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Liechtenstein is the newest signing to Slumberland Records. They are from Sweden.
[mp3] Liechtenstein | Roses In The Park
They are at the Velvet Lounge on May 20th.

The Black Lips are releasing a new EP called The Drop I Hold EP.
[mp3] The Black Lips | The Drop I Hold feat. GZA
Her are their upcoming tour dates:

Loney Dear is back on tour. Skipping D.C. though.
[mp3] Loney Dear | Airport Surroundings

Akron/Family have a new album coming soon. Here's a preview:
[mp3] Akron Family | River
They'll be at the Rock n Roll Hotel on August 11th.

Peaches released a new album yesterday. Stream it here.
[mp3] Peaches | Talk To Me

Go here for a free Tori Amos song download. If you are into that sort of thing.

Man Of Aran, the new album by British Sea Power is due on May 18th. Here's a preview:
[mp3] British Sea Power | Come Wander With Me

Great Northern are at the Black Cat on Thursday.
[mp3] Great Nothern | Houses

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My little slice of the internet is six years old today. Hard to believe, I know. At times over the last year I've felt entirely burnt out on the whole operation, but recently I have learned to enjoy it again. The leafblower is very much a labor of love, and it's changed and adapted right along with me over the last six years.

Thanks to everyone that stops by and reads what I have to say (and to those of you that just come for the cat photos - you know who you are).

I was scrolling through my iTunes collection last night trying to pick out a few appropriate tunes to post here, and since I don't have Mansun's Six anywhere handy, I decided to go go old school with a nod to my roots from the North Cackalack.

[mp3] Archers of Loaf | Nostalgia
[mp3] The Connells | Stone Cold Yesterday



Via Matablog, here is the first mp3 to be released from the band's upcoming album, The Eternal, which is due out June 8 in Europe and June 9 North America.

[mp3] Sonic Youth | Sacred Trickster

Matador is doing another "Buy Early, Get Now" deal with the album, so head over to Matablog to get the details.

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Black Dice have a new album, REPO, out now.
[mp3] Black Dice | Glazin
Watch the video.
Check their MySpace page for tour dates.

A Camp ( featuring Nina Persson and Nathan Larson) have annouced some tour dates for the next few months. RCRD LBL has some MP3s and the details. They are at the 9:30 Club May 28th.

Great Northern have a new album out. Here is a track from the album.
[mp3] Great Northern | Houses
They are on tour all of May with The Dears. The D.C. date is May 7 at the Black Cat.

Stream the new Crystal Method track, "Drown in the Now," featuring Matisyahu. They play Coachella tomorrow.

Deer Tick's new album Born on Flag Day will be out in late June. Here is a track from the record.
[mp3] Deer Tick | Easy

I was really sad not to see Say Hi when they played DC (I decided to see Glasvegas instead - bad move). Hopefully they will come around again. I loved The Wishes and the Glitch and am taking a liking to their latest album Oohs & Ahhs. Grab them both on eMusic.
[mp3] Say Hi | Hallie And Henry (Demo)
If you live on the West Coast you can catch them on tour with Cloud Cult.

Camera Obscura just announced a bunch of tour dates. They play the 9:30 Club on June 21st (the day after my birthday - hint hint).
[mp3] Camera Obscura | My Maudlin Career

The Veils have a new album, Sun Gangs, out now on Rough Trade.
[mp3] The Veils | The Letter

Check out this mashup:
[mp3] Matt & Kim v. Beastie Boys | Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker
Side note: On the Beastie front, I have been obsessed with Check Your Head lately, although I won't be buying the reissue because I have all the b-sides already and I have it on vinyl. The "So Wat'cha Want" CD single used to get mad play in my car in high school and college. Skills to pay the bills, y'all. Although I totally want the "The Fat Shit in '92" shirt. I used to have one but it is in t-shirt heaven now.

King Khan and the Shrines are at the 9:30 Club next week.
[mp3] King Khan and the Shrines | Land of the Freak

Dead Confederate did an Aquarium Drunkard session. Fuck yes.

Dead Confederate :: The Rat (Aquarium Drunkard Session) from Aquarium Drunkard on Vimeo.

