

March 2006 Playlist


Some goodies:

The Zutons | Hello Conscience (MP3) - Love the energy in this song. It's big and bouncy. I slept on their album from a year or two ago even though I really liked their single, I may have to go back and revisit that one.

Mylo | Mars Needs Women (MP3) - More dancey goodness from Mylo. What more can I say about the guy? I like him so much that Mylo is now Mr. Pink's unofficial first name. Mylo Pink!

Arctic Monkeys | A Certain Romance (MP3) - I still think these guys are overrated, but I really like this track. I stand by my statement that The Futureheads are a better band all the way around. But I like this little jam. Seems to me most of their songs start out with a big metal-type workout, then they bring it down and get to the actual pop song underneath.

Busy weekend coming up. Stay tuned for enough photos to make your eyeballs fall out. See you at the Cue Bar tonight!

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February 7, 2006

February 2006 Playlist


White Rose Movement | Love Is A Number (MP3) - Takes the Bravery's sound blueprint and makes it hipster worthy.

The Futureheads | Area (MP3) - Can anyone tell me with a straight face that the Arctic Monkeys are better than the Futureheads?

Nethers | Mir Ill - Still blown away by their show a few weeks ago. I've been listening to their CD non-stop since then. Go and see this band when they come to your town!

Matt Pond PA | Grave's Disease (MP3) - As usual, I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but this track is so good that I had to stop what I was doing the first time I ever heard it. The song just commanded my attention. That was in December, it's been in heavy rotation ever since. It helps that it's a winter song.

The Caesars | We Got To Leave (MP3) - Yet another CD I was late on but is currently in heavy rotation. Not content to be a one hit wonder, these guys put out a very solid album that's definitely worth your money.

More MP3's here.

Ted Leo to Touch & Go. [via Chromewaves]

Listen to the new Morrissey single "You Have Killed Me." Another crappy record sleeve. WTF?

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January 8, 2006

January '06 Playlist


Here is the second half of my favorite tunes from 2005 along with some goodies to download.

Giant Drag: Slayer (MP3)

Brendan Benson: What I'm Looking For (MP3)

Harvey Danger: Wine, Women and Song (MP3)

PS - How 'bout them Panthers!

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December 6, 2005

December '05 Playlist

The Rest Will Follow


Time to start recapping the year. I haven't even begun on my Top 10 albums list (maybe this weekend?), but here are some of my favorite songs from January - June of 2005. I'll reveal the best of July - December next month.

Colin Meloy : Jack the Ripper (MP3) The Decemberists dude covers my favorite Morrissey song.

Mylo : In My Arms (MP3) Hands down my favorite song of the year. Found it in early February and never stopped listening to it. Brilliant sampling and a bouncy beat. Listen to this track four or five times in a row and tell me if you don't get a huge smile across your face.

Cartel : Fleets (MP3) - This DC group is now known as Cedars. I'm too lazy to change my MP3 tags. These guys are at the Black Cat on December 16th.

Doves : Walk In The Fire (MP3) A forgotten song from a CD that probably won't make many Top 10 lists(I don't see it making mine), but that doesn't mean it's not good. Yay for album cuts!

ProductShopNYC interviews Sam Champion and the band works in two refernces to O'Connors, the best dive bar (ever) located in my old hood of Park Slope. Apparently Elliot Smith wrote most of X/O there. Who knew?

The dude from OK Go wrote an op/ed for the NY Times. Wait, where have I seen that article before?

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November 7, 2005

November '05 Playlist

Soft Rock


Mylo:Soft Rock (MP3) This track is reportedly a live favorite from Mylo's DJ sets. Not what I expected, but it's still the hottness. [Thanks Bushra!]

We Are Scientists:The Great Escape (MP3) - This is the most dance rock tune of all the WAS songs I've downloaded. Good stuff.

