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Sorry for disappearing the last few days. Been busy at work and at home. All my spare time has been taken up by all the overtime in the Celtics / Bulls series. Seriously.

I spent the weekend shooting Kings of Leon and Fall Out Boy / 50 Cent for

Also, I got interviewed by the Washington Examiner. They are obviously out of interesting people to talk to.

Talk soon.



Pretty good day around these parts. I'll be hitting one million page views at some point in the next few hours and I got interviewed by Washingtonian.

So, welcome Washingtonian masses. Feel free to check out my favorite CDs from 2008, take a look at some concert photos, read some concert reviews, get your fill of cat pictures or browse the archives.

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The Panthers are definitely not winning the Superbowl. Ay Carumba.

Tim Gunn Takes Wizards Shopping For Less Hideous Uniforms.


Like everyone else, I was confused about what NBC thought my reaction should be -- should I be nodding intently as Millen broke down the Cards-Falcons game and saying, "That's a great point, Guy Who Single-Handedly Murdered The Lions? "

Because fuck those kids.

I am totally obsessed with the new Animal Collective tune.

Twitter got hacked.

Pavement rules.

Apple's Jobs Being Treated for a Hormone Imbalance.

Bonehead's Barmy Army.

5D MkII and D700 High ISO Shoot-Out.

Video-on-Demand Coming to Wii in 2009.

Pavement rules, Part Two.

Mr. Pink loves boxing day.





Man, time flies when you're having fun and writing about it. On this day five years ago, yours truly fired up Blogger and tried out this newfangled fad called "blogging."

A lot has changed since then (I've moved six times, had three different cats, used three different blogging systems and had four different blog designs) and it's been quite a journey from writing stuff that I never thought anyone will read to running one of the longest running music blogs on the web*.

Late last week I found out I got a promotion at work, which means less time for blogging, but we'll deal with that as it comes. Five years ago I certainly didn't think I'd still be at this today,'s to the next five.

[mp3] Primal Scream | I'm Five Years Ahead of my Time
[mp3] Stereloab | Transona Five
[mp3] James - Five-O
[mp3] The Housemartins | Five Get Over Excited

* a sweeping, tongue-in-cheek generalization that I have no facts to back up. Notice I didn't say "one of the most popular."

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