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Tonight! At the Cat! The Whigs! and lots of exclamation points!! I am pumped! Rock!


[MP3] The Whigs | Right Hand On My Heart

Metric are back with a new album entitled Fantasies, and it will be available in the US April 14. Hear the first single "Help I'm Alive" below.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart just announced a new tour. I missed them a few weeks ago when they played D.C. but I heard good things about the show.

[MP3] The Pains of Being Pure at Heart | Everything With You

Papercuts is a band I have a few MP3s from and would like to hear more of. They just announced a new tour with Vetiver and they will be playing Iota in Arlington in early May.

[MP3] Papercuts | Future Primitive
[MP3] Vetiver | Everyday

The Black Lips are at the Black Cat on Thursday. They are touring behind their new album 200 Million Thousand. Here are the dates for the rest of their tour.

[MP3] The Black Lips | Starting Over
[MP3] The Black Lips | Short Fuse

Pree, led by May Tabol (formerly of Le Loup) has a new five song EP on the way and is playing the Black Cat on March 19th with Meredith Bragg. DCist interviewed Pree a few weeks back.

[MP3] Pree | In The Parlor

Here is some Pree video goodness:

AON Sessions: Pree, "In the Parlor" from All Our Noise on Vimeo.

Been hearing alot about Extra Golden lately. I think I might have to check them out at Comet Ping Pong if I am free on April 14th.

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Q-Tip | The Renaissance
Basically a Tribe record without Phife. Ali might as well be on here because all of the tracks produced by Tip sound just like Tribe. That said, I love Tribe.

The Dodos | Visiter
I really love the percussion on this record, all snare rims and toms. They were enthralling live, which really opened the record up for me past "Fools" and "Jody". I cannot get enough of the toy piano in "Red and Purple".
[MP3] The Dodos | Red and Purple

Ra Ra Riot | WOXY Lounge Act
Honestly I was a little disappointed in the production on The Rhumb Line, but that's probably because I absolutely wore out the eight songs RRR recorded for this radio session. It has this frenetic, vibrant vibe that is missing from the actual record. Highly recommended.
[MP3] Ra Ra Raiot | Run My Mouth Off (live on WOXY)
[MP3] Ra Ra Raiot | Oh La (live on WOXY)

Lykke Li | Youth Novels
Sleeper of the year. No doubt we'll still be talking about her plenty in '09.

Oasis | Dig Out Your Soul
I fucking love this record, nevermind the critics. I must have listened to "Shock of the Lightning" at least 200 times this year. This isn't exactly the record they should have made instead of Be Here Now, but it's the direction they should have gone in. A good producer makes all the difference. Hat tip to you, Dave Sardy.

Glasvegas | Glasvegas [Explicit]
Other than "Geraldine" and one or two others, the lyrics on this record are basically recycled nursery rhymes (and total shite), but the tunes are there. The wall of sound is back.

The Whigs | Mission Control
I immediately fell in love with this record when I finally gave it a try. It's full of bouncy, earnest rock, the kind that just doesn't seem to get made these days. This was in constant rotation on my iPod at the start of 2008.
[MP3] The Whigs | Right Hand on My Heart

Portishead | Third
This thing sounds like a fucking nightmare, and I mean that as a compliment. Took me a while to get my head around it, but the payoff was worth it.

Elbow | The Seldom Seen Kid
Been a big fan of Guy Harvey and Co. for a while now and it's nice to see them get some sort of payoff for all of their hardwork. They're the non-evil version of Coldplay. If there was any justice in the world, they'd be just as big.
[MP3] Elbow | Mirrorball

The Big Sleep | Sleep Forever
Remember in the early 2000's when ...Trail of Dead were tapped as the next Sonic Youth (before they decided they'd rather go prog and fail miserably at becoming the next Rush)? The Big Sleep do. They just kick ass and leave the rest of that other stuff to the other bands.
[MP3] The Big Sleep | Pinkies
[MP3] The Big Sleep | Bad Blood

Worst Albums of the Year

The Ting Tings | We Started Nothing
Was this crap recorded at cheerleading camp? It gives me a headache. Could not think of a more apt title.