Giant Drag:Slayer (MP3) My favorite track from the Giant Drag album. I officially have a crush on Annie, the lead singer. They're playing Chicago two days before I get there. :(

You can download the SFA track here and the Lush track here. Oneloudernyc has a Tom Vek song for you to download if you are so interested. Just scroll down and look for it on the right side. I meant to put "Pearl's Girl" up for download but I guess I forgot. It's scary how many times I've listened to that song. Crazycrazycrazycrazycrazy.

How to deal with your crazy attack cat.

More details on the forthcoming Futureheads EP.

Oasis Eupropean tour dates for 2006.

Bends-era Radiohead DVD on the way.

Paging Pyg in a Blanket. Possible Smoking Popes reunion! I've got to break out "Need You Around" at the next Saint Ex bluestate. PS - Save the date.

Is Terrell Owens the Pete Doherty of the NFL or is Pete Doherty the Terrell Owens of the music industry? Either way, both get way more press than they deserve.

So hott. Don't bother going to the Panthers website, this is all you'll get.

So excited for the Super Furry show tomorrow! Reports from NYC about their gig on Saturday are pretty much nonexistent. I think Spoon were also playing the same night. I'm kinda surprised at the lack of press behind this tour. All I've seen for them is this substandard interview from DC's AOL Digital City. I emailed the band's PR rep about an interview for DCist but have heard nada in return. No matter, I'll just talk to the band myself(more on that later), but I was trying to go through the proper channels and everything. So much for that. Why would the publicist want to get back in touch with me? I'm just trying to give her client some effing press. Argh. Same thing happened to me at last night's Tom Vek show. I had two PR/promo rep's contact me about reviewing the show but did either of them follow through with it? Nope. So no DCist review for you. But I digress...

That aside, the Vek show was brilliant. Much better than his record(which is really growing on me). According to Oneloudernyc, Tom played everything on the record himself, and it sounds like it. The live version, complete with 4 piece band, was much better. The album is kinda cold and mechanical, while the live show was very in your face and organic. His bassist was amazing and really brought out a new vibe for Vek's songs. They played some b-side that sounded like a long lost Police tune, which was very cool. The sound in the Backstage left alot to be desired, so much so that Vek continually apologized for the bad sound during the show, but the band played through it and the crowd really appreciated it. There were only about 30 people there, but Vek really went for it during his performance. That's always appreciated. See my Tom Vek pictures over at Flickr.

I liked the openers, The Mobius Band too. I got their record a few months ago and didn't write anything about it because I could not figure out how to describe their sound and do it justice (dancey-Pavement?). But they were fun and lively last night so I'll have to go back and listen to that CD again. See my pictures of the Mobius Band on Flickr.

Also, it's official. I have no idea how to work the manual settings for my new camera. Totally effing clueless. So I'm going to have to take a class or something. Anyone familiar with the Washington School of Photography? Yea or nay?

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October 3, 2005

October '05 Playlist

What I'm Looking For


This month's image is kinda big, so click on the thumbnail for an image that's readable. Boy, these monthly mixes have gotten much better now that I'm actually getting some new music. Goodies:

Brendan Benson: What I'm Looking For (MP3) - I'm going to let you in on a little secret, one that I just found out myself. This Brendan Benson record is effing incredible. Go buy it. I don't want say there's no way you won't like it, but that's kinda how I feel about it. I got it on Friday and listened to it all weekend. It's like some weird 70's-centric radio station that plays album cuts by bands you've never heard of but all the songs sound kinda familiar. And so, so good. This better be the second single.

Harvey Danger: Wine, Women and Song (MP3) - Remember that band that wrote that really catchy and great song that got overplayed to death so you ended up kinda not liking them? Well, they've released other material since then, and it's better. I'm hoping these guys have a Nada Surf-esque return to the music public's consciousness, because they've done similar things, it just seems like no one knows about it. I played this song at our brunch gig last week and two or three people came up and asked me what it was. Typical Sean: We hit the wall, it was not resilient / She said that she was hungry and I was brilliant / And who the hell am I to disagree? / Didn't you used to be someone who meant something to me?

Supergrass: Kick In The Teeth (MP3) - This was the other record I listened to all weekend. I fell for all the super enthusiastic record reviews for their last album, Life on Other Planets, bought it, and hated it. My expectations were very low for this record, but the band slowed their tempo and changed up their sound to great effect. Dare I say that Supergrass have made a mature record? I'm not sure, but the band that's always been in search for a decent verse to go with their killer choruses has made a great, laid back record.

Suede: Asbestos (MP3) - I was never a huge fan while they were around, but I've been OD'ing on the Suede catalog lately. Killer line in this song: The suburban girls / and they're making noise / And they're making eyes / at suburban boys

So I'm really torn about the Super Furry show in NYC. I want to go, but I've heard less than stellar things about Webster Hall and tickets are $18. Plus, the only two delivery options are either 2nd day UPS ($14!!!) or will call. Has it always been like this on Ticketweb? Can they not put a frickin' stamp on my tickets and mail them to me?

Remember that Giant Drag CD I said I liked last week? We're giving away an autographed copy over at bluestate.

Mine! Muahahahahahaha! I got so excited I bought this and this since the seller was nice enough to let me combine shipping on everything.

When did Rolling Stone start selling MP3's?

A loss on Saturday and some fuzzy math gave the division to the Evil Empire, but the Sox still sealed the deal on Sunday. Man, is it October already? Last October was such a crazy time, I'm not sure I'm ready to hop back on that train again. Wait, who am I kidding, of course I am!

An excellent question. If you find out, be sure to let me know.

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September 8, 2005

September '05 Playlist


Albums I loaded into iTunes over the last month:
The Cure, Staring at the Sea, Weezer, Pinkerton Liz Phair, Exile In Guyville Cut Copy, Bright Like Neon Love, Nouvelle Vague, Self Titled The Streets, Original Pirate Material Tahiti 80, A Piece of Sunshine , Echo & The Bunnymen, Live In Liverpool, Wedding Present, Take Fountain, Soul Coughing, Ruby Vroom, Diana Ross & The Supreme's, The No. 1's, New Order, Waiting For the Sirens Call

I know, not a whole lot of new stuff, but the above list is whole records, not random tracks that I get from the various corners of the internets. Some tracks for your downloading pleasure.

Brakes: Heard About Your Band (MP3) - If Damore ever writes a hit song, it's going to be very simliar to this, right down to the "Whatever dude!" at the very end. Two minutes of glorious shit talking.

Elbow: The Stops (MP3)- Unlike the rest of the new record, this track is soothing and chill. A welcome change of pace that harks back to their prog past just a bit.

Nouvelle Vague: A Forest (MP3)- Cure covers are so best.

Cut Copy: The Twilight (MP3)- This is definitely geting some love on Saturday night. I love the guitar breakdown in this track. I can't decide if I want to dance along or play air guitar.

Sia: Breathe Me (Mylo Remix) (MP3) - I don't watch Six Feet Under and haven't for years, so fuck off. I've never even heard the original version of this track. I gave this a listen (and liked it) for one reason only. M-Y-L-O, unofficial information leafblower artist of the year. Respect to Seeking Irony for passing this track along to me.

Anyone else stay up past one in the AM to see the conclusion of the Andre Agassi v. James Blake match last night? It was electrifying stuff with Agassi winning in five sets. Blake won the first two sets in just over an hour and Agassi looked every bit the 35 year old geezer, spraying balls all over the court. Blake was on fire but cooled off after he lost his chance to clinch the match in the third. He was dazed in the fourth, but broke Agassi early in the fifth and served for the match. But Agassi laid the smack down in that game, smashing some amazing service return winners past Blake before he even knew what was happening. Blake had his chances again in the fifth set tiebreaker, but Agassi just hung in there and strung together the last three points, even after Blake staved off one match point. The match, which was full of drama at every turn, was too sloppy to be labeled a classic, but it was still worth losing some sleep over. Good stuff. 23710669.jpg Unfortunately, now that Blake is out of the tourney, no more gratuitous shots of his girlfriend, Jennifer Scholle. I would also like to state, for the record, that Andre Agassi looks weird in Adidas.