Travis | Ode to J. Smith
They deveated from their formula and finally made a bad record. Maybe they just needed to get this out of their system?

My Morning Jacket | Evil Urges
Some quality tracks on here, but overall, not up to snuff.

The Verve | Forth
Total and complete shite. Unquestionably the year's biggest disappointment and a total disaster. It pains me to listen to this album. The real Captain Rock would never sing about fucking latte's. Such a waste. But I'd go see them live in heartbeat.

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Quite frankly, this was one hell of a year. More about that a bit later, but let's go ahead and kick off the end-of-year-listage with the best gigs of 2008!


1) Underworld @ Virgin Mobile Festival - Baltimore, MD
What I said at the time: Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy

Not only was this the best show I saw all year, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Period. It was thoroughly mind blowing. My expectations for this could not have been higher but Underworld still blew me away. All concerts should be like this.
[MP3] Underworld | Beautiful Burnout
BUY: Underworld: Everything, Everything on CD

Oasisweb-9090 copy.jpg

2) Oasis @ Virgin Festival - Toronto, ONT
What I said at the time: Craziness erupted at the Oasis gig in Toronto tonight when during "Morning Glory" some punter somehow got onstage, and gave Noel a mighty shove into the monitors directly in front of him before turning and going after Liam. Luckily security corralled the guy before he could do any more damage to the band and the gig.

Photo superstardom for yours truly! I was totally crushed that I didn't get to shoot Oasis from the pit, but because I didn't, I happened to have my camera out when Noel was attacked on stage. The resulting shots were published all over the world.
[MP3] Oasis | To Be Where There's Life (live Wembley Arena 10/16/08)
BUY: Dig Out Your Soul on CD


3) Radiohead @ Nissan Pavilion - Fairfax, VA
What I said at the time: It rained. Alot. A hell of a lot. More than you've ever seen. Ever. Almost four inches. Seriously, it was one of the biggest storms in D.C. history. And we stood outside during it and watched Radiohead. The "rain down" part of the "Paranoid Android" suddenly has new meaning to me.

Fuck. I don't think I'll ever forget this gig. It led to my first-ever photos in the Post and a whole bunch of other work. Oh yeah, and it rained. A hell of a lot. More than you've ever seen. Ever. I cannot stress this enough.
[MP3] Radiohead | Reckoner (live @ Nissan Pavilion)
BUY: In Rainbows on CD

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The first in a series of posts showcasing my eternal appreciation for the fine art of the perfect backing vocal. Nailing the backing vocal is the easiest and best way to take me to musical nirvana.

Just listen here as Ed transforms "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" as he comes in when Thom sings "Turn me on to phantoms / I follow to the edge of the earth" at the 2:11 mark.


[mp3] Radiohead | Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (live 8/22/08)


I received an embarrassment of great mp3's delivered to my inbox yesterday.

All Governments Are

Could I be more excited about The Peth finally releasing their debut album? Of course not! The Peth include actor (and former member of Super Furry Animals) Rhys Ifans on vocals and my good friend Daf Ieuan (I can spell his name without looking it up and he has beaten me at FIFA on the Playstation, so I am allowed to call him good friend) who mans the drum kit for the Super Furries for his day job. Here's the first single, the appropriately named "Let's Go Fucking Mental." Sounds like an energetic slice of Fuzzy Logic. Yes please.

[mp3] The Peth | Lets Go Fucking Mental

If you go sign up for it on their site, you can get a free Chemical Brothers, "Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax 2ManyDJ's Remix)." Or you could look for it other places on the interwebs.

Another record I am excited for is Sam Champion's Heavenly Bender. You can buy it at Amie Street right now for just $3! Here is a track off the record.

[mp3] Sam Champion | Be Mine Everyone

Lastly, Ra Ra Riot are doing the "Let's Give A Group of Bloggers Exclusive Video" thing. Watch:

"Dying Is Fine (Attic Session)" on P4K
"Too Too Too Fast (Attic Session)" on Stereogum
"Ghosts Under Rocks (Attic Session)" on Brooklyn Vegan
"Oh La (Attic Session)" on My Old Kentucky Blog

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