The Sports Guy drops his NFL preview.

Say a prayer for Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach today. Rumour has it that he's in a coma at an un-named hospital here in DC.

Paul Pierce rumoured to be on the way to the Nugs for Nene and Andre Miller. Say it ain't so!

A host of the UK's best and brightest are going into recording studios today to record the new War Child album.

Pitchfork calls the new Elbow record "dull". Don't believe it, that album rocks hard.

Depeche Mode tour dates.

New iPod and iTunes phone. Both look nice (obvs.) but I don't see me updowngrading anytime soon.

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August 4, 2005

August 2005 Playlist

Keep What Ya Got


Sorry for the delay on this, I know it's been a long time coming. However, the good news is I have downloads for everyone!

Elbow: Leaders of the Free World (MP3) - The title track from their upcoming record. Make sure you're sitting down when you give it a listen. The drums remind me of Blur's Tender.

Editors: Blood (MP3) - The English Interpol, only judging by this track, a tad more upbeat. Very similar sounds. I love the lyrics here, Blood runs through our veins / That's where our similarities end. Looking forward to hearing their full length.

The Charlatans: I Don't Want to See the Sights (MP3) - This was the last cut from the battle royale playlist of last month's bluestate. I love the guitar riff in this song, even if it does sound very 1992.

Longwave: Tell Me I'm Wrong (MP3) - My favorite song from their new record, which was produced by John Leckie.

Shout Out Louds: Very Loud (MP3) - This song doesn't really sound like anything else on their record, but I like the Old 97's vibe of this song.

Mike Doughty: Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well (MP3) - I was a huge fan of Soul Coughing (their first two records anyways) but I quit paying attention to Doughty after he went solo. I found this track on a compilation and am really digging it. He actually learned how to sing.

A quick aside about Soul Coughing. I saw them at Irving Plaza in the summer of 1996 or 1997 and near the end of the show, Doughty went around and introduced everyone in the band to the crowd and when he got around to himself, he said, "And human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does."

Following up my thoughts yesterday about how the Lookout! v. Green Day situation might effect Ted Leo, on his website, Ted says he will have an official statement soon. Ted is playing live on the internets at the World Cafe in Philly today at 2 PM EST. Go here for more info.

New live DVD from The Police is on the way. I was never really a fan but I've been on a big kick lately, mostly buying all of their vinyl.

New Goldie Lookin' Chain!

Like woah. A multi button Apple mouse. New Apple store in Pentagon City opens on Saturday.

Adidas to buy Reebok.

If you like baseball, go read Peter Gammons' latest column. It has the details of the Manny trade that never was.

Derek Lowe has been a bad, bad man. He left his wife of seven years and two kids for Carolyn Hughes, the Fox Sports reporter that covers the Dodgers. Hello conflict of interest! And she's scary looking to boot!

The Sports Guy on The Trade.

Jon Sencio and the Pooper, BFF!


The State of the Blogosphere.

I left DCSOB out of my "people are moving soon" pitty party yesterday because he's already packed up and moved to Chicago. And since he can't rightly be DCSOB in Chi-Town, he's started a new blog titled Thrown For A Loop. Eat some deep dish for me, yo.

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May 31, 2005

June 05 Playlist



Feist : Secret Heart (MP3) - Feist is so best. Check out this interview she did with Junkmedia (via Chromewaves, natch). I like her analogy about collaborating with other artists.
Gene : Save Me, I'm Yours (MP3) - Gene take a stab at writing their own version of Well I Wonder and don't do half bad. I was also gonna post WIW for you to download and compare but then I realized that if you don't have a copy of Meat Is Murder, I can't do nothin' for ya man.
The Futureheads : Meantime (MP3) - I am so effing addicted to this record and in particular, this song. Playing the 930 club on Saturday. Full tour dates here. Go see them if you missed them first time around!

Already up for downloading:
Rufus Wainwright : Vibrate (MP3)
Lali Puna : B-Movie (MP3)
Delakota : The Rock (MP3)

Quite the holiday weekend, including a few DC firsts for your truly. Friday night was the houseparty which was alot of fun. We had a very diverse crowd and I got to play alot of the hip hop I've been dying to drop at our regular bluestate gigs. Motherfuckers went nuts when I dropped I Know You Got Soul, and rightly so. The party was alot of fun, but the most buzz belonged to Kanishka who arrived at the party with none other than Jessica Cutler, creating quite the buzz among the blog dorkerati. I was spinning during most of her time there but everyone that talked to her said she was v. cool and not what they expected (in a good way). Since I didn't live here when all that went down, it wasn't such a big deal for me, but I can now say I've DJ'ed for someone that's posed in Playboy.

Saturday consisted of basketball, wine and Season Two of Chapelle's Show on DVD.

Sunday I rounded up a few friends and headed over to Scott's house for Porkfest Oh Five. He cooked a boatload of pork and I drank my share of beers, but not enough for Scott to convince me to sell my car and buy a real hog. I told him motorcycles aren't conducive to trips to IKEA. But don't tell Tyler Durden that. On our way to the party, we saw none other than Donald Rumsfeld in Woodley Park, heading to Baskin Robbins, presumably for some mint chocolate chip action. The "No sir, we are not secret service men, we are simply tourists in khakis that have earpiece's" following him around were too funny.

Monday I was pretty much a bum and stayed in, fixed some stuff on the site and had some QT with Mr. Pink. Expect the rest of the visual record later this week.

I have a packed week this week. Tonight is Nats v. Braves, tomorrow is Chuck Palahniuk's reading at the National Press Club and then the aforementioned Spoon and Futureheads shows this weekend. Luckily I went to the gym three times over the long weekend.

Oh! And I finally got my artwork framed and up on my wall.


Bitchfork give the new Oasis jawn a 4.7 mostly because 1) it's not as good as their first two albums (shocker!) and 2) it's much cooler to hate on Oasis than to like them. Moving on...

Liam sez Bloc Party aren't so bad.

OMG! SUPER FURRY ANIMALS have revealed that their infamous onstage yetis will be replaced this year by something "so new it doesn't even have a name". Quoth Gruff: "There is gonna be something but it's gonna be post-robots. It's very futuristic, whereas the robot is history. The thing is, this thing is so new it doesn't even have a name."

In semi-related news, going to the Isle of Wight Fest in September just lost alot of it's appeal since Moz dropped off the bill. And get this, Moz is fucking pissed about the way this was handled. To wit: I have not ever, at any time, agreed to play the Isle of Wight Festival. The announcement that I would play was made by Sanctuary—and it was their error. However, record companies will never take the blame for their own mistakes and Sanctuary’s press statement today reflects this.

In truth, I am not at all under pressure with the follow-up to You Are The Quarry—everything is in hand, and ready. However, my contract with Sanctuary ended last year and hasn’t been renewed. Hence, no promotional appearances for Live At Earls Court or the accompanying single. Surely somebody noticed?

Secondly, I have NOT parted company with Deano, and I am annoyed that Sanctuary have thrown this in without consulting either Deano or myself. But that’s just the way it goes. Call it anything other than what it is.

Thirdly, I have no connection at all with the site called It is controlled by Sanctuary and I am neither consulted nor involved.

Ok then...

Reni is on board for the Stone Roses reunion.

Lastly, summer is officially here! To celebrate, I have three Louis XIV CD's (one full length and two EP's) to give away. Email me over at leafblowergives at gmail dot com and I'll email the winners on Friday. And if winning free CD's is your thing, make sure you check out the weekly bluestate giveaway.

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May 9, 2005

June 2004 Playlist

The Price Of Gas


Some more treats:

Brassneck:The Wedding Present (MP3) - My favorite Wedding Present song ever. For some reason this is a HUGE file, so be patient with the download.

Feist: Inside And Out (MP3) - I love the shivery little sequencer high notes during the chorus. They drew me right in the first time I heard this track. The string and horn accents give this song some nice flourishes. I can't quit listening to this record. It's so good. She's playing the Black Cat this week!

Spoon:The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine (MP3) - Fucking hell, I love this band. Waaaay back in my first ever post (which becomes more cringeworthy every time I read it) I hoped to explain why Spoon isn't the biggest band in the world, something I have failed at miserably. I think this song is just as poppy and catchy as Coldplay's new one(listen to those cello's!). And unlike that bunch of stoodents, Spoon are constantly evolving their sound.

Head on over to She's Bitter and download yet another Feist song. She also has details on how you can get that Stars album I like for very cheap.

I would post that Oasis song but I don't want to get prosecuted.

Did you download the two tracks from yesterday?

Hellz yeah! Mark your calendars people.
June 1st.
National Press Club.
You, me and this guy!
Full tour dates here.
Maybe now I can finally get a decent picture with him.
Get you fill of Chucky P media drooling right here.

How was your weekend? I bought a new pair of jeans and went to Kriston's for a kick ass BBQ. People from Texas can cook some mean brisket. Dayum. Thanks for the invite!

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April 4, 2005

April 2005 Playlist

It's No Good


As you can probably tell, the extra space on my iPod is being filled up with a bunch of CD's in my collection that I didn't have space for until now, so this month's playlist reflects some of the things I've recently added to my iTunes library. But enough explanation, time to give the people what they want:

The Bravery - Unconditional (MP3) - Two things that are unconditional for me.
1) I effing hate Bernie Williams
2) Hideki Matsui scares me every time he steps to the plate.

Bloc Party -Modern Love (MP3) - Playing the Black Cat this weekend. I still haven't bought the CD.

Cartel - Fleets (MP3) - I saw these guys play a week or so ago and they were the goods. Download it and check out one of DC's best local bands. Very Doves-y.

Phoenix - Holdin On Together (MP3) - Phoenix rocked my world in concert last week. Those Maroon 5 comparisons may not be too far off, but these guys are French, so you expect them to be douchebags.

Feist - One Evening (MP3) - Big ups to Coolfer for turning me onto Feist compliments of his "Best of 04" mix. I had prepared to write a long diatribe about how if Feist isn't signed to a huge American record deal and if this song doesn't go to #1 in the Hot 100 that the music industry as a whole is just a sham. I still think the song is that good, but I've calmed down about it a bit.

iTunes says I've played this song 26 times since I loaded it onto my computer on March 25th. Multiply that by two for the times I've listened to it in the car and by two again for all the times I've rocked it on my iPod. Simply put, this is the best song I've heard all year (even if, technically, it came out last year). Make room on the blogger bandwagon for me! Britney, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, they all wish they had a song as great as this. Download it and see for yourself. When you're done, check out the history of Feist.

Spoon tour dates and a download to boot.

Best. Photo. Ever.

You don't have to live in DC to appreciate the DCeiver. I'm just glad he's on my side. Literally (sorry, couldn't resist).

Two wasted hours of my life. And I don't want to talk about last night. College basketball isn't even over yet. I'm not ready for baseball.

Tonight I see Deron Williams d'ing up Rashad McCants and Raymond Felton with at least 6 turnovers (if not more). Sean May will have a big game but it will all be for nought. And despite all the articles saying that Bruce Weber didn't recruit this Illinois team, I will keep searching the media for articles that point out that Roy Williams didn't recruit this UNC team, but I won't find them. It's curious that Matt Doherty, whom I believe is a basketball analyst/announcer, hasn't been seen once this week and given kudos for the team he assembled at UNC. But I digress...

I still can't believe it's opening day. I still have my Red Sox stuff from the World Series up in my cubicle. I guess it's time to redecorate.